22 April 2009

Let's try to be original

I was just going to write a post that was almost exactly the same as yesterday's post. Hello!!! That's what happens when I write when I'm tired. I don't remember it.

Today was a huge success. I got up and did my workout this morning. Wednesdays are notoriously hard for me since I am in class Monday and Tuesday nights until 8:30. By the time I get home and eat it's usually 9. That means it's almost 10 before I get to bed. So usually by Wednesday I'm beat and can't get up at 4:30. But this morning I did and I'm very proud.

My eating has been good. Yesterday I ate about 1600 cals. I was thinking that was a little low but I felt great and feel great today, so I guess it is enough. Right now I'm waiting for dinner and wondering where it is.

I got registered for all my summer classes today. Now I have to pick up the books. I wonder if Amazon books carries the books I'll need. They had a couple for this semester but it ended up being the wrong edition :( I think I'll go check it out.

Okay, enough. I have to find some food and see what the birds are up to.

1 comment:

Anna said...

I have been following your blog for a few months and I admire your focus to workout.

I also like to read, thanks for the tip to check out Amazon for great book finds, too.


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