I do feel better now...

Wow, I think it all just finally caught up with me. After I wrote the last post I went and got a cup of tea, my book, and stretched out on the couch. I was quickly asleep and ended up sleeping away most of the day. I finally woke up around 3 and started to come to life. Once I woke up and got moving I felt great. Really great. Great like I haven't felt in a month or more. It's awesome. I think all the pressure with school and the emotional pressure with Nala just got to me. Now that everything is settled I think I just fell apart. Wow. That was crazy. I'm still a little sleepy. I'll be going to bed early and hopefully tomorrow I will be back to normal. Jeez, I hope so because feeling the way I've felt a lately sucks. I was starting to think about tapping into my health insurance and going to the doctor. But I think I've figured it all out. Now I'm off to watch a little mindless TV and go to bed early.


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