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Keep making discoveries

I sometimes wonder why it's taken me so long to figure things out. But then for a large part of my life I lived very in the moment. While that's great to a point, it doesn't leave a lot of space for making the necessary connections. But I'm making them now and that's the important part.

So, what is this earth shaking discovery I've made?? I don't eat enough carbs. I eat tons of fruits and veggies, but I don't think these are necessarily enough. I made the connection today. Monday and Tuesday I worked out 2x a day - hard!! I ate well but I avoided carbs. By Wednesday I was exhausted. Initially I thought it was just the getting up early and staying up late. But that explanation didn't feel right because it was a real total exhaustion, not just lack of sleep tired. Wednesday I took it easy and felt a little better. But Thursday I had carbs. Some rice with lunch and some whole wheat pasta with dinner. Not a ton of the stuff, just 1 serving o…
The last 2 days have been tough. I've been really tired. My back has been killing me (I need to get to my chiro) and I've been tired. I think it's getting near that time again. Ugh!!! But I feel much better tonight so tomorrow it's back on it.

I have a couple of job interviews next week for teaching jobs and I'm very excited. If I'm really lucky I could line up a gig for next fall. That would be awesome.

I started my new job and it seems pretty sweet. My main job is to man the transition center which is where we help new students get acquainted with the school and other new people. The school I'm in is about 60% military and they come and go all the time. Anyway, the only time I actually 'work' is if there is a new student or before school, during recess and lunch when there are kids in the room. During class times it is dead. This is good. It gives me time to work on my school work. Sweet.

Okay, that catches me up. I have to work …

I really want a Flip!!!!

Really, really badly!!! Let me explain. I have the cutest bird in the world, Mr. P. He is such a chatterbox. He probably has a vocabulary of about 50-100 words by now, and he's only a year old. He does the cutest thing where he sleeps and talks in his sleep. I have tried to video him on my little camera but it just doesn't pick up his voice. I really, really want to get a Flip Video so that I can record him and post it on my blogs. It is too adorable for words.

So with that in mind I was cruising around to see what they go for now. I haven't looked at them in about a year so I just thought I'd check it out. My first stop of course was to check out what might be on sale, and what do I find but this.

It's a pink Flip!! But that's not the best part. It's only $89.99 because it's reconditioned. How cool is that??? I have no problem buying reconditioned. I buy almost all my electronics reconditioned and have never had a problem. Plus,…

Where the heck is that horse???

I really need to get back on it. I think I'm at least in the right stable today :)

Seriously, after last week I need to get back on the horse/wagon/whatever. My menu yesterday was:
Coffee and danish
Crab salad on french bread
1 short rib
macaroni salad
7 layer bean dip
2 pieces fried chicken
1 Valentine's cookie
Grilled Salmon Salad

Do you see anything missing from that list? Like maybe some fruits and vegetables? Maybe some whole, natural foods? How about a little protein? If I ate like this on a regular basis I don't know if there's a weight loss diet pill out there that could help me.

Why do I have to keep relearning the same lessons over and over and over and...... At least yesterday I recovered for dinner and had a good dinner. Then I celebrated with cheesecake. Now that I think about it, I didn't have to relearn anything yesterday. I knew exactly what I was doing and what would happen because of it. Did that stop me?? No!!! Someti…