12 May 2009

If you don't go further then you think you can,

you won't see the turtles.

On my way home today I stopped to swim at Kailua Beach. I missed this last week because I had a bunch of nonsense stuff to do, but today was so beautiful I couldn't pass up the chance to get in the water. The water is still kind of chilly since we've only had a week or so of nice weather. By mid July the water will be like a bathtub and unbearable to swim in unless you go to the deeper parts. Anyway, I got to where I usually turn around, the 3rd buoy, and decided to go one more. I wasn't in any kind of a hurry. The water was nice. The weather was perfect so why not take advantage. So I headed off to the 4th buoy. When I got there I stopped to tread water and take a little break before heading back. That was when I saw him. About 6 feet in front of me was a green sea turtle just floating on the water. His head came up every couple of minutes for a breath but otherwise he was just floating along enjoying the water and the weather too. It was cool. I haven't see a sea turtle in about 3 years so it was extra special. But if I had not decided to go further then normal I never would have seen him.

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Fe-lady said...

SO cool that you got to see the turtle! Sounds like you had a great swim!

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