22 March 2008

A little glitch in the system....

Thursday night I was soooooo tired. I mean bone weary, exhausted, felt like I could hardly move. I went to bed early and could not get up Friday morning. On the schedule was a 1 hour run but I just did not have it in me. Last night same thing, complete and total exhaustion. Needless to say I slept in this morning. This happens every once in a while and I haven't paid enough attention to it to figure out the cause. Is it how much I work out? Is it my diet? Is it my cycle? Is it the full moon? I don't know but I do know I can't fight it and just need to rest. If it goes as usual, I should be tired again today and wake up tomorrow roaring to go. Let's hope so anyway.

It seems one of our birds got out last night. We have no idea how but she's gone. I'm bummed. Also, tomorrow Hubby is quitting his job. Lots going on around here. I cover these things in my other blogs if you're interested.

I would like to get this computer room cleaned up today. I'm going to set up my old computer for Hubby and I need to make some room. I also need to organize the cables going everywhere. I wonder if I need any CAT6 to handle my computing??

That's all I got today. I'm off in a little while to get my taxes done. That could be what's making me so tired. The thought of taxes just depresses the hell out of me. You have no idea how much I hate paying taxes. I actually wouldn't mind paying them so much if they were used right. But these bozos in Congress waste my money on so much crap it's unbelievable. I better stop here. Once I get going my blood pressure rises and I just too tired for that today :)

20 March 2008

Have I mentioned recently that I rock??

Swimming I mean. I really am getting good at swimming. It's interesting. I'm working on form, doing TI and lots of drills, and it's really paying off. While I'm still not the speediest thing in the water I definitely have more than one speed now. I have a slow, warm-up/cool-down speed, I have a moderate speed that I can maintain for quite a while, and I have a fast that really leaves me breathing hard and tired. I love it. I get in the pool now and not only enjoy my workout, but really get a workout. I'm not just swimming, I'm pushing myself hard. It feels good.

Well, my rant the other day was a tad too early. Today was apparently bring your annoying child to the Y day. Everyone brought kids. It wasn't too bad early on as they didn't start getting there until 7 or so, but trying to shower was a nightmare. People put stuff all over the counter so there was no room at all. I ended up just shoving things out of my way. Then, a bunch of women were lined up in front of the mirror adjusting their hats for minimum sun exposure. Uh....excuse me!! Some of us work for a living and don't spend all morning at the Y!!! UGH!!! I'm just glad spring break is almost over and next week the Y should be back to normal.

Last night I was starting to freak out. It's 3 1/2 weeks to my tri and for some reason I kept thinking that it was a 750m swim and a 25 mile bike. Before swimming this morning I decided to check because I wanted to do the distance today. Turns out it's only 500 m and an 11.5 mile bike. Sheesh!! That's easy!!! What I do need to work on is my biking to running. I haven't done that in a loooonnnng time and I need to get it down before race day. So Saturday is a 15 mile bike with a 15 minute run off. Maybe before my Wed/Fri runs I'll do 1/2 hour on the trainer and then run. I need to condition my legs. That's the part that's really got me worried.

Okay, that's enough. I have to get to work. I've got some documents stored on a usb flash drive and I can't find it. That's my first priority.

19 March 2008

Running away

This morning was my first long morning run in a long, long time. Marathon training has begun and it starts with time, not mileage. Specifically 1 hour, 3 times a week. That's the magic numbers. I think we do this for a month, then we start to crank up the Sunday runs and slowly bring up the weekday runs.

I hit the snooze one too many times this morning and didn't get up in time to get the full hour in. I decided I'd go out, see how I felt and run as long as I felt like. The first 1/2 hour was agony, not sure why, it's usually not this bad, but once I passed the 1/2 hour mark I could have run forever. The legs felt awesome, the breathing was good, HR was fantastic it was an awesome run. But at 50 minutes I realized I had to go home, it was getting late. I did find a nice 10 minute loop right around my neighborhood and that's nice.
Hubby and I need a vacation. There is no doubt at all about that. We were going to take a big vacation to Alaska for probably 2-3 weeks, but now that Hubby is changing jobs that's not going to work out. So we are looking for a shorter vacation to take. We are considering Vegas. It's super cheap to travel to Vegas from here and there are lots of things I want to see in Arizona and Utah. But just looking at the this it is turning into a huge vacation too. What started out as a longish weekend, 5-6 days, is now up to 10 days and growing. Also, we don't gamble so we would be going to Vegas because it's cheap to fly into and maybe to see a show or two. So I'm not sure that's going to work out.

Then last night I was looking at Branson. I know, it sounds crazy but really, have you looked at the place?? There are a ton of shows, all kinds of entertainers and cool things to see. They even have a pet show - how cool??

There's also a bunch of museums, and attractions like golf, caves, some really interesting sounding stuff. Package vacations are really cheap, you can get 4 days/3 nights plus a bunch of tickets for $454 per couple. That plus plane fare plus some spending cash is not a very expensive vacation at all. It really seems like it might be the way to go. The only time I was ever in Missouri was during basic training. Maybe I should visit Branson to wipe out the horrible Army memories from my mind. Has anyone ever been to Branson?? If so please share.

18 March 2008

A rant!!!!!

I get so completely frustrated with people being inconsiderate. Some people do it blatantly because they just don't give a rat's as* about other people, and some people don't even realize they are being inconsiderate and that almost pisses me off more.

I swim at the Y. It's an older Y, one of the oldest on the island I believe, and the women's locker room is not great. There are 4 showers, they are 2 together, if that makes sense. The one shower is combined with the handicap shower. The handicap shower has a fold down bench and a removable shower head. Everyone likes the shower next to the handicap one because it's basically a single shower, you can get some privacy. I like that shower because I put the bench for the handicap shower down and put all my shower stuff on it. Outside the showers, between the 2 sets, are hooks on the wall for your towels and whatever. Across from the shower is an 8' counter top with a large mirror behind it for getting ready. There are some lockers on the other wall and some benches, but basically that's it.

Okay, so when I come to swim, I use the counter to get myself organized and make sure I have everything I need. I then take all of my stuff and put it in a locker so it's out of the way if anyone else wants to use the counter while I'm swimming. When I'm done swimming I put my bag on the counter, take my shower stuff, shower, dress, and leave. I can be at the Y for an hour and a half and my stuff is only on the counter for 15 minutes. When my stuff is on the counter while I'm showering I try to make sure it's all neat so as not to be in any one's way.

There are a couple of older ladies that come every morning and they are driving me crazy. The one, actually there's 2 of them, put their stuff all over the counter while they are out swimming. I'm trying to shower and get ready to go to work and they've got their crap all over the counter. Next, one of the ladies puts all her bath stuff, towel, scrubby, etc, on the hooks between the showers before she goes swimming. Now I'm trying to shower and I've got nowhere to hang my towel because she's got her crap all over the hooks. One day this lady showered before I was done swimming. I came in to shower just as she's getting out of the shower. She left all her crap in the shower, shampoo, conditioner, swim suit, and when I went to start putting my stuff on the handicap bench she got a little huffy and went and got her stuff.

Seriously, what is wrong with people?? Do they think they are the only ones using the locker room? Do they think just because no one's ever yelled at them it's okay?? If you have an 8' counter and you're crap takes up 2' of it, put it somewhere else. Oh, I just get so stinking frustrated. People do not think of anyone but themselves. Ever!!! It pisses me off.......
Meanwhile, swimming went well this morning. I was really pushing it most of the time and it felt good. I was also working on my flip turns just for fun. So I did 1000m in about 30 minutes. I think that's pretty good. Actually, not really but that includes my kicking sets (200 m worth) and my sloooooow warm up.
So I didn't eat any snacks when I got home last night and it didn't kill me!! Who Knew??? I ended the day at around 2000 cals. That's actually pretty good and within the range I should be. It was slightly high as yesterday was a non-workout day but considering it probably would have been 3000, I think I did good.

Okay, nothing more to say. I'm just so frustrated with inconsiderate people!!!!

17 March 2008

I just can't do it.....

I got up on time this morning. I had plenty of time to work out, but I just couldn't make myself do it. My legs are a little sore from yesterday's run (running uphill a little faster then you're used to will do that :) and I just couldn't get moving. So today will be my rest day. When I come home tonight I want to do some yoga. I got a new DVD to review and yoga sounds really good right about now.

So last night I was putting my food together for today, see - I had every intention of working out this morning, when I got to thinking about my weight - AGAIN!!! I eat almost the same breakfast everyday, Kashi cereal (currently Autumn Harvest - delicious!!), banana, and milk with protein powder in it. It a good filling breakfast that keeps me going until lunch time. Last night I measured everything out and calculated the calories, it's about 600 calories. Now that's good because I've worked out and haven't eaten all night. Then my lunch is generally pretty similar every day, I've been on a hummus wrap kick. I get the giant tomato and basil wraps, 1/4 cup hummus, and tons of veggies. This is filling without making me tired and only about 400 calories. So far so good, right?? Then as I leave work I take a sliced apple and 1 tbsp of peanut butter for the commute home. Those are about 300 calories. Now I started doing this, eating the apple on the way home, years ago when I started WW. I had a terrible habit of coming home and snacking through until dinner. I found that by eating the apple I wasn't hungry and therefore able to resist snacking.

So when I get home after working out and being on my feet all day, I'm at about 1300-1400 calories. That's great!! Now, if I were to eat a reasonable dinner and be done I'd end the day around 1700-1800 calories which is right around where I should be. I could probably even go a little lower with no problems. But, is that what I do??? No, of course not.

I've developed this habit - AGAIN - of coming home and snacking. So now, I'm not only eating my apple and peanut butter, but I'm snacking too. UGH!!!! I figured it out last night and from the time I come home until the dishes are done, I can eat about 1000 calories!!! And then once in a while we have dessert!!! WTF???? And I wonder why I'm not losing weight??? Idiot!!!!!

So, starting today, snacking is out. There will be no pretzels, chips, nuts, nothing once I get home. Since I eat my apple on the way I'm never hungry when I get home, it's just a habit. A habit I have got to break. Also, Hubby starts a new job this week, kind of - long story, and so I've decided to take over the cooking dinner ritual. I went through the Clean Eating magazines (if you haven't picked those up you really have to, they are awesome!!!) and made a meal plan for the week. Yesterday I did all the grocery shopping for the meals, so I am ready. Hopefully, by having to get dinner ready I'll be able to steer clear of the chips and such. Now, since Hubby fixes dinner, I just come home and sit on my butt. This should keep me busy and away from the snacks.

I can hear you all thinking, just get rid of the snacks. Ahhh, if only it were that easy. Hubby and I have gone round and round about this in the past and finally reached a kind of agreement. There are no chips or snacks of any kind in the house. However, since they play poker once a week and like snacks when they play, he keeps them out in the patio area - his area. So they are not here in front of me, but I know where they are.

Okay, a short post has turned into a thesis on snacking :) Time for me to go hit the showers and get ready for work.

16 March 2008


So this morning marathon training began. Actually, it began last week but I missed it. So for me it started today. This is the marathon training group run by the guy who started the Honolulu Marathon. Little known fact, the Honolulu Marathon Training Group actually owns the name, Honolulu Marathon, the marathon itself just borrows it. Interesting, huh???

Anyway, we met at Kapiolani Park and headed out up over Diamond Head, and it happened just like it happened last year. Running up Diamond Head I got nauseous I don't know what causes that but it's very annoying. I'm not sure if it's the heat, it's hot there. It might be the incline, it's kind of steep. It could be that I'm trying to do it too fast, though the legs and the lungs feel okay. I'm wondering if it's my eating. I ate about 6am and we didn't run until 7:30. Maybe I was hungry?? Or did I eat too much?? Did I need water? I don't know what it is. This bothered me last year and I want to fix it before it becomes a real problem.

Anyway, aside from nauseousness the run was pretty good. The training is broken up into groups depending on running speed. I hooked up with the 12:00-12:30 group. That's a little faster than I normally run, but the next group is 15 - that's way too slow. I want to do a 10:30 in the marathon and I'm hoping (if I can ever master that damn hill) I'll be able to move up in a couple of months. I'm shooting for the stars :)

After running I went for a swim in the ocean. I have one thing to say about that, ooooohhhhhh doggie that water was cold!!!!! I remember reading somewhere, someone was wondering why there are no wetsuits allowed in Kona. Because the water is never as stinking cold as it was today. (Actually, if the water temp is above 72F no wetsuits are allowed). It was freaking freezing. One thing that hit me right away though was all that time I spent in the pool working on just being comfortable in the water has paid off. I did not freak out when I hit the ocean (well, I did a little over the temperature) and I swam around completely relaxed and played like a little kid.

That and housework was my day. I'm tired and ready to eat a good dinner and go to bed. I just watched a report on 60 minutes about sleep. Lack of sleep can cause diabetes, weight gain, memory problems, and lack of sex drive. I will definitely be going to bed on time and getting my 8 hours :)

Okay, I'm off for a little mindless tv........

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