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Apparently I can still run

Not far and definitely not fast, but I can do it.

This morning was the great running adventure. I have not run July 23rd. That is 6 1/2 weeks. I have to say I've been strength training almost that whole time so that's good. So I head out this morning with a very, very conservative plan. I'm going to walk for 4 minutes, jog for 1. I will do that for 30 minutes (6 times) with a 5 minute warm-up and cool-down, for a total time of 40 minutes. I head out and I'll be very honest, I'm scared. I get to my first run interval and I start running and it feels good. Turns out all the run intervals felt great, I guess the elliptical really does help, and my heel didn't bother me the entire time. When I got home I stretched really good and I'm sitting here typing this with my heel resting on an ice pack. I think I may be okay :)

So I did a total of 38 minutes (I always get faster towards the end) and covered 2 miles exactly. Yes, it's pathetically slow but…

Changes all over the place

I've changed the templates on all my other blogs. This one is now under consideration for change. I kind of like this theme though so I may leave it. I'll have to sleep on it. I like the sleek, easy look of this template. It makes me think of contemporary furniture. Low slung, minimal decoration. I like that look. I'm liking the uncluttered look more and more. I don't want lots of things. I want space and open areas instead. Okay, I have no idea where this is all going so I'll just stop right here.

I am going to run in the morning. I will do it tomorrow. I only have Weight Watchers so if my heel hurts I won't be on my feet all day. I will go out for a walk/jog of 4/1 and see how it goes. If it goes okay I will do it for 30 minutes. If it's not going okay I'll stop immediately. I'm scared but I can come back and ice my heel down right away. Okay, it will happen and I'll report back here tomorrow.

Food, glorious food........

So, after not getting up yesterday I spent the whole day hungry. I ate my normal food, but was still hungry all day. What the heck is going on?? I ended up stopping on the way home for an iced coffee and some donuts. Yes, I know, donuts!!! But I was starving. And I still ate dinner. Hello!! Do I have a hollow leg or something?? Weird. I have been strength training now for 6 weeks consistently. I'm wondering if I'm starting to build some muscle and it's taking more food to fuel me. Maybe??? All I know is I'm freaking hungry.

This morning when the alarm went off I bounded out of bed like my butt was on fire. Could that be due to the extra calories I ate yesterday?? My strength training was mediocre this morning though. I thought I was putting out a good effort, but according to my HRM I was slacking. Hmm... What is going on???

There's not much to do at work today. Guess I'll get some reading done for school.

Wimped out

I didn't run this morning. The alarm went off and I thought I heard it raining (it was the sprinkler), so I turned over and didn't even try to get up. When I did get up an hour later, I tried to puzzle out what happened. Last night I was really looking forward to running. I'm dying to get back out on the road again. Near as I can figure I'm scared. When my heel hurts it really, really hurts. This is way more painful than PF. I'm afraid of getting that pain again. I used a flimsy excuse to avoid running so there wouldn't be any pain. So that's what happened. I wussed out completely. I figure I'll do my run this weekend when I can come home and ice it down right away. I know, I'm an embarrassment. I'm off to hang my head in shame.

What's been happening??

I'm almost afraid to post an entry. Seems a lot of bloggers have been turning up pregnant. I sure hope it's not contagious!!! Seriously, congrats to all the expecting bloggers!! Glad it's you and not me ;)

Meanwhile, back to me. I started school last night. It's going to be interesting, and fun, and a whole new experience. I'm looking forward to the semester. One thing that came up is that we have to have a background check before you can go into the schools. I wasn't worried about it until they said that even if you pleaded no contest to something you have to report it. That got me worried. Back when I was 18 I got into a jam with my ex and ended up getting arrested for something he did. I never went to court or paid a fine or anything. I signed some papers and was told the matter was over. I was 18 and I did not pay enough attention to completely understand what was happening. I may or may not have pleaded no contest to the charges. I may or may…

Considering a change...

One of my plans this weekend was to redo one of my blogs. Feather, Fur, and Fins needed a make-over in the worst possible way. Flo's Place could use a redo too but let's not get crazy :) Anyway, I got up this morning with the intention of doing some strength training. I sat down at my computer and began working on Feather and that was it. Next thing I knew it was 3 hours later and I was starving (this is why I don't like computer work even though I'm pretty darn good at it). But I have to say I love the template. You should go look. It's completely customizable and I really, really like the look. I'm considering putting it up here. It does take some time to get set up so I'll have to think about that, but I love it and have some ideas for this site with it.

After that I went to Sears because my new glasses were ready. I get there about 15 minutes before the sign says they open. No problem, there were a couple of other things I wanted to pick up a…