02 February 2008

Now I have something to say :)

After my last post, I just got up off my butt and went to work out. I had put off doing weight earlier in the week so that was first on the agenda. Also, I've been slacking on my running and I have a race in 2 weeks so I figured I'd better get back to it. So weights and running was the program.

The weights kind of kicked my butt. I've been really upping the weight I use and by the end of the session I'm breathing hard and muscles are shaking. As I was getting ready for my run I was mentally debating how far to go. I haven't run in a few days so I should keep it low, but I have an 8.25 mile race in 2 weeks so I should kick it up....What to do, what to do.... I settled on 5 miles. That seemed to be kind of a midway between killing myself and cruising. So I strapped up and headed out.

Sidebar: I wonder what the running gurus would say about all this crap we run with? Can you imagine Jim Fixx or Bob Bowerman putting on the Garmin, getting the iPod, putting the orthotics in the shoes, blah, blah, blah. Those guys would just put on their shoes and run. Some of them before there were dedicated running shoes......

Anyway, I put on my Garmin (with HRM), set my iPod to shuffle, put on the new neoprene knee brace I got, put the new orthotics in my running shoes, grabbed my pink visor and a bottle of water. Did the Garmin dance on the driveway for a few minutes. Got everything set and turned on and I was finally ready to run.

I got new orthotics specifically for running. The first pair I got, which I love, are softer and won't stand up to long distance running. So I got a plastic, molded pair. I've been wearing them for a week and a half to break them in, today was the first run.

I also picked up a neoprene knee brace. My right knee (which has no cartlidge) has been giving me some problems when I run. I remembered that I used to use this type of brace before and it worked well. It doesn't provide a whole lot of support but it does keep the knee warm and blood flowing which I believe makes a huge difference.

Since I hadn't been running consistently in the last 2 weeks, I decided to go slow. I had nothing to do and no one to meet so there was no reason to rush. I decided to keep my HR below 150 and just take it slow. I ended up doing 5 miles in 1:16. Now that is really slow, even for me, but there were a couple of walk breaks in there. But instead of trying to justify my slow pace, let me highlight the really good things about this run. I walked very little, less than 5 minutes :) I was singing along with the music (not out loud) the whole way having a fantastic time. Nothing hurt. Nothing. My knee feels great, my ankle doesn't bother me (sometimes a problem), my feet don't hurt. Nothing. I feel awesome. It was the best run I've had a in a long time. Not only did I feel great the entire time but I had fun. I love to run and sometimes I get so focused on the numbers that I lose sight of that. I love to run and I had a great run today. Yea!!!! for me!!!!

Now I'm off to shower, cause I smell like a rhino, and get some food. Since I had no intention of staying out that long, I didn't eat first and now I'm hungry :)

This week spun out of control

I'm not sure exactly what happened but somehow I totally lost control of this week. Oh well, it's Saturday - my day!!!

Okay, I've just sat here for the last 10 minutes trying to think of something to write. I have nothing. Absolutely nothing. It is very rare when I have nothing to say. So instead of writing I think I'll head off and workout. Maybe after that I'll have more to say.

Hope everyone has a good Saturday. BTW, it's much warmer here today :)

30 January 2008

Mostly Cloudy
Wind: NE at 13 mph
Humidity: 68%
Chance of Storm
74° | 69°
72° | 68°
75° | 69°
75° | 69°

Look at these temps. It's 69 right now. No wonder I'm freezing my tail off.

At least I'm alive.....

Wow!! Was I sick!!! I apparently ingested something that wasn't good and it started reacting about 1 am. I was up and down all night. About 9 am things seemed to be calming down some. I then slept till almost 2:30. I then spent the last couple of hours curled up on the couch with my pile of books, reading. Some of those books have to go. I wonder why I bought them to begin with.
I'm just now getting up and moving around and starting to feel human again. I'm hungry but afraid of eating.

I got some great answers to my question yesterday. Thank you all. I've got some great ideas. Having battled my weight so much of my life I try not to focus on food too much. As a result I get into a rut with meals. So I got some great ideas of what to eat before working out. I do notice that when I eat a little bit before I have more energy. So, I thank you for all your input. It helped a lot.

Okay, I've been up about 1/2 hour. I need to go rest. Actually, I need to figure out something to eat that won't come back up.

29 January 2008

I have a question.

Do you guys eat before your morning workout? If so, what? And how much before??

This is a topic I've been struggling with for some time now and I still don't have a good answer. When I was huge and had just started moving, I didn't eat before working out. I did it first thing in the morning, still do, and basically just didn't have time to eat first. So I would work out and then eat after. I lost 75 lbs that way. I also wasn't exercising more than an hour at a time, usually it was 30-45 minutes.

As I got fitter and was working out more, I would be hungry when I woke up. I started eating 1/2 a banana as soon as I got up and then worked out. That seemed to work out well for a while. Then I started reading.

I got all caught up in the eat or don't eat debate. I read a lot of experts saying you have to eat before working out or you body won't burn fat. Others said if you worked out less than an hour it wasn't necessary to eat first, unless you were hungry. Still others said your body will go into starvation mode if you work out on an empty stomach and you'll actually burn muscle instead of fat. While still others said you should actually fast 1 or 2 days a week.

I started drinking a protein shake before I worked out, but that really didn't sit well in my stomach. I moved the shake to after I worked out but that wasn't so hot either. Recently I've just been paying attention to my body. If I'm hungry before I workout I eat a little something. If I'm not hungry I don't. It seems to be working okay, but I wonder what everyone else does. On the weekends, when I do long runs or rides, I always eat a regular breakfast before hand. Since those usually start later in the morning, I'm able to eat before I head out.

So you morning exercisers, what do you eat and when??? Thanks.

On to other things. I ran this morning. It seems like I haven't run in weeks and weeks. That's not true, but that's how it felt. It also felt really good. I did 40 minutes and about 3.8 miles (that's pretty good, huh??).

28 January 2008

Back at it....

This morning began with swimming. I'm trying to take it slow with the swimming, but this morning I couldn't help myself. I had to do a little time trial to see where I am with it.
I did 100 yds in 2:18. That's not too bad for me. I haven't fallen off that far. I did 500 yds in 7:02. Wow. I really thought I was incredibly slow but I'm not that bad. I still have a ways to go but I'm happy to start here.

Tonight was weight training. I have been doing weights for awhile now but I couldn't seem to get the kind of workout they talk about. Finally, I read an article that explained I was not using enough weight. So I upped it. A. Lot. I usually do squats with 15 lb weights, tonight - 30 lbs. Killer. For rows I usually use 10 lbs. Tonight. 15. Owww. For step-ups I usually just use bodyweight. Tonight. 15. Tough. By the time I was done I was breathing really hard and sweating like a dog. Ohhhhh, I see how this works now. I'm guessing I'll start making progress now.

So a good start back into training. I'm happy!!!

27 January 2008

Sunday morning go for a ride....

This morning was cycling. After last Thursday I was a little apprehensive but I decided to give them one more chance. Turns out they knew something was wrong Thursday night and have come up with a way to make sure it doesn't happen again. So that was good.

We are working on hills and I have to say - WOW!!! Just doing the hills Thursday and today, I can already feel more comfortable on them. Not that I'm going all that fast or speeding up them, but definitely it's better yea!!!

We ended up doing 25 miles in 2.5 hours. We did a lot of stopping and regrouping. But it was fun and I really enjoyed myself. I was beat when we were done - I like that :)

That was really it today. I had planned to run after but I was too wiped out, so the run will have to wait until Tuesday. Hope everyone had as good a weekend as I did.

Sunday Morning

it's very early, 6 am. I've been up for over an hour getting ready to go biking. I clearly am rested and ready to start back in training since I woke before the alarm all ready to get up and get going. I'm ready. I'm going biking then I'm going for a short run. I need to get my butt running. After a week off and then all this activity, I'll need shower chairs so I don't collapse from exhaustion in the shower :)

Last night I was working on my shopping list (I have to go grocery shopping after biking) and planning my meals for next week, when it suddenly dawned on me - diets don't work. I was thinking about when I joined Weight Watchers how well it worked and maybe I should try it again. But then I realized, I've run that course. I think Weight Watchers works so well because you're taking a pretty lousy diet and cleaning it up. My diet is no longer lousy. I eat pretty well, I just get into this mindset of eat less to lose weight. That doesn't work when you are eating healthy, wholesome food.

I realize this is not making a whole lot of sense but hey, it's 6 am :) And I'm not saying WW doesn't work. It does!! It works well. I think though it no longer works for me.

Anyway, I'm going to go grab something to eat and then head out. Maybe I'll go to Starbucks?? No, that's not a good idea.

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