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Okay, here's the deal

I'm tired. I don't feel like working out because I'm tired. I'm not hungry, I don't feel like eating. What I feel like doing is laying down and reading. So guess what?? That's what I'm going to do. I haven't taken a really, really lazy day in a long time. I'm going to just lie around reading and snoozing today. I've got a ton of reading to do for school. I've got things to get ready for Monday and Tuesday. But I don't feel like pushing myself so I'm not going to. There I've said it and I'm happy. Tomorrow may be a completely different story, but today is lazy day.

Today I'm not a rock star

But it was still a very good day.

I was tired again this morning and didn't get up to workout. I'm not too worried about this. I know that my energy will take a little time to build up to a level where I can do this everyday. I can tell it's getting better because I did not suffer energy drain for a couple of days. Wednesday was tough but I worked out Thursday. It will all balance out again. Then this afternoon I had to go pick up my taxes so I didn't workout then either. But my eating was very, very good. I didn't work out and my food consumption went down too. Naturally. I was pleased with that. So let's see today's list:

Protein Shake - skipped, no workout
45-60 minutes of cardio - overslept
Breakfast - Starbucks oatcake
Work - Done
Snack - Skipped
Lunch - Lunch meat, flat bread, and hummus
Snack - Pretzels
Strength - This is a maybe. - Skipped
Dinner - Chinese foodSo not too bad. I'm happy with it anyway.

Now for tomorrow. It's Saturday and there…

May I tell you what a rock star I am??

This is the way it goes. I struggle. I force myself to do a little. I force myself to do a little more. I start to feel it. I start to feel like a rock star. I'm getting there. I definitely feel like a rock star when I'm done working out. It's awesome.

So, as you may have guessed, things went well again today and it's all starting to fall together. It's getting back to where I would rather gnaw off my own arm then break my schedule. So here's how today worked out:

Protein Shake - Done
45-60 minutes of cardio - Done
Breakfast - Rest of shake
Radford High - Done
Snack - Done, Fiber One bar not bad
Job Interview - Done, job not for me
Lunch -Done but it was after my strength training
Strength - Done
Job Interview - Done
Snack - Optional - Done, Craisins
Dinner - DoneNot a bad day. I do totally rock.....

Tomorrow will be a nice, slow day:

Protein Shake45-60 minutes of cardioBreakfastWorkSnackLunchSnackStrength - This is a maybe.
DinnerFriday is my late day and the st…

Camera stuff

I love my DSLR!! Absolutely love it. I am taking pictures like a drunken fool, I swear. I do 4 photo memes every week. It's crazy. My camera came with a pretty good versatile lens, but I've gotten to the point where I want to do more. I really want a better zoom and a better macro lens.

As usual when I'm thinking of buying something, I headed over to to see if they had anything on sale. Unfortunately nothing I'm looking for :(

They do have some very cool lenses for some very reasonable prices. This baby is only $799

I would love this lens. It's a 70-300mm telephoto zoom. The one I have now is only 180. I could take some wicked pictures with this beauty. Maybe if I save my pennies....

Of course, I could always go this way:

This is a 50mm macro lens for only $449. I adore taking macro pictures. Those are probably my favorites. I love macros of flowers and raindrops and just about anything else I can get close to. I just may have to go that way to sta…

A little bit further today

Okay, I screwed up yesterdays list and today didn't go quite as planned, but I still figure it's a success .

Here was the list from yesterday:

Protein Shake - Done
45-60 minutes of cardio - Overslept so didn't have time for this
Breakfast - Protein Shake
Work - Done
Snack - Done
Lunch - Done
Snack - this one is a maybe - This one didn't happen
Strength - There is no strength on Weds.
Dinner - DoneLast night when I got home from class I was exhausted. Completely and totally exhausted. I was so tired my eyes burned. So I wisely went to bed. But the alarm went off this morning and apparently I just turned it off. I don't remember hearing it but I woke up an hour later and it was turned off. So I did not get any workout this morning. I don't do strength on Wednesdays so I could have done my cardio when I came home but I had a couple of stops to make and it was kind of late when I got home. So no workout today.

What is absolutely fascinating is that on the days I w…

Sometimes you have to crawl

Well writing those silly lists really seem to make a huge difference. Once I have a plan in my head I will pretty much stick to it unless something drastic happens. Here was today's list:

Protein shake - Made a big one and I couldn't drink it before my workout.
45-60 minutes of cardio - 60 minutes Done
Breakfast - the rest of my protein shake
Radford High school - Done
Have a snack - Yogurt, fruit and flatbread
Go to job interview - canceled :(
Lunch - wasn't hungry
Strength session - Done
Do some schoolwork (there's more then enough to keep me busy for days :) - eh, whatever
Have a substantial snack - Done
Go to class - not for an hour
Bring food to class so I don't eat when I get home - hummus and flat bread will hold me
I think I can handle the last two so I'm going to say it's been a good day.

Tomorrow will be a little harder since I'm in school all day but the plan is:

Protein Shake45-60 minutes of cardioBreakfastWorkSnackLunchSnack - this one is a maybeStreng…

A good day...

This morning I posted my list of things to do today. Here it is:

Workout 45 - 60 minutes - Done
Clean the house - Done
Get the laundry going - Done
Do school work - Done
Have lunch - Done
Do a strength session - Done
Do more schoolwork - Done
Have a snack - Not done
Do yet more schoolwork - Will do after dinner.....I'm pretty darn pleased with myself. I buckled down and just did it. Did the workouts I wanted to do. Did the schoolwork I've been avoiding. I just did it. I'm very proud of myself. On tap for dinner is baked pork chops, spinach, pasta. A good dinner if ever I saw one. After dinner I will get things ready for tomorrow. On tomorrow's list:

Protein shake
45-60 minutes of cardioBreakfast
Radford High schoolHave a snackGo to job interviewLunchStrength sessionDo some schoolwork (there's more then enough to keep me busy for days :)Have a substantial snack
Go to classBring food to class so I don't eat when I get homeThere it is. My plan for tomorrow. It app…

One step at a time.....

So today begins my just do it way of living. It is a holiday so I slept in a little :) I've been up and had my morning coffee and a protein shake. I'm ready to go work out and take on the day. Here's the plan:

Workout 45 - 60 minutesClean the houseGet the laundry goingDo school workHave lunchDo a strength sessionDo more schoolworkHave a snackDo yet more schoolworkThat should pretty well cover the day. I have a bunch of lesson plans to write and some reading to do and some creativity to work on. That sounds like a great way to spend the day. I'm off to get it going.

Stop the whining......

So here's the deal. I'm not like this. I'm not the type to whine and moan and generally be a little b*tch. In every other aspect of my life I'm a take charge person. If there is something to be done I will figure out the best way to do it and just do it. I'm the person that tells other people to stop yakking about it and just do it. I'm the person that acts before thinking things through. I don't know, maybe that's my problem. For so many years I just acted and now that's not working for me. I'm going to stop the whining. I'm going to buckle down and just do it. It's time to take action and stop talking about it. The action plan begins tomorrow and I'm not kidding.

I'm really struggling

I can not seem to find my groove. I get a little routine going, then one little thing will get in the way and it all falls apart. How do I get back to it???

I started off really strong last week, working out, feeling great, it was awesome. Then I got overly tired (which I still believe is due to my lack of carbs) and that resulted in missing a workout. Then 2. Then 3. Ugh!! That lead to a lunch yesterday that should be illegal, it was mostly alcohol. Now I feel like crap. I weigh about 400 lbs and my bodyfat is up to about 300%. Okay, I may be exaggerating a little but not much. I have got to get a grip and get into a routine.

Okay, let's work this out. I do believe that part of the problem is my food. I have changed up my food and I think it may not be working for me. I've been having oatmeal with milk, honey, and almond butter for breakfast. That totals out to about 350 cals, 13 g protein, and 52 g of carbs. If I were to have an egg burrito with 1 egg and som…