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Should I do this???

I was reading the local race mag at lunch and a small ad in the corner of a page I wasn't reading caught my eye.

At first I thought it was an ad for the Xterra qualifier held on Oahu every year in August. Then I notice it says BE PART OF HISTORY! and that's it's on December 7th not in August. Well, that made me stop and take a look.

Turns out it's the first ever World Championship for the Xduro series which is basically trail running. It's a half marathon and for this one you don't have to qualify to enter. I'm seriously thinking of doing it. I love trail running but I stopped doing it around June 2005 because I had a bout of sprained ankles. It was ugly, I was spraining both of them every time I ran, it was bad!! Ever since then I've been all freaked about trail running. Maybe it's time to try it again. I'm much stronger then I was 3 years ago and, even though I don't weigh any less, I'm really in much better shape. I may have …

Idiot Drivers!!

I almost forgot about this. Yesterday I took my car in and then rode my bike to work. I rode my mountain bike, I had forgot how fun that bike is. It feels like a tank and like I can take on the world on it. Anyway, I had to ride my bike back to get my car in the afternoon. The shop is located on a busy street and Hawaii does not believe in bike lanes. I have to ride my bike in the right lane. I stay to the right and try to stay out of cars way but sometimes you just can't help getting in their way. So there was this one jerk that would pull as far over to the right as he could at every stoplight. He was pissing me off and there was no reason for it other than to block me. I fooled him though because I would go up onto the sidewalk and then back into the street once I got around him. I just don't understand why people do that. There was no point to it other than to be an as*hole to a bike rider. Wow, I hope my life is never that pathetic that I do things like that to…

Moving on.....

Today was day 18 of my 30 day program. I'm almost done. Yea!!! I am seeing some definition in the arms and legs. Awesome!!! I am also coming across some new programs I want to try. This is usually where it starts to fall apart for me. I get 2 - 2 1/2 weeks in and I start looking for another program. I tell you, it's adult ADD!!! Anyway, I am determined to finish this 30 day program. I am going to complete every workout in this program. I am determined to follow it through to the end. I'm determined!!!!

The other day Vickie asked me what my next race is. I read the comment and literally opened my mouth to answer and realized I had no answer. I want to get back into running, I've been slacking pretty bad in that area. I am now registered for 2 marathons but those are not until the end of the year. I'm doing the Tinman Triathlon on July 20th. I wanted to do a half marathon in June but I don't know if I could do that with the little I've been ru…

Get a second opinion!!!

This saga began about 2 months ago. The light on the dashboard of my car that shows the emergency brake was on would not go off. Also, there was a hissing sound coming from the pedal area. I took my car into the dealer. A couple of hours later I get a call. The reason my emergency brake light was on was because I was low on brake fluid. The reason I was low on brake fluid was because my master cylinder was leaking. It was leaking into the brake booster and had corroded all the rubber. I needed a new master cylinder, brake booster, rear cylinders, pads, and some other things. Bottom line, $1,500 worth of brake work was needed. At the time (near tax time) I just didn't have it. I took the car back and tried to figure out a way to afford it. Oh yes, and they charged me $400 to tell me this!!

As I drove my car around from day to day I thought it odd that my brakes felt fine. Also, as time wore on I never needed to add brake fluid. I was thinking if my master cylinder is le…

Internet scum bags!!!

I'm getting comments that appear to be real comments on the surface but really are spam. I do not think you screen name really is cheapvegashotels, or viagraonline. I can be a little slow sometimes but those are not real. It pisses me off because I have to have the moderation on so these slime balls don't get through. If you have that much time on your hands that you can make up these stupid screen names and write real comments on people's blog, why don't you try a legitimate job instead of being the scum of the Internet??? And please, learn the English language and learn how to spell. I make spelling mistakes but I generally spell correctly. Your English stinks, many times it doesn't even make sense, and your spelling makes your comments almost unreadable. If you going to try to impersonate a human being, at least try to do it well.

Okay, sorry but they really ti…

Sidebar changes

Okay, I removed that silly widget from the sidebar there. It was annoying the heck out of me and I've had some complaints on it. So that's it, it's gone. I told Hubby I was trying to win him an X Box 360 and he said 'why?' Okay, that's it, seriously, I give up. I was trying to do something nice and pissing myself off in the process and he doesn't even care. That's it, I'm done. So now my blog should load easier, be easier to read, and not so damn annoying. Hey, I tried.

Meanwhile, the workouts

It's amazing how good a couple of good workouts and a few days of eating right can make you feel. Sunday my stomach was not well at all. I didn't eat anything until lunch time and I kept it pretty light the rest of the day. Yesterday morning my stomach was still a little yucky, but I went back to my healthy eating and kept it a little light again yesterday. Today I woke up feeling awesome. I had a pretty good workout yesterday and today's was good. It seems this week is basically a lighter week in the program. Anyway, I'm feeling great, things are getting back on track and I'm back feeling strong and in control again. I do think I know what went wrong last week. I kind of let my eating get out of control a bit. I had cookies every night and dessert twice. I also ate lunch out 2 days last week. That's something I don't normally do. Anyway things are going well and they will remain so.

The shirt is on the way

to Shelly. I hope it fits her and she likes it. I'm sure there will be pictures :)

So this weekend was a little rough. Something did not agree with me and the tummy was not well most of yesterday. Luckily today is much, much better.

Back to the strength training routine again today. It was a killer!!! My knee is really killing me though I have begun taking fish oil and glucosamine. I know they take a couple of days to build up in the system, so I'm not expecting overnight relief.

Okay, I just don't have a thing to say today. I just hope Shelly likes her shirt and uses it in good health :)

A shirt giveaway

I've never done anything like this before but I thought I'd give it a go. I got a really nice technical shirt for the Lanikai triathlon that is made for a Barbie doll. It says it is a size large but I'm not sure in what universe. Right under the arm measures 18" across the front. Even if I were to lose 50 lbs there's no shot this would fit me. So I'm going to give it away. If you want it just leave me a comment and I will send it to you. If more then one person wants it I will put your names in a hat and randomly draw to see who gets it. I will email you for your address etc.
Here is the shirt:

This is the shirt laying on top of a standard man's medium shirt. You can see the large discrepancy between the two. I'm going to guess if you're a small this shirt will fit you but no guarantees.

This is a close up of the design. It says Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii, so you won't forget where it's from :)

And this is the back of the shirt.


Some Good, some not so good

You'll be happy to know that I did my bit to prop up the economy yesterday, even though we have not gotten our stimulus check and probably won't until June. I am really not a huge shopper and once I find clothes I like I will wear them till they fall apart. I wear shorts to work but, because I work in a lab, I tend to get chemicals on them. Pretty soon I can only wear the shorts to work because they have holes or spots or whatever. For the last couple of months I've been realizing that I have no shorts to wear on the weekends (read: with no holes) except workout shorts. That gets old after awhile. So yesterday, in an effort to pull this country from the brink of recession, we went shopping.

We hit Old Navy, one of my favorite places, and found some stuff on sale. I got the cutest running outfit at Kmart. If you haven't been to Kmart lately you should check it out. Since Sears bought them things are changing and it's great!! I also got some workout gear at …