07 September 2008

Technology, I hets it

or, how I can be such an idiot.....

Sunday mornings have developed into the habit of hiking/trail running. I've even got Hubby coming with me - woo hoo!!! I go to get a little trail running in since I signed up for a trail run in October. Hubby goes to collect lilikoi for the birds. It's a win/win. I get a run, the birds get lilikoi and Hubby gets a little activity in.

For the last couple of weeks I've been taking my Garmin as I've been tracking my calories via HRM. Also the Garmin does distance and I'm a sucker for that. But the HRM hasn't been working on it. I replaced the battery two weeks ago and I still haven't been able to get it to work. I took it today after downloading new software for it and was confident it would work. It didn't. I was getting very frustrated after having scoured the web looking for solutions and none of them worked. UGH!!!

Then I had a radical thought. I picked up the instruction book. I looked up HRM troubleshooting. They had a whole list of things to do, most of which I had already done. Then, at the bottom, was a suggestion to restart the scan. HUH??? What the heck are they talking about??? So I followed the instructions and low and behold the HRM started working. Basically it didn't know I had a HRM. I wondered why it didn't know when I remembered doing that when I first got it. Then I remembered that a couple of weeks ago it started acting funky and giving me strange information. It was bringing up multi-sport timing from a year ago. When I searched around for how to fix that I was told to reset the thing. So I made sure everything was downloaded then I reset it. And guess what? I never turned the HRM back on. DOH!!!! Technology is going to be the death of me, I swear!!!!

In other news, I ran again :) It was trail running and it wasn't far but it was right after yesterdays run. I ran about 1.25 miles in about 25-30 minutes. Not too shabby. The exciting part was my heel did not hurt all day yesterday. It did not hurt this morning. And it did not hurt during the run. I came home and stretched good and I'm resting it on ice right now. I think with a little care, ice and stretching, I'll be fine running. I don't run again until Tuesday so we'll see how it goes then.

I'm off now to clean birdie cages and do laundry. Oh fun!!!

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Vickie said...

People don't realize how long these things take to heal. Glad the heel is healed!

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