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It begins

So today I start my new regime. I slept like crap last night, up and down, which tells me I need to workout. It's funny. When I was 225 lbs I felt like this all the time, tired, fat, not sleeping well and it didn't bother me at all. Once I started losing weight and working out I had tons more energy,felt better about myself, and slept like a log. Then I get to take this stuff for granted and I forget how it was before. Well, a week of food debauchery and sitting on my big butt has reminded me. And I don't like it. So it begins today. I'm off to strength train and then a 15 mile bike ride. I'm going to have to hurry, looks like we might get some rain.

I've reached the end

You know you've reached the limits of 'resting' when you start having strange dreams and drooling all over your pillow :) I do not remember what the dream was about now but I do remember the alarm going off and me saying, in my dream, oh heck I'm getting up this is weird. When I did get up my pillow was wet where I'd been drooling. That's not good. That is the wrong kind of sleep for me. Time to start working out again. Luckily, that begins tomorrow. Actually, if it's not raining we may go play tennis tonight. Otherwise I'm going to dust off the fitness equipment and be ready to rumble tomorrow morning.

My general plan for the week will be:
4 days of weights. Those are going to be the hardcore, sweat dripping, kick butt workouts with cardio intervals2 pool swims and 1 ocean swim3 bike rides, 2 shortish, 1 long3 runsThere is also room for some tennis with Hubby and some relaxing time. It's a tough schedule but I want to try it for a month an…

I'm tired

I have not done any physical activity in 4 days now. I feel like the Pillsbury doughboy and could nap at the drop of a hat. I do admit to eating more then normal due to it being my birthday. I've been out to lunch 2 times and out to dinner once this week. That's about 3 more meals out then I normally eat :) If I keep this up I'll be a huge couch potato who needs to take Botox for migraines I'll probably start getting. I may have to get up and do something tomorrow for my own sanity.

A plan is coming together

First off, I'm getting bored. I took this week off to rest, recover from the training I've been doing, and to kind of regroup and get ready for the next phase. But now I'm bored. Instead of starting my program on Monday, I think I'll start on Saturday. I'm trying to shift my thinking. For me Monday is the start of the week, but there's no reason why Saturday can't be the start. I generally take Thursday or Friday as a rest day, well if I start my week on Saturday this works perfectly. So I'm twisting the week around in my head :)

I'm working on a program that will totally kick my butt. 4 days a week will be hard, killer workouts. The other 3 are easier, not easy, just easier. I'm also going to work in the 2 a day workouts. I really sleep better if I do a little workout after I get home from work. So that's in the plan. It'll be fun. I have to make sure I have all my electronics charged or with new batteries so they are ready …

The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser finale was last night and it rocked!!! I was so glad to see a girl win, especially Ali. She got voted off but then kept at it at home and got to go back into the house. It was awesome. Also, she beat out some really big guys who had lots and lots to lose. All women know that guys lose weight easier than girls. But she beat them all. Yea!!! for her!!!! I'm happy for her.
It almost makes me wish I was still really heavy so that I could apply for the show :) The first time in my life I've been too small for anything :P

But it got me to thinking. Maybe I'll start a Biggest Loser of my own. Maybe that will be my grand doing this year. Finally lose the weight, get buff, and have the body I want. A while back I totally gave up the weight loss effort and I have to say I feel better than ever. I'm happier with my body and in a much better place mentally. Because I shifted the focus off the scale, I haven't even stepped on one in weeks, and more…


Today I turn 49. Which means I've lived on this planet for 49 years. Or conversely, I'm beginning my 50th year on the planet. That's a long time. With any luck at all it will be a lot longer, but 50 years is a long time. I now understand so many things my mother told me. I wish I had understood them then. I wish I could make my daughter understand them now. But we each have to learn and experience in our own way I guess.

I look back on my life and think that I've made a lot of mistakes. But, in reality, my choices in life are what has made me the person I am today. While it would be nicer if I had turned out to be say, Bill Gates, I really, really like who I am. So I guess those choices in my past can't be viewed as mistakes because if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be me. There are good things about getting older. I sure don't have to worry about looking for a natural acne treatment anymore. It's definitely nice to have that kid stuff be…

Lanikai Sprint Triathlon

This was a very interesting day. In many ways it was a really great race and I find it amusing how many times I quit during this race :)

I was still a little concerned about the swim and when I got there this morning the wind was blowing and it was a bit choppy. Kind of like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride on half speed. Not too bad but a bit of a challenge. The water was also pretty cold due to lack of sun for a couple of days - brrrr!!! So the swim starts and, as always, I seed myself near the back of the pack. We head out to the first buoy is such a large group it was almost impossible to swim. I had to stop and do the breast stroke quite of few times. As we round the first buoy it is impossible to swim. We are all clumped together and just trying to get around the buoy. Once we clear the buoy the field immediately starts to open up. It was so choppy I was having a hard time getting a rhythm going. At one point I felt myself starting to panic and I talked myself down, I was ver…