12 July 2008

She did it again

I went out for 1 hour. Walked the first 30 minutes then did intervals on the return, run for 1 minute walk for 2. It was fabulous. I went a little further out today, in the same amount of time, and ran a little harder on the intervals. It felt great!! Yesterday I went 3.5 miles in 54 minutes. Today I went 3.6 miles in 53 minutes. Woo Hoo!!!

A couple of things I've learned/realized/decided/whatever:
- I've been running wrong lately. Just running for 1 minute I just run. But when I've been heading out for a run I've been holding myself back and therefore not running right. I realize this probably makes no sense, but it does to me. My stride has been screwy, that's the best way to put it.

-Tinman is out. I've contacted them and they may let me transfer registration to next year, but I'm not going to kill myself when I just don't feel up to it.

- So, marathon training begins. I am spending a couple of weeks building up my running and then it's right into the plan. I have 2 marathons 6 weeks apart, I better get ready. After that I can relax and maybe look for some Outer Banks rentals ;)

- Though running will be my main focus I will still be swimming and biking. I'll probably do the Na Wahine Sprint in September.

- I'm adding strength training back into the mix. Probably do them in the morning before swimming, we'll see.

- The quickest way to get me to want to run is to make me walk. Walking is boring!!!

Okay, now it's off to weigh-in. I had a pretty fantastic week, so we'll see if it's reflected on the scale.


Michelle said...

Fingers crossed for your WI!! Keep us posted :)

angelfish24 said...

Good luck on the weigh in! I finally lost some this week and it makes ya feel good.
Think I'll start the walk/jog combo this week...but mostly walking as I'm so out of shape again...as I'm so sporadic on my exercise lately. Way to go on your consistancy!

Vickie said...

Good luck on the Outer Bank rentals unless you want to go 2 years from now! I'm going next month.

aka Bailey said...

Two marathons in 6 weeks?! Is that healthy??

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