What to do, what to do???

I couldn't get into the chiro yesterday since he's not open on Friday's - grrrr!!! I sure wish my medicare insurance covered chiros, I'd go a lot more often. My butt felt pretty good yesterday though. It was the end of the month and I was really busy so I was on my feet all day. I think that helped. Last night I iced it and took care with the way I slept so as not to aggravate it. It's feels okay this morning but now I face a decision. Do I bike to WW or not?? Normally biking doesn't bother it but I've never biked when it's been this bad. I want to get a workout in but I don't want to lay myself up for weeks. What to do........what to do........... I just don't know. I have about an hour to decide. Maybe I'll hop on my bike and see how it feels. I just don't know........


Michelle said…
Let us know what you decided and how the WI went.

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