29 February 2008

I've had it!!!

I really have. I've done far too much reading, and thinking, and considering..... That's not how I operate. I once heard a quote, I don't remember who said it but it goes, 'I can make 90% of my decisions with 75% of the facts.' That is so true for me. If I have 75% of the facts I generally have enough info to base my decision on. I'm not one to think, and dwell, and consider, and ponder. I'm one to act. I sometimes think I make decisions too quickly but you know what, it works for me. Because I can make a decision fairly quickly, I tend to be very flexible. If I make a decision and it doesn't quite work out the way I planned, it's easy to switch tactics. What can I say, this way has worked fairly well for 48 years.

So what's the problem?? Well, lately I've been doing a lot of reading on nutrition and fat loss. I've been learning lots of new things, new ways to train, new ways to eat, new things to eat, etc. It's all been very enlightening but you know what, it's not working for me. I'm trying to fit myself into someone else's mold and it is just not working. I know what works for me. I know exactly what I was doing the last time I was at my fittest, strongest, healthiest. I need to get back there again.

So I'm done. I just might go back to Weight Watchers tomorrow, I'm considering it - let you know once I have 75% of the facts :) I am going to completely revamp my workouts. I need to work hard for at least an hour at a time. I need to do intervals - of all kinds. I need to do strength training. I need to push myself beyond my limits constantly. I need to kick my own ass everyday.

My eating is pretty good, I'm not going to mess with that too much, but the workouts need to change. When I was at my fittest I had no 'official' training plan. I would get up and run intervals for an hour is I felt like it. I would bike 40 miles on a Saturday morning on a whim. It was at this time I was running 10 minute miles, consistently, and biking 15 mph on a mountain bike!!! I was in rocking shape. I injured myself and it took almost a year to get back to consistent working out and I've never gotten back into that shape again. That's where I'm going. I believe everyone is different and you really have to find what works for you. Well, I know what works for me and I'm going back to it starting today.

So there you have it. I'm back and I'm ready to kick butt (mine)!!! Now I've got to go find a Las Vegas hotel. Hubby and I need to get away and Las Vegas is cheap from Hawaii!!!

28 February 2008

Intermittent fasting......

I posted about how I was trying this intermittent fasting 2 weeks ago. The first time I did it, it went really well. I felt great and was doing absolutely fine until I had a little something to eat. It went downhill from there. That was on a Friday. On the following Tuesday I decided to try it again and failed miserably. It took me a little while, but I finally figured out why. In order to fast and not crash completely you have to eat well, really well, the other days. When I tried it the 2nd time I had had a weekend of not great eating and very little water. Monday had been good but not great. So when I started fasting I was kind of in a deficit already and not in the best condition to start a fast. So I realized I needed to eat well on the non-fasting days in order to not feel like crap on the days I do fast. Last week was screwed up because of the Great Aloha Run on Monday and my eating/drinking water was off slightly most of the week, so that was out. This week I have been focused on eating well and drinking my water. So when I got up this morning I decided it was the day to try this again. Initially my hunger kicked in and I felt a little tired. Then I got a burst of energy and started feeling that really good feeling I got the first time. Cool.

When I got up this morning I got distracted by something and ended up not exercising. Bummer..... I know better than to get into anything before I exercised, but I got an email I had to check out and the next thing I know it's too late. Oh well, absolutely not the end of the world. I will workout tonight when I get home.

Okay.....guess that's all I have this morning. I thought I had more to say but apparently not :)

27 February 2008

Mental breakthrough

It always amazes me when I make a huge mental connection. You would think after 48 years most of these connections would have been made. Not so much. I went into it in more detail over at Flo's Place (I was writing my post there when the connection happened) so I'm not going to regurgitate it here. Suffice it to say I think I've been looking at things wrong. The goal is not the end point. It is the beginning of a whole new journey.

I just couldn't do it this morning...

Monday I got up and went swimming. I had not slept well Sunday night due to some problems during the day and when I got to the pool I really had to push myself. Hard. I did, but I still fell short of my goal of 1500 m. I was tired. So I ended up at around 1000 and called it good. I had had a good workout and that was more important than the number of meters swam.

Yesterday when I woke up it was 64F outside. That's freaking cold. But I got up and did my 20 minute run. I never really got warm. It was hard but I did it.

Today I was supposed to go swimming. When I woke it was so cold there was no way I was getting out of bed. The temperature gauge says 61F now. I'm guessing that an hour ago it was in the 50's. And yes, the temperature can change that much in that short a time. This is freaking crazy. So I did not get up to go swimming, I just couldn't do it. I'm thinking of changing my schedule around anyway because I want to start getting ocean swims in on the weekend. I can't swim more then 3 times a week with my shoulder so I may cut back to 2 pools swims and then 1 ocean swim. At least for a few weeks. Once I build my shoulder back up I should be able to swim 4 times a week.

So that's my story this morning. We are supposed to get some rain today so hopefully that will warm things up :)

26 February 2008


Do you realize that next month, March, there will be visiting bloggers on all of the outer islands?? Someone is going to Maui, someone is on Kauai, and I just read someone will be on the Big Island. I wish it was easier to get to the outer islands, I'd go and see them all. But alas, that won't work out. Bummer.......

24 February 2008

What a day!!!

I slept in this morning :) and it was nice. When I finally rolled out of bed I had to get all my chores done before a meeting at noon. So I didn't get a workout in but sure did hit the ground running and did a lot of stuff. Then it was off to the meeting.

You know, I know myself. I know I can be blunt, and gruff, and come off wrong sometimes. I know that. In spite of the that I still manage to get along with most people. There is this one lady in this group though that I just can not stand. She comes off as superior and condescending. She thinks she knows everything. We were trying to get through a whole list of subjects and she kept talking about things no one cared about and asking questions that where inane and inappropriate. She even went so far as to imply that one lady didn't have enough experience. OMG!!! I have now talked to 2 other members of the group, they feel the same way and we just do not know what to do about her. We are agreed that we need to get rid of her but we do not know how to go about it tactfully. How do you push someone aside without seeming rude or hurting their feelings?? She won't go quietly. I just don't know what we are going to do about this. It's a real mess. The really ironic part is that this little group appears to be taking off and it was her idea. What a mess..... This is one of the reasons I hate getting involved in groups. Maybe a hot bath, a nice comfy chemise and some alcohol will calm me down :)

Okay, that's it. I just needed to vent and get some of this off my chest. Tomorrow the serious training begins. I'm 6 weeks out from my first sprint and 12 weeks out from my oly. I'm excited, nervous, and need to get the training on......

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