12 December 2008

Now what??

So the workouts have been going really good lately. I've been doing a strength training that does front on day, then back, then cardio, then front, then back, like that. I like the workouts and I'm really pushing myself. Suddenly Wednesday after my workout it feels like my left knee is swollen. My right knee is my problem child, my left knee has never giving me any trouble. So I asked a co-worker to look at my knees and she confirmed what I felt, the left on is slightly swollen. The thing is I have no pain at all. The only thing even close to pain is the feeling I have because of the swelling. So I didn't worry about it too much and went on with my life. I worked out Thursday morning and by last night the knee was pretty swollen. I took some ibuprofen and rested it. The swelling came down some and this morning it felt pretty good. I took this morning off to give it a rest. Tonight it feels just like it did last night. I'm beginning to think there might be something wrong. If I have this problem whether I workout or not I may as well workout. I just hope there's nothing seriously wrong, I'm just getting back into my routine and I don't want to break it now. I'll workout in the morning and see how it goes.


Anonymous said...

how did it feel this morning? look? any chance youd take the weekend off to see if it heals?
do active rest like walking?

_ said...

I would get it checked out, you might have torn something. Swelling doesn't just come from nowhere. At the very least, take 2-3 days off and do some RICE on it. You might miss some exercise, but nipping this in the bud now will hopefully make sure you won't be out of commission for a longer time.

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