13 December 2008

On second thought, it was an okay day


I was good and did not workout this morning, but that did not lead to a good day.  I ended up having Jack in the Box for lunch and Pizza Hut for dinner.  Including cinnamon sticks for dessert.  Not good.  But, on the other hand, I’ve been really, really good all week so I guess it will balance out.  Also, I didn’t go completely crazy.  I do not feel stuffed and uncomfortable though I am fuller then I like to be.  So all in all I guess it was an okay day. 


What I did get done was some blog maintenance I’ve been putting off.  You know, I love the things you can do with blogs, all the gadgets and widgets and such.  I love them.  But sometimes setting them up is just time consuming.  It's not really hard at all, it just takes time to get it the way you want it.  I put up slideshows on 2 of my blogs and it took hours.  I had to pick out all the photos I wanted on the slideshow.  Then I had to upload them into one folder.  Then set up the slideshow.  Then get the code on my blog and make sure it was the right size and played right.  I had to do all that twice.  I think it took me about 3 hours this morning to get everything just the way I wanted. 


Okay, most of this has nothing to do with health and weight loss.  But the fact of the matter is if I keep eating like this I’m going to need Leptovox or something like it. 


That’s it, I’m off to watch some TV. 

Sanity prevails....

and I've sidelined myself for a few days. After no workout yesterday the knee was exactly the same as if I did workout. I woke this morning and while the swelling is down considerably, it's still there. So reason has won out and I'm not working out this weekend. If it is not better by Monday, I will make a doctor appointment and have it looked at. This is so annoying. But I will use my head and RICE this weekend. I probably did something too it tripping over animal supplies around this zoo. I have dog stuff all over the place, including a bed that is not stable to step on but I do. The birds fling things on the floor and I don't always see them. The only thing I don't have to worry about is cat supplies since we don't own a cat. It's dark and rainy today. It's a good day to lie around reading my book with ice on my knee. In fact, that's where I'm going now :)

12 December 2008

Now what??

So the workouts have been going really good lately. I've been doing a strength training that does front on day, then back, then cardio, then front, then back, like that. I like the workouts and I'm really pushing myself. Suddenly Wednesday after my workout it feels like my left knee is swollen. My right knee is my problem child, my left knee has never giving me any trouble. So I asked a co-worker to look at my knees and she confirmed what I felt, the left on is slightly swollen. The thing is I have no pain at all. The only thing even close to pain is the feeling I have because of the swelling. So I didn't worry about it too much and went on with my life. I worked out Thursday morning and by last night the knee was pretty swollen. I took some ibuprofen and rested it. The swelling came down some and this morning it felt pretty good. I took this morning off to give it a rest. Tonight it feels just like it did last night. I'm beginning to think there might be something wrong. If I have this problem whether I workout or not I may as well workout. I just hope there's nothing seriously wrong, I'm just getting back into my routine and I don't want to break it now. I'll workout in the morning and see how it goes.

11 December 2008

Just a quick note.....

I've really got nothing to say today. Food and exercise are going really well. It's been raining for almost 24 hours. Hard.. There's flooding and mudslides and it's miserable. So basically I have nothing to say. I'm pretty happy with the world and my life right now and would just like to curl up on the couch and read a book. I just may do that tonight.

10 December 2008

Time to get geeky with the numbers....

I haven't been logging my numbers here like I said I would because I don't get the total burned until the following morning and by then I'm on to the next day and hard to back track to catch up blah, blah, blah.......... So let's run the ugly numbers now.

I began the week at 178 lbs (OMG! I can't believe that!!!) My goals for the week are:
  • Track everything eaten all week
  • Workout everyday
  • Record calories burned everyday
I'm half way through and I'm on track so far. Here's what the individual days look like:
Monday - Strength Training - 45 minutes
Consumed - 1750 calories
Burned - 2300 calories

Difference - 550

Tuesday - Strength Training - 45 minutes
Consumed - 1925
Burned - 2300

Difference - 375

Wednesday - Kickboxing and Run
Consumed - 1950
Burned - ~2400

Difference - 450

This morning the scale said 177, down 1.5 lbs from when I started, but I knew that wasn't 'real' weight.

Feeling absolutely fabulous. Sleeping like a baby due to not a lot of crap food and working out hard. Things are going really, really well. I'll keep updating as time goes on.

09 December 2008

What I learned today

Since I'm trying to focus on weight loss and overall fitness I've gone back to reading some of the weight loss blogs I used to read and I've found some new ones. They really are a good inspiration. When they are doing good they inspire me on and when they are having tough times I try to help and know that I am not alone in this struggle. And it is a struggle.

I came across a couple of entries that really struck me. The first was about consistency. He relates weight loss to Entrecard dropping and it really works. It really struck me because I try to be consistent with my Entrecard dropping and I knew there were times when I wasn't. I knew that other commitments (like sleep) got in the way and there were days I just couldn't do it. But I didn't give up, as soon as I could I got back to it. The same things happen in the weight loss game. Things will come up, other commitments will get in the way and I can't do what I want to. The difference is with Entrecard I get back with the program as soon as I can. I find myself going and dropping cards if I have 10 spare minutes. With weight loss I will throw my hands up in disgust (literally and figuratively) and reach for the nearest bag of cookies. What it boils down to, at least for me, is that I will allow myself some slack with Entrecard and do the best I can, but I demand perfection from myself in weight loss and see failure when I can't meet that standard. Extremely interesting and I think I may have a new way of thinking about things now.

The other one that struck me was a man who lost over 50 lbs and has been maintaining it for a while now. The last couple of days he's been struggling with his food demons. The reason his last few posts have really hit home is because even after all this time his demons can still get control of him and he has to battle them back into submission. Again. Doesn't this ever end? Isn't there ever going to be a time where sugars and sweets aren't beating me up? It's definitely better now then it used to be, but it's still a struggle. The real problem is that one solution does not work all the time. Sometimes if I avoid sugar completely that works to quell the cravings. Other times I can have a little bit and that keeps the sugar monster under control. Then there are those times when nothing but a full blown binge will stop my raging cravings. What always works is not having the stuff around. If it's not there I can't eat it and that always works.

But these are just a couple of reasons why I've really come to love blogs. From one I learn a new way of looking at things and hopefully handling it. From another I learn that this journey is not easy. I can't let my guard down because the demons are just waiting for a chink in the armor to appear.

On a side note, I'm playing with the delayed posting thing. I want to see how well it works. I'm going to set this to publish later today.

08 December 2008

Do tight pants make you feel fat?

Or do loose clothes make you feel skinny???

My problems last week with bloating and water retention really started me thinking about clothes. I have some great clothes and while they fit, they don't fit like I'd like them to. I know for some people when their clothes get tight it spurs them into losing a couple of pounds. I'm just the opposite. When my clothes start to get tight I start eating more. That is not good. On the other hand, when I wear something that is loose I tend to not eat as much. I find it interesting how my mind works. I guess we all have to find what works for us, what motivates us, and what gets us going. We also need to find what doesn't work for us and note it so we don't fall into those traps over and over again. This whole weight loss thing really is a journey with lots of curves and hills along the way. This was just a little detour along the way.

07 December 2008

What happened to the weekend???

Wow, that flew by. I had Thursday off to get ready for my final class on Thursday night. I had Friday off because our bird club was putting on an event Friday night. Saturday I was exhausted and the day kind of passed in a blur. Today was screaming at vets and getting medication for the dogs. Now it's 6 pm and I'm not sure where the day went. Wow.

The good news is I caught up on my sleep and felt pretty darn good today. I have managed to maintain some activity every day so far and starting tomorrow I kick it into high gear. The other day I had that DOH moment over the soup I was eating and it's high salt content. The past few days I've avoided excess salt and what do you know? My weight dropped 2 lbs and I'm not feeling like the Pillsbury Doughboy. Amazing isn't it????

I've got to get a few things done before I fall into bed tonight. Tomorrow it's back to boring workouts, calories and such.

Okay, this is too true..

Your Christmas Sprit Level: 20%

Your Christmas spirit is there, but it's very faint.

If you celebrate Christmas at all, it's only when you truly want to.

It's okay if you're not really into the whole Christmas thing. Don't worry about not having enough spirit.

Pushing yourself to do more will only turn you into a Grinch!

It's not that I'm not into Christmas it's just that I've really gotten tired of all the commercialization and the political correctness crap. My favorite holiday night is Christmas Eve. Hubby and I go out with friends to dinner. Then we take a trolley ride around Honolulu looking at the Christmas lights. I have to say, Honolulu goes all out with the Christmas stuff. After the trolley ride we usually find a nice quiet place to have some coffee and dessert and then head home. I love Christmas eve. We spend it with friends, doing something Christmasy but not crazy. It's a lot of fun. This may well be our last Christmas here so we had better enjoy it this year.

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