18 October 2008

How to spend a Saturday night

I tell you, I know how to live. It is Saturday night, I'm relatively young, healthy, and what am I doing???? Planning my weight loss. Yeah, I know how to live ;)

Seriously, I've been poring over my Bodybugg info and learning a ton of stuff. Actually, truth be told, I'm not learning anything I didn't already know. It's just being confirmed for me. I eat well during the work week. I plan my breakfast, lunch, and snacks. I take it all with me and that's all I have to eat. My problem lies in dinner and the weekends. So tomorrow it all starts for real. I know I said I was going to start last week but last week fell apart on me. All that is behind me now and I'm ready to make a new start. So tomorrow is a new day......

In other news, I got a new camera. I'm so excited about it. It's a DSLR and I love it. Here's a picture I took with it tonight.

Is he not the cutest!!! That's a really good picture of him. I plan on working on my photo skills and becoming good. I love taking pictures especially of the animals. Okay, that's enough for tonight. It's almost 9, time for bed. I tell you, I know how to live.

Okay, back to me

:) This is my blog after all, right?? So I just wrote a post over at Flo's Place that I didn't even realize was bothering me. I've been a little down and woe is me feeling lately and I think that is what's holding me back. I get into these little funks and sometimes doesn't realize it. Like the past couple of weeks everything has been a battle, working out, eating right, everything. Now I see why. It's hard to see the forest for the trees you know. Anyway, just writing that post made me realize what was going on and feel better about everything in general. So, on that note I'm off to do my strength workout.

Children and such

My friends in Canada have begun the wait for baby. She was due last week sometime and there appears to be little action on the giving birth front. I remember when I was pregnant I could not wait to get that alien out of me. That's what it reminded me of with all the poking out of parts and such. Looked like the alien from the movie, I thought it was funny. Another friend has a new baby and for some reason we got talking about cribs and crib bedding. When my daughter was born you had little choice in bedding. If you were lucky you could find sets of sheets, pillow and quilt but they were hard to find. Now you can get entire coordinated sets made by big names like Laura Ashley!! Some of them are absolutely gorgeous. It's amazing. So I know there are a lot of pregnant bloggers out there, if you're looking for fancy bedding check out the link. You'll be amazed.

17 October 2008

I do feel better now...

Wow, I think it all just finally caught up with me. After I wrote the last post I went and got a cup of tea, my book, and stretched out on the couch. I was quickly asleep and ended up sleeping away most of the day. I finally woke up around 3 and started to come to life. Once I woke up and got moving I felt great. Really great. Great like I haven't felt in a month or more. It's awesome. I think all the pressure with school and the emotional pressure with Nala just got to me. Now that everything is settled I think I just fell apart. Wow. That was crazy. I'm still a little sleepy. I'll be going to bed early and hopefully tomorrow I will be back to normal. Jeez, I hope so because feeling the way I've felt a lately sucks. I was starting to think about tapping into my health insurance and going to the doctor. But I think I've figured it all out. Now I'm off to watch a little mindless TV and go to bed early.

Well, I just feel like crap!!!

There is going to be way too much information ahead so if you're squeamish look away. Okay, you've been warned..

I haven't had a period in 2 months, then the other day it starts and it honestly feels like someone is ripping out my insides. This is really horrible!!! I am in such pain I hardly slept last night. A few years back a doctor told me that I could take ibuprofen and it would actually cut production of the hormone that causes your period. Well, I've been taking the stuff like candy and it ain't stopping. I guess I'm having 2 months worth. It's killing me. Then, after a fitful sleep last night, I wake up with no voice. WTF????? My head is a little stuffy and I've got some post nasal drip happening. I'm not sure what's going on but I decided a hibernation day is in order. I have emailed my mentor teacher and my work and told them I'm dying. I'm going to curl up with some tea and a book and rest all day.

I'm also going to do some reading and some planning for next week. I now have tons of data from my Bodybugg and it's just a matter of putting it all together and coming up with a plan that works. Now that my emotional roller coaster with Nala is over, things should get back on an even - boring - keel. I'm going to plan my food for next week and plan my workouts too. It will all be good. Right now though, it literally hurts to sit here so I'm off to go lay down for a while.

15 October 2008

Okay, not a bad day

Not a great day, but a good start. I managed to keep the eating under control even though there was cake for a girls birthday. But I refrained and only had one piece. I could have eaten the whole thing :) So I'm calling today good.

Tomorrow morning I have a free consultation with the Bodybugg people. It comes with you bugg. After you've had the bugg for a week or two they call and give you a consultation. I think that's a pretty cool idea. Of course, I wish it didn't happen at 6:00 am, but that's what I get for living in Hawaii.

Okay, now I just need to traverse the landmines that are dinner and today will be all good....

This week is falling apart

and I'm trying desperately to get it back together.

Monday started off well. I got up and did my strength training, that was good. I hardly ate though, and that was bad. I drank water like a fish but that was because I hardly drank any over the weekend, that was definitely bad. Yesterday I had to take Nala to the vet for some tests to try and figure out what's going on with her. I was a bit emotional all day. I got up and had some stuff to do and ended up not working our. Again, I ate horribly and drank little because of my emotional state. Then I had class last night. When I got home I was starving so I had a pork chop. That's all. Just meat. I felt like a freaking cave man. But I was hungry and that was ready. Then I ended up sitting up a little bit later then normal. Which led to me being exhausted this morning and not getting up to workout. These things all go hand in hand. If I don't eat right and drink enough water I feel like crap and eat stupid things and can't get up in the morning....... it's a vicious cycle. So, in an effort to not spin out of control completely, I'm going to eat right and drink my water today. That's all. I'm not going to worry about exercise or doing anything, just eating and drinking. I've got to get a handle on this before I lose it completely and end up on the couch stuffing bon-bons in my face. Actually, that's unlikely since I don't like bon-bons :)

12 October 2008

Alright, really!!! Time to get serious

So for the last 11 days I've been pretty much living my normal life but collecting the data on my Bodybugg. I now have a crystal clear picture, under many different circumstances, what my body burns and what I consume during any given day. I now understand completely why I'm not losing weight. Those two numbers are way too close together. Most days I'm eating only slightly less then I burn and some days I'm eating considerably more. So, even though I eat good, healthy food, I'm still consuming way too much of it. So that all stops today. Today I begin aiming for 1650 cals per day consumed, and 2400 cals per day burned. I will be keeping meticulous track of my intake. I will also check my calories burned right after dinner and if it doesn't come up to 2400 I will hop on the elliptical until it does. I'm going to really work this to see how much weight I lose. I will need to work on a few wasted calories. For instance, I will not use reduced fat salad dressing. Most of them taste like crap. But I will have to cut back on how much I use and get used to a very light coating of dressing on my salad. There's a couple of other things I plan on cutting which I can't think of right now, but they will happen.

Okay, I'm on a mission. How much can I lose in one week by following a reasonable program?? I intend to find out.

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