I should be working out

or at least getting ready for work. Instead I sit here blogging. Since I wrote my post last night about returning to WW, it's been bouncing around in my head. When I wrote that post I wasn't sure I was going to do it, but now I am. I'm definitely returning on Saturday. I just checked and the meeting is still there at the same time. I think a little more accountability and structure will help me. So, let's see....On Saturday I have to go to the meeting at 7, get some exercise in and then come home and shower and head out to the Pet Expo to be there by 10. That should work. Okay, I'm excited about this.....


FishHawk said…
Please don't go to the Pet Expo. For puppies are more fattening than fudge brownies.

If you don't believe me, just come by and take a look at my wife and I. Rescued puppies at Petsmart were our downfall--be assured!

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