14 July 2008

Things are definitely back to normal

Woke up this morning before the alarm and got up as soon as it went off. I have decided to add strength training back into my workouts and today seemed like as good a day as any to start. So I did. I've been off strength training for almost 3 months so I'm getting back into it slowly. I've got a 2 or 3 day a week program and I'm starting at the very basic beginner's level. So I did a 30 minute full-body routine and it felt pretty good. When I was done it wasn't even 6 am yet. I really had to do something else. So I threw on my suit and headed out to the pool.

I have not been in the pool in about 2 weeks and since I've written Tinman off I was just there to have some fun. I just did laps. I didn't count, I didn't time anything, I just swam and had a good time. The only problem was it has been so hot here lately that the pool was really warm. It did not feel good swimming in such warm water. Yuck!!! But I had fun. I swam for 1/2 an hour and called it good. I loved it.

So yes, things apparently are back to normal and back on track. I'm still more tired than I usually am but I think it's manageable. Yea for normality!!!


Michelle said...

Great job easing back into weight training slowly. You rocked out this morning with WT and swimming. Sounds like you're keeping it enjoyable.

aka Bailey said...

Haha, ohhhhhhh your comment about a warm pool just gave me kind of a gross visual of swimming in urine. Eww haha sorry!

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