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Going well

Last night we went out with some friends we haven't seen in about 2 years. It was fun. They now have 2 kids and I just don't know how they do it. Watching them with the 2 year old and the newborn just wore me out. I honestly don't understand how people have children. Guess it's good I only had 1 :)

In other news, since lightening up my attitude things are going well. Last night I had 3 beers and a pastrami sandwich and didn't think twice about it. I was feeling good, having fun, and just didn't let any type of diet thought enter my head. It was great. I also noticed that I had a lot of energy yesterday. I had a good portion of the day with nothing to do and I got all antsy and wanted to do something. Now that happened for one of two reasons. Either I'm eating more normally and not stressing over calories so I naturally have more energy. Or having taken the insanity away I'm more relaxed and don't feel the need to hide away in sleep. What…

What am I willing to do??

I've pretty clearly defined what I'm not willing to do - workout 4-6 hours a day and obsess totally over food. So that naturally leads to the question, what am I willing to do??

I am willing to workout everyday - hard. I still want to be fit and healthy, even if it's not in a size 2. E.L. I agree with you to a point. I do believe that you can get an amazing body with an hour a day and an active lifestyle. I also believe that your dream body has to be realistic for you. Mine wasn't (please notice the past tense here). I wanted something that would be physically impossible for me to obtain. I've readjusted my vision and am confident I can achieve it. I'm willing to workout 1 - 1.5 hours a day. That's an amount of time that works well for me and that doesn't interfere with the rest of my life. The 1.5 hours usually only happen on the weekends when I go hiking or something like that.

I'm willing to eat healthy 80-90% of the time. After all th…

How badly do you want it??

I was watching the Biggest Loser finale last night. I know I've said it before but I'll repeat, when this show started I thought it was the stupidest show idea ever. But I've come around and am now a huge fan. There have been times when I've wished I was big enough to get on the show. Okay, not really. But it sure would be nice to have 4 months where I could just focus on weight loss. Perfect my diet and exercise program so I was losing weight at a rapid clip. Thankfully I'm not big enough for that show so I'll have to struggle through on my own.

Last night they were going over the lives of the contestants since they left the ranch. One lady was saying how she got up at 4 am, worked out for an hour, went to work, then headed off to the gym. She didn't get home to 8:30 or 9 every night. She hardly saw her kids. This means she was working out 3 1/2 to 4 hours a day on top of work and home, etc. The other lady was talking about how some days she c…

The best laid plans

I had every intention of getting up and working out this morning. The knee is feeling pretty good, as long as I don't allow the back to get tight. I'm going to make a chiropractor appointment today, so I was feeling pretty confident that I was okay. The alarm went off and I just could not get out of bed. I wasn't sure what was wrong but something was. I rolled over and snoozed for a little while longer and still felt not right.

I finally got up and immediately found out what was wrong. Something I ate was bad. I spent 20 minutes in the bathroom before I could put coffee on. I have a bit of a headache and my stomach is a mess. So that was why I couldn't get out of bed, I just didn't feel it while I was laying down. Now I don't know if I can even go to work. This is terrible.

Between bathroom bouts I've been reading some blogs this morning. There seems to be a theme or thread running through them. I don't know if it's my mindset that'…

A real conundrum

I've figured out what's wrong with my knee. It's my back. This happens on my right side but rarely on my left. I discovered it this morning. I got up and my back was killing me and my knee was swollen. I did some yoga stretches to try and ease the back. When I was done the back felt much better and so did the knee. The light bulb went on. As I said, this happens on my right side much more often. The nerve, I'm guessing it's the sciatic, gets irritated/inflamed and manifests in my knee. The cure is to go to my chiropractor. He wasn't open today so I will call first thing in the morning to get an appointment.

My conundrum. When my back hurts not exercising makes it worse. So by not working out I think I'm actually making this knee thing worse. Also, I'm climbing the freaking walls. I was up at 5 am with nothing to do. I'm going to workout in the morning. I'll just do what feels good. Any pain and I'll stop immediately. I'…

Annoying Spammers

It seems like the spammers go in waves. I'll get nothing for awhile then suddenly all the comments seem to be spam. And apparently spammers don't understand the rules. I will not publish a link in my comments unless it's by someone I know recommending someone/thing to me. So I don't care if you lost 80 lbs in 2 days, your link is not going in my comments. Also, I don't publish your comments if you name is Cialis works, or Cheap Pharmacy. If your name is what you are selling you're not getting your comment published. And it doesn't matter if you leave a nice, relevant comment. I'm not here to provide free advertising for you by way of links. I get paid by people to provide advertising. If you want a link contact me and we'll work out a deal. You are not smarter than I am. I am sick and tired of this and I'm not letting any of your crappy comments through.

What a great way to start the morning, with idiots who think they can sneak a li…


the knee that is. I took it very easy yesterday and today the knee seems a lot better. I will take it easy again today, all I have is a Christmas party, and see how it is tomorrow morning. I must say I did get some other stuff done yesterday that I wouldn't have normally, so I guess taking a day off can be good. I had some pent up energy I had to expend.

Last night I picked up some rescue birds. Their owner passed away and the wife can't take care of them. I've got them in my house now and I need to find them homes ASAP. 9 birds is just too many. At least they are small birds and their cages are pretty small. It's not like rescuing a horse where you have tack and english saddles and western saddles. Birds are much more compact.

Well, I have to go clean bird cages and get ready for my Christmas party.