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I came across this post today and it just bothered me a little. He asks, what is clean eating. First of all I realize it's a rhetorical question and he's just trying to make a point, but it bugs me. With the amount of overweight people in the US today and the prevalence of highly processed food, someone in the nutrition/health business needs to ask what is clean eating?? I've read his book and I know for a fact he promotes a good, healthy diet. So why write a post like this??

I really believe that the readily available processed food is a part of the obesity problem here in the US. I know when I was growing up I didn't know anyone who had a weight problem and there was no convenience food (or at least my Mom never bought any). We ate homemade, clean, breakfast, lunch and dinner. No one I knew ever went out to eat. I didn't eat in a restaurant until I was like 8. I thought it was amazing :)

I'm not naive enough to think that the obesity crisis can be sto…

Some Friday randomness

This morning was weights and running again. WooHoo. I love spring. Now here in Hawaii we don't really have 4 seasons but there is a short time when we move from the colder, wetter into the drier, hotter. That transition time, which can last a couple of days or stutter for a couple of weeks, is one of my favorite times. There is a warmth in the air that's been missing. The flowers are starting to bloom again and the smell is incredibly. In the morning when I run there is a freshness and newness to everything. I absolutely love it.

I did all my workouts this week and really feel amazing. They were all good and that kept me going. I've gotten serious with the swimming, now is time to add in the bike and up the running some. I'm starting marathon training on Sunday so that will help with my running. I will be doing the Honolulu Marathon this year and that leads to my next topic......

I've put in for the lottery for the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francis…

Or maybe the swim is the thing.

This morning was swimming again and again I rocked!!! I feel so good in the water, what a huge difference from a couple of months ago. I was doing my workout this morning and it called for easy, moderate, and fast pace. I found I actually had those speeds. Easy was easy, like a stroll around the mall. Moderate was faster, like a brisk hike up a mountain. While fast was fast, like a sprint. It was cool, I did great and I'm having a great time swimming. I have not used my stopwatch, only the clock at the side of the pool. I don't know my T-pace, 100, or 50 pace. I don't know any of the numbers, all I do is use the clock to time my rest intervals. It's working because I'm not getting caught up in the numbers and getting bummed. An awful lot of success is not knowing you're not doing great. If you're doing the absolute best you can beating yourself up over the numbers is not going to help at all. I did 1600 m in about 35-40 minutes this morning.…

There are some who are saying, of course.....

Your Serial Killer Name would be...

'What would your Serial Killer name be?'

Running is the thing

I do a lot of different exercises. I love to do aerobics. I really enjoy riding my bike. I like strength training. I like swimming. I adore hiking. But running is the thing. It's the thing that makes me feel like I can do anything. It's the thing that makes me proudest. It's the thing where I can push myself every single time. It's definitely the thing. I swam for 45 minutes yesterday and felt really good about the progress I've made. I ran for 20 minutes this morning and felt like an absolute rock star.

I'm guessing it goes back to my super heavy days when running was a distant dream. Once I was able to run I felt like I had achieved something spectacular. I still feel that way every time I run. It's a good feeling. So along those lines, I've decided to do the Honolulu Marathon this year. Actually, I'm in the lottery for the Nike Marathon in San Francisco, we'll see how that goes.

The Honolulu Marathon Training clinic started th…

5 weeks out

till the Lanikai Triathlon. I'm starting to get a little nervous, only because I haven't been training as much as I should. I've been focusing on some other things and not necessarily running or biking. I have been swimming every week so that's good. But it's definitely time to take it up a notch.

This morning was swimming and for the first time in a long time, I was the shark. I've dug out my swimming workouts and today was my first one. Swim,kick,pull, fingertip, catch-up, right, left, it was fun. I have found that for me the mp3 player while swimming is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I am able to focus more completely on what I'm doing with the music in the background. I keep the volume kind of low as I don't want to blast my eardrums out.

There are the pool regulars every morning. There is the lady who swims almost every day and is unbelievable slow. It boggles the mind that someone can swim that often and not get any faster. The…

It's another Monday

I just came across this quote on another blog that is really good. It's by a U.S. National Team cyclist that Chris Carmichael worked with:

I decided early on to shoot for the stars, figuring that if I fell short, I would at least reach the moon. But had I been more conservative with my goals, and only tried to reach the moon, falling short would have left me in the middle of nowhere.

How awesome is that quote?? I really love it and I'm guilty of ending up in the middle of nowhere more often then I care to admit to.

It was a rough and wild weekend and I'm kind of glad it's over. Picked up a couple of orphaned cockatiels, one of whom has an eye injury and is going to the vet today. Had a bird club meeting and the bitch who makes me crazy wasn't there - yeah!! Went out to an awesome place for dinner last night. It's one of those restaurants we forget about but every time we go love it. Consumed more Girl Scout crack than I should have. Those are the highligh…