24 July 2008

I've been grounded

I can not run or ride my bike for the foreseeable future. After my run yesterday my heel hurt all day. This morning it was still a little sore but I went on my bike ride anyway. When I went to chiro my heel hurt pretty bad. I told her about it and she said I need to stop running until we can get this under control. When I asked about biking she said it wasn't a great idea. Since this is so painful I've decided to follow her advice.

The bursa is supposed to provide a cushion between the bone and the Achilles tendon so the tendon can move freely. Mine is very inflamed and when it's touched it's like an electric wire.

The head of my calf muscle is a giant knot. This tightness is probably pulling on the Achilles tendon along with my plantar from the other side, resulting in inflammation of the bursa.

I'm going to follow doctors orders and hopefully it will go away quickly. It hurts. I'm grounded, and I'm bummed.


Anna said...

Oh no!!! I hope you recover VERY soon!!

Irene said...

I hope it heals quickly! Take care.

Comm's said...

Hey that sucks. Keep yourself occupied with what you can do, swimming sounds great.

angelfish24 said...

Bummer about your foot! Hope it heals soon. Funny thing, I'm getting pains in my heal and calf but just from standing all day. It sucks and I have to recover every night and trying new shoes, etc.
I'm glad you can get some swimming in....I'm going to do that tomorrow to at the Y.

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