03 February 2009

Umm, yeah, today wasn't so good either

It started so well. I got up on time and did my elliptical, just like planned. I got ready and headed out to school and did my thing. Then I got a call to start my new job. Woo Hoo!!! But I wasn't planning on it and I didn't have any food with me. If I knew I was going to work I would have brought something to eat with me. But I didn't and by the time I was done I was starving. I left and had to get something to eat. I was way too hungry and had little control. I ended up having Chinese food. Too much Chinese Food. After I did not have enough time to let that digest, workout, and get to class by 5. So I didn't get my strength training in and I overate at lunch. But that's okay. The rest of the day the eating stayed in control. I'll have the numbers on Wednesday. Tomorrow will be much better. I'm not supposed to work on Tuesdays so getting stuck at work won't happen.

In other news, I'm a little worried about my car. It's 8 years old and has almost 150,000 miles on it. I noticed tonight that the ride has gotten really rough. I'm wondering if I need new shocks or suspension. Maybe I'll spend the bucks and get
some coilovers for it :) Actually I'm just going to hope it lasts until we move.

Well, it's getting late and I'm going to head to bed.

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