05 April 2008

I scored a Far Out
95% on the
Quiz by SheGoddess:

And the only reason I didn't get 100 is because I clicked the wrong answer. I knew the right one but clicked wrong.

A Brick

I realized last night, as I was talking to a friend about the tri next week, that I have not done a brick. I have not run off the bike since last September. Oh, this is not good. So I decided to do that this morning. Initially my plan was to ride 15 miles this morning and run 5 miles tomorrow. But, after realizing I haven't done a brick and making plans to meet to swim tomorrow, I decided that a 6 mile ride and a 1 mile run would suffice today.

The bike felt really good. I haven't been riding as much as I'd like but I am definitely getting stronger and that translates to the bike really well. So I did the 6 miles and got home for T1. I headed out on the run and realized that I had forgotten how crappy your legs feel after biking. But I pushed on and pushed through. I ran the entire way! I ran a 12:47 mile! That's pretty darn good for me. I'm very happy with myself and have a lot more confidence going into this sprint.

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting up with some ladies who have never done a tri before (one is 70 years old!!). My friend and I are going to take them through a shortened version on the same course so they get a feel for what it's like. This should be fun.

04 April 2008

Your arch-nemesis is:
Rhett Butler

Because you set fire to their tool shed
The winner will be...
Well I guess you because they consider you a friend
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Florence was the cause of the apocalypse.

... afterward, Florence woke up beside a horse.

'How will you be remembered in history books?' at QuizGalaxy.com

So I'm kinda bored at work, it's a slow day, and I stumble across these. I like that Rhett Butler is my arch-nemesis and that I will cause the apocalypse. Very cool.

Sonny Bono Murdered????

Apparently someone has spent time investigating Sonny's death and has reached the conclusion he was clubbed to death by hitmen. Maybe they were Canadian and thought he was a baby seal???


I turned the alarm off and rolled back over this morning. Bad!! Bad!!! 45 minutes later I woke up again and had no time to run. Whoops!!! It was so cold this morning, I'm guessing that's why I rolled over, I don't really remember. Once I did get up though this is what I found on the other side of the bed:


That's Nala. She has pretty bad arthritis in her hips and when it gets cold she's in pain. Sometime during the night Hubby covered her with a blanket and she was happy. She was giving me stinkeye because I was taking pictures of her.

Oh well, no run today. There's always tomorrow. I'm seriously considering calling a personal trainer...... I may do that.....

03 April 2008

It was a dark and stormy morning...

No really, it was!! Just before the alarm went off this morning the rain came. Lots and lots of it. I lay in bed thinking I don't want to get up but I had to go swimming. So I dragged my butt up and out to the Y. When I got there, there were only 2 people there. What's up with not swimming in the rain?? Personally it's my favorite time to swim. There is something about being in the warm water while it's a little cold outside and the rain is falling on you every time you turn to breath... I love it....

I hop in the pool, cause it's warmer than the outside, and look over my workout. That swimplan.com is totally cool. On Tuesday I did a time trial and entered my results in the website. They then created a swim workout based on my times. This way I get a workout that's a stretch for me but not impossible. It's very cool. I do the warm-up and the drills and I'm ready for the core part of the workout. I'm supposed to swim 50 on 1:16 (yes, I'm slow, so what????) with different rest intervals for a whole bunch of times. So I set out for my first 50, 1:00. Hmmm...too fast. Second 50, 1:05. Hmmm..... still too fast. This went on and on. I had to go, what felt like, really slow to hit the 1:16. I was pleasantly surprised. Towards the end I did get closer to the 1:16 as I was getting more and more tired. What I really like about these workouts is that they are completely doable for me. I get very discouraged if I can't complete a workout or can't get close to the times indicated, but these workouts are just perfect. I am tired at the end of the workout but not exhausted. It's great.

So it seems kind of odd that all the bloggers I've run across did not get into the Nike marathon. Is there some conspiracy that favors non-bloggers??? Hmmm.....makes you think.

I have a ton of things to do today, so I'm off to work.

02 April 2008

Vacation planning

Okay, so my SF marathon fell through and I'm bummed, but I'm moving on. We are in the process of planning our vacation. Since Hubby has started a new job we are scaling back the vacation plans this year. We were going to take cruise to Alaska but we're saving that for next year. Instead we are going to fly into Las Vegas (it's cheap from here, don't ask me why) and we're thinking of renting a mobile home and cruising Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. There are couple of places I want to see in all three states and we're thinking a mobile home would be the easiest way. We could eat in the mobile home because I HATE eating out a lot, and we could pretty much stop anywhere and sleep. So that's the plan. Now, my question to you folks who live in Arizona, Utah, and Nevada is this, I want to do a marathon while I'm there. We are looking at September or early October. Anyone know of any races around this time in these areas??? Please let me know. Also, if you live in these areas let's meet up as I cruise around :)

Today was a rest day. It kind of wasn't planned but I woke this morning with a little plantar pain. One thing I have learned with PF is don't push it. I took the morning off, stretched it out, and am wearing my rigid insoles. It's feeling much better already.

Well, I better get to work, lots to do today :(

01 April 2008

High - Low

My high so far today was my morning swim. I found this fantastic website, swimplan.com, that makes swim plans for you. It's very cool, just the right length (for me), and not too hard. I love it. My swimming is getting so good. I'm still not the fastest thing in the pool but something has fundamentally changed either in my mind or in my ability. I'm so much more relaxed and at ease in the water. I don't freak out even when I swallow water, I can calmly cough while continuing to swim. It just feels so much better and more natural than it used too. I'm stoked.

My low so far today is that I didn't get picked in the Nike Women's Marathon lottery :( I was really bummed about this. I didn't quite realize how much I was looking forward to it. Oh well, time to look for something else. Hubby and I want to go on vacation in September so I'm going to look for something in September or early October to fit into our vacation. I'll see what I can find.

31 March 2008

On the bike again....

Got up this morning and went for a bike ride. It's finally getting light enough to ride in the morning again. I like riding in the morning. I like being on the road before anyone else. I love riding as the sun comes up. Nothing better. Being a total geek, here's my ride:

Bike Rid

I'm learning to do all this cool photo editing stuff and that's why you get things like this :)

Here's another photo for you:

When I fall on my bike I always fall to the left. I unclip the right first and clip in the left first. So when I lose my balance I tend to have the left in and the right out. This is what's happened to my bike because of my gracefulness. I'm going to need a new seat soon from falling!!!

Okay, that's all I got. I'm having too much fun today to dwell on deep serious thoughts :) So I guess I'll go to work.

30 March 2008

I think I figured it out

My nausea problem when running. It only really bothers me when I'm going uphill so I, mistakenly, assumed it was related to the hill. Not totally true. Friday I went out for an hour run and before I left I ate a 1/2 banana. By the time I was 3/4 way through my run I started to get hungry. A couple of minutes later I started to get nauseous. Ah ha!! Could there be a connection?? Today on my run I purposely headed towards the hills. The first hill is a long, slow incline that goes on for about a 1/2 mile I believe, and climbs almost 300ft. Just before I left this morning I had a whole banana. I hit that hill and ran it kind of hard and did not once get nauseous. I think I figured out that my problem is hunger. I will test this theory over the next couple of weeks to verify it, but I think I got it.

So my run this morning was great. I cruised along and since it was the hilly route I didn't go as fast as the flat route, but still a fantastic run.

Last night Hubby and I went and played a little tennis. Both of us were a little sore from Thursday still, Hubby's legs and my arm, so we didn't play long but it was fun. The really great part is that Hubby and I have such incredibly different tastes in sports/exercise, it's great that we found something we can do together.

Well, I'm off to relax. Got my run done, the house is clean, the laundry is going, and I've only got grocery shopping left to do. I love lazy Sundays. I am going to do some yoga later. I've been seriously slacking in my stretching/yoga and I really need to get back to it. I'll probably do some more vacation planning too. Maybe we'll fly to the mainland and then rent a class A motorhome and cruise around for a while. Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.

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