11 October 2008

Continuing last nights post

I've discovered that if I don't know exactly what I'm doing in the morning when I go to bed at night, it doesn't get done. I've developed a habit of saying to myself, I'm biking in the morning, or it's strength day, whatever. The point is if I don't tell myself it doesn't happen. I think this goes back to having a plan.

So there's today. This morning is WW. Last night I'm walking around here saying to myself, I should ride my bike to WW. That word 'should' is generally a death knell for any and all activity. I know this, yet I still use the word. So I went to bed thinking, I'll either ride my bike or add another day of strength training. Right. With wishy-washy statements like that I get nothing done. So I have to be specific. I will ride my bike to WW unless it's raining, then I will do X. That way, as long as it's not raining, it's in my head that I'm riding my bike. That's good.

Okay, enough rambling. It's not raining so I have to go get my bike ready :)

10 October 2008

Yet another discovery

I work better with a plan. I know that sounds simple but you don't know the rest of the story.

I have always been a spontaneous person. Whenever anyone wanted to do something I was the one they called, and I was always game to go anywhere and try anything. Hubby and I just to wake up on Saturday and head off for the weekend without a thought or a real plan. Hell, I once drove from the Bay Area to Reno to get married on a dare!!! How insane is that. Yes, we were divorced 9 months later. But all my life that's how I viewed myself. I'm the spontaneous one. I'm the adventurous one. I'm the one willing to go anywhere, anytime, for any reason. That was me.

But recently, the last few years, things haven't been working as I planned. I would fail at my intentions to workout regularly. I would eat things I weren't supposed to eat. Things like that.

Then a couple of months ago, I started really, seriously making lists. I make lists of things to do. Goals I have. Plans I make. You name it I make a list for it. What a difference it has made. I believe that is why I have been doing so well lately. Things are really working and clicking. I love it. The only thing I haven't gotten into the list mode is my school work, and that's a bit of a mess.

I'm so glad to finally figure these things out. I just wonder when this happened. Where did that spontaneous person I used to be go??? Maybe I'll find her again one day......

09 October 2008

Time to learn

I have now used the Bodybugg for one full week. What exactly has this wonder of technology had to show me?? A lot!!!

First, I don't burn near as many calories as I thought I did in a day. Over the last 7 says I averaged 2350 calories burned per day. I really, honestly thought I burned more then that in a day. How very wrong I was.

Second, I eat more than I thought I did. I have been tracking my food for quite a while now on FitDay, so I know how much I've been eating. But, since I thought I was burning more, I thought eating 2,00 - 2,200 calories a day was cool. Not so much!! Over the last 7 days I averaged 2050 calories per day consumed. I have an average deficit of 300 calories per day. While having a deficit is good, now I completely understand why I'm not losing weight. With that small a deficit, one piece of dessert and I've shot the entire week. At this rate it would take me about 11 days to lose a pound and, as I said, one small dessert could throw it all off.

This knowledge makes me really angry with myself. What an idiot I've been!!! How stupid could I have been??? But, at the same time, I'm glad I know what's going on. I see where the problem is and I know what to do to fix it. I'm very excited about that.

As for that fantastically high body fat % I learned of the other day. Yeah!! I was really bummed about it for about 24 hours. But now I'm fighting mad. I have all the necessary tools, in fact I have more tools then most. There is no reason why I can not lose 30 lbs of body fat fairly quickly. Fairly quickly being defined as more then 1 lb every 11 days :)

I have set a goal for Jan 1, 2009. My goal is to lose 1.5 lbs of body fat per week. That is a calorie deficit of 750 calories per day. That allows me to eat 1650 calories. That is plenty. I'm am going to work the next couple of days on tweaking my diet. I eat pretty good but clearly I still eat too much. Time to get very detailed and learn what works for me and what doesn't.

06 October 2008

Day 5 of the Bodybugg

I've been wearing the Bodybugg for all my waking hours for 5 days now. I like it. I like tracking my calories burned and eaten and trying to get them in the right balance. It makes doing anything more fun. I try to burn extra calories while I'm doing anything. If I'm walking, I walk faster. If I'm standing, I bounce back and forth on my feet. I try to keep moving to keep burning. It makes it a game.

There are a couple of problems with it. The velcro band can rub on your arm. I got a blister there and have to be careful that I put the band in a different place each day. I got used to it pretty quick though. Most times I forget it's there.

Next week I get a phone call with a personal trainer to help me get the most out of my Bodybugg. It comes with the bugg. They do it about 2 weeks in so you've had a chance to use it for awhile and you've have some data for them to evaluate. It seems like a good idea. But the bottom line is I like it, it's pretty painless (except for my blister) and I think it will be a real plus in my weight loss journey. So it's all good.

On another note. I also order an electrical impedance body fat monitor. I have calipers but am pretty sure I'm not using them right. So I got it working and did a body fat reading. It is so not good. It was worse than I thought. I'm seriously depressed over all this. But that's okay, I'll be bummed for a little bit and then it will get me fired up to change things. So, really it's a good thing. I also need to play a little and find the best time to take the measurement. I'll try again in the morning and see what it says.

05 October 2008

Pink is the new black

I've been a pink freak for 30 years. I have many, many things in pink. Clothes, bags, flash drive, camera, etc. If they make it in pink I will find them. For the longest time pink wasn't easy to find. When I found something, even clothes, in pink I was very excited. Well, that all changed yesterday. I went to Sports Authority, Old Navy, and Steve & Barry's and everything was in pink. I mean everything. There was so much pink to choose from it was amazing. I got a cool pink Under Armour running top. I got a beautiful pink Adidas workout top. Great, great stuff. I went to Old Navy and tried to find some different things, but everything I found was in pink. By the time I got to Steve & Barry's I was looking for things that weren't pink and they were hard to find. It was truly amazing. I know it's October and all things pink are popping up for breast cancer support. But this was way beyond that. I may have to change my favorite color if this continues.....

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