26 April 2008

X Box 360

This post is a plea for help from the bloggers out there. I'm trying to win an X-Box 360, a $100 gift certificate, and a 12 pack of MAXXED Energy Pops in the You Make My Energy Pop Contest. I want to win this as a gift to my hubby. His friends all have one and he won't buy one for himself, or let me buy one, but if I win one he'd take it. There are only a couple of games he's interested in and that's why he won't waste the money on one. Anyway, you could help me win by clicking on that giant widget on the sidebar there. It will be there until May 15th, when the contest ends, and if you click it will give me energy. I need energy. For all the stuff I do, working out, training, working, the animals, then blogging. By the time I sit down at night to tend to my blogs I'm exhausted. So I need all the energy I can get to keep going :) Please be kind and click through.

Now, if you are in need of an X-Box 360 you too can embed that widget on your blog and have your readers click through and give you energy or you can click through mine and sign up for the Keep Going Sweepstakes to enter.

Okay, there you have it, a sad, pathetic plea for a game system. I know, things are bad :)

What exactly have I done???

Maui Oceanfront Marathon 2009 and Associated Races - Search Results

Name Home Race Registered
Hulihee, Florence Waimanalo, HI Marathon 4/26/08

I got an email this morning about the first running of the Maui Oceanfront Marathon. It's being held on January 25, 2009 and it's a point to point from Wailea to Lahaina town. It's along the ocean on Maui in one of the nicest months of the year. There will be whales and dolphins and huge fun in Lahaina. The first 50 people to register only pay $50. So guess what I did?? That's right. I just jumped in signed up. So now I'll be doing the Honolulu marathon in December and the Maui marathon in January. What??? Have I lost my mind??? I think I better go for a run!!!

25 April 2008

This is wrong on so many levels....


But so funny.....


I can be such a dummy!!! I am a scientist!! I spend all day seeking or watching cause and effect. If I do X, then Y happens. If I do X and Y doesn't happen I have to look for Z. Etc........

Earlier this week 2 things happened and I did not connect them until this morning. Such a dummy. First, I was getting headaches. I got them for like 3 days. I would wake up with them. I think they were part of the cause of making me so tired too. Usually I know what causes these types of headaches but this time I couldn't figure it out at all.

Around the same time I ran out of artificial sweetener. I only use it in the morning in my coffee, but I still use it everyday. So for the past week I haven't been using any sweetener in my coffee. It just dawned on me this morning that this may be the cause of my headaches. DOH!!!

Sometimes I wonder about myself :)

24 April 2008

Of course it's broke, I want to sleep....

This week I've just been exhausted at night. My morning workouts have been really hard. So, since this morning was swimming, I decided to sleep in a little. Around 4:15 I hear this beeping sound. In my sleep I could not figure out what it was. Eventually it woke me up and I realized it was the alarm clock so I hit the snooze. The alarm went off 2 more times before I realized it shouldn't be going off now, it's way too early today. So I woke my butt up and looked at the clock. Our clock has 2 alarms and it turns out the 2nd one won't shut off. So I laid there hitting the snooze until I realized that I could reset it for a later time, which I did. By this time it's about 4:45. My regular alarm went off at 5 which I shut off and rolled back over for a little while longer. The one morning I decide to sleep in a little this has to happen - ugh!!!!! But I do feel better :)

The new bird, Sam, is in his cage tearing up a stick. Apparently he's happy that I slept in too because I came in here and read blogs while I drank my coffee. He likes that :)

Trying to make coffee this morning I kept banging the glass pot on the faucet. I should probably get one of the high bar faucets so I don't break the pot. That's what happens when my sleep is disturbed.

Now, it's off to the showers so I can head to work. I'm really looking forward to Friday this week. It has been a week.

23 April 2008

Here comes the sun.....

Wow, do I feel awesome! Working out at this level really feels incredible. It's hard - very hard, but the way I feel after and for the rest of the day is totally worth it. Plus, I enjoy seeing if I can do better than I did last time. Doing a one minute sprint I like to see if I can go farther or faster in that time. It's fun to challenge myself. I have to admit that I haven't been able to get my 2 sessions a day in. I'm up early. Work out super hard for an hour. Work on my feet all day. By the time I get home at night I'm really tired. I've been falling asleep by 8:30 pm. So I've eased that up and decided to just adjust to this program. Once I'm used to it I'm sure I'll have more energy and will be able to add a 2nd workout in.

My revelation is so crystal clear to me and so eye opening. It's like putting new lighting in an old room :) I can now see that all those excuses I used over the years were my deep seated unbelief giving me an out. I have told myself I don't have time. I'm not ready to make the effort. I can do it whenever I want. I'm at the weight/shape I'm meant to be at. Any reason for not doing it was my deep, extremely well hidden, belief that I couldn't do it.

I love to sleep. I can sleep anytime, anywhere. I will sleep whenever I can. Getting out of bed was the hardest thing for me and the most common reason why I wouldn't workout in the morning. Oops, I overslept. I just couldn't get out of bed. Blah, blah, blah. Now, since my revelation, I wake up before the alarm. While I still don't relish getting out of bed, I do it gladly because I get to push myself beyond my limits. While I still would rather sleep, in a choice between sleep and working out, I now choose working out. It's just amazing to me that once I firmly believed it all the obstacles seemed to fall by the wayside. Not only do I believe I can do this, I know that I will and therefore it's not something I have to make time for, or squeeze in. It just works.

Okay, okay, I'm off my soapbox. I know I sound like a reformed smoker :) But it's one thing when you've had a thought pattern for most of your adult life and have managed to change it. It's unbelievable. It's kind of like you've had these chains on holding you down and suddenly the chains are gone. I really feel like I could do anything, or at least give it a hell of a try. I'm also kind of jealous of people who've never had this problem. I know a lot of you whose blogs I read have not had this doubt and fear weighing on you. I can tell because you sign up to do a half Ironman your first tri season, I would never have done that. Only know, my 4th year doing tris, am I considering, I mean really considering, a 70.3. I've talked about it before but I knew deep down inside that it was out of the question. Now, with a little more work, I just might be able to do this thing.

Alright, seriously, I have to get to work. Hope everyone has a fantastic day. I know I will :)

P.S. Today is Tax Freedom Day.... You have paid off your debt to the government and for the rest of the year you work for yourself. Doesn't that suck!!!

22 April 2008

Okay, I finally, really got it!!!

To expand upon my post yesterday. It finally hit me this morning. I mean really hit me and sunk in. I know understand it like I've never understood it before.

Changing the little voice in your head is hard. When I was heavy, and even more recently, I would not push myself because I really, honestly believed deep in my soul, that I couldn't do it. I would try and I would make outward efforts, but deep down in the secret part of me, I didn't buy that I could do it. I've been working on changing that belief and I think the Lanikai Tri was the first evidence that I may have succeeded. I quit 18 times during that tri but I knew that wasn't true so it didn't mean anything to me. I said the words but it was more like saying something you've memorized. Because I didn't really believe it I just kept on going and planning the next stage of the race. I don't think I'm explaining this very well, but it is crystal clear to me.

This morning as I was working out I was thinking about how hard it was. I was also thinking that it was very hard, harder then I've worked in a long time, but I was enjoying the heck out of it. That got me to thinking that just a few short months ago I would have been whining about how hard it was and how I couldn't do it. Whereas this morning I not only knew I could do it, but I was having fun seeing how far I could push myself. Then I thought of the Biggest Loser. In the beginning all those contestants whine and cry about how they can't do the workouts. Jillian said that the winner, Ali, fought her for about 3 weeks. Then something changed and she was all there all the time. That's when it hit me like a brick wall. It is all in the mind. Because I didn't truly believe I could lose this weight, I couldn't. I have made the leap though and I now believe it's doable. No, that's not true. I don't believe it, I know it.

I have noticed a number of other changes over the past few weeks that now make all kinds of sense. I don't want sweets. I don't want to overeat, ever. I've lost my taste for beer. Wow. It's all because I now believe deep in my soul that I can do this. Wow. It's amazing.

I've had that quote at the top of my blog for months now. But it's only today that I really and truly understand what she means.

21 April 2008

A shift has occurred

A while ago I started reading/listening to Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth. I'd been looking at it in the stores for months and then Oprah was starting that webinar thingee, so I caved, drank the Kool-Aid and joined the masses. It has turned out to be fantastic for me. I had been heading towards a lot of his concepts for years, this just sped things up.

Anywho, one thing I've really gotten out of his book is the ability to divorce myself from pain. He made a statement that fear/panic is just the ego because it doesn't want to fail and look bad to other people. I extrapolated that out to pain because that is what I use to avoid failure. Pain. By accepting the pain as a indication that I'm working hard, and acknowledging that it's not going to kill me or do me any great harm, I can look at it with amusement and wonder how far I can go with it. I'm not sure this is making sense but it does to me.

So this weekend I started my new workout plan. I did strength training Sat and Sun and kicked my own butt. Saturday I worked so hard that I got nauseous and couldn't shake it all day. I've never done that before. By the time I was done working out I was so weak and spent there was no way I could go for a bike ride. So I did hill intervals on the stationary bike. I was whupped.

Sunday I awoke and was debating skipping. I talked myself out of it and kicked my own butt again. I was dripping sweat and my legs were shaking when I was done. I headed out for a run after and my legs were so thrashed I could only go 15 minutes. It was great!!

This morning was swimming. It is also my 'easy' day. I had a swim plan and figured I'd follow it but not push myself. Yeah, wrong. I ended up pushing it and getting a real aerobic workout. I did cut off the last 50 m as I was running late since I got a late start. But I had to talk myself into cutting off 50m.

So a shift has occurred and I like it a lot.

Forward progress

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