Time rapidly disappeared

I'm not sure what happened but it did... Last week it seemed I had all the time in the world. This week I'm already going crazy and it's only Tuesday.

I took the dogs hiking this morning. Because of my schedule I won't be able to take them to the dog park during the week so I thought I would take them hiking in the morning. They like that a lot. So we went this morning and it was gorgeous. It was just before 7 and the birds were waking up, the forest was still cool from the night, and there was no one else there. Hiking that hour on a weekday almost guarantees you'll be all alone. So I think that will be a great thing to do early in the morning.

Other then that I have nothing to say. I started teaching yesterday and it totally bombed, but I don't feel like going into it now. I have to get ready and head out to school. I'm going to get there and get set up for the day. After class I'm heading to the beach for a little swim, then at 3:30 I have my class to go to. What a fun day :)


I love the early morning. It is such a peaceful time. That is when my head is the clearest. A little exercise with it and I can have a pretty good day.

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