21 September 2008

Easy like Sunday morning

Okay, I saw that post title on no less then 4 blogs, I decided I had to join the party.

I ended up going to WW yesterday (weigh in was not good, but it also wasn't real) and then coming home and working out. I did my strength training and apparently used more weight because this morning my back, chest, and arms are a little sore. It's good sore, not the I can't lift my hand to my mouth sore. I'll live.

Yesterday ended up being a very easy day. After working out, showering, getting the laundry going, and eating lunch, I took a nap. Then I did some school work, played with Sammy and generally goofed around. It was nice to have no pressure, no running around, no craziness. I like it. Today we are meeting some friends for breakfast then it's home to clean house and finish school work. Fun times I tell you.

I got an email to try a new weight loss product that I'm debating. I generally don't go for things like that, I know eat less, move more really works it's just hard :) But I'm thinking about giving it a try. It's not a fat burner like Anoretix, but it's supposed to help you eat less. Hmmm.....maybe I'll give it a try.

I think I'll go hop on the elliptical for a while before breakfast. That should be fun.


Michelle said...

The elliptical sounds like the perfect fat burner :) Glad you took the weigh-in in stride!

Vickie said...

Hope you had a great weekend! My back is bothering me today too! Must be catchy.

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