14 March 2009

Why is it always me????

For my teaching certification I have to take a series of 4 tests. I've already taken and passed two of them, yeah!!!! Today was number 3. Now this test is a pedagogy test. For those of you who are not teachers, pedagogy is defined as follows:

Pedagogy , or paedagogy is the art or science of being a teacher. The term generally refers to strategies of instruction, or a style of instruction.

What they do for this test is basically give you a topic and you have to design a unit plan around that topic. They tell you how many class periods you have and you have to tell them 1) what three main topics you would cover and why, 2) what you would do (lecture, lab, film, etc.) and 3) what end of unit assessments you would use. Also, what the students should learn and what they should know at the end. So there is no real way to study for this test. I was taking the life science test and they could have given me any topic in biology. How would I have studied for that? I did look over the biology book to refresh my memory of topics but that was really about all.

I get there this morning and after all the formalities I get to start the test. I open the book and find the topic I've gotten is animal reproduction. Woo Hoo!! That I know. That I can talk about. That I can write a unit plan for. I'm excited. We have one hour and it took me all that time. I put my pencil done literally seconds before the buzzer went off so I was happy about that. But for the last 20 minutes of the test the person sitting behind me was sniffling and moaning. Huh??? Apparently her nose began to run and she had to keep sniffing it. Get a freaking tissue already. Then she was moaning, I'm guessing over tough questions. I don't think she even realized she was moaning it was pretty low, I only heard it because I was right in front of her. Anyway, I'm trying to finish this test up and I have to listen to that for 20 minutes. I was ready to strangle her. Why do I always get seated near the person who makes the most noise??????

I think I did okay on the test. As soon as I saw the topic I knew where I was going to go with it and I think I did a pretty good job considering I only had an hour to plan out a week of teaching. But then, driving home, I started to second guess myself. Animal reproduction is a pretty broad topic. I was struck immediately on what path to take but then I started thinking about other possible avenues of study. Then I started wondering if I even covered what they wanted me to. What if they had something else in mind completely and what I wrote is completely off topic? Then I thought that animal reproduction is such a broad topic, they give you no focus or direction so they must realize some people will talk about what I did. But suppose I'm the only one. Suppose I get a zero. These are things that go on in my head. I'm sure it's fine. I'm sure I did okay. I'll know in 4 weeks and until then I just need to let it go. I swear, I am so incredibly weird.

13 March 2009

Piling up the poop

So since yesterday's post I've done some .....dwelling I guess you'd call it, on the poop. I have gotten so into the habit of looking at the bright side, being positive, trying not to beat myself up, whatever you want to call it. But I've spent so much time doing that that I think I kind of lost the ability to be realistic. I would miss a workout and tell myself, it's okay. I would eat dessert 4 nights in a row and tell myself it's okay. My pants would get a little tight and I would tell myself it's okay. Well guess what?? It's not okay anymore. I'm adding these things to my poop list. So far I have:

  • I'm more tired though I'm working less
  • My clothes don't feel as comfortable
  • There are clothes I can't wear
  • I don't have a lot of energy
  • I miss workouts far too frequently
  • I eat dessert way too often
  • I have serious muffin top
  • My stomach feels huge
  • My back fat grosses me out
  • I can't buy boots because my calves are so fat
  • My back bothers me more often from the excess weight and infrequent workouts
These things bother me. The poop is getting higher and higher and I'm getting tired of it. Is it high enough? I'm not sure but I know it will be soon.

Along that vein, I have to take responsibility for what I eat. I've thought of this before but never followed through and then Mia started doing it. So following in her footsteps and owning what I eat, I present to you my breakfast and lunch:

This is breakfast. A grande non-fat latte and an oatcake. That oatcake is so freaking good, I love it. It's filling and actually pretty good for you. It's about 8 WW points so I think it's about 350-400 cals. If I eat this breakfast at 7 I do not get hungry until noon.

This is lunch which was also purchased at Starbucks. I had nothing at home to take for lunch and I knew the school lunch was not something I wanted (fish sticks) and I did not know what I was going to eat for lunch. As I was buying my breakfast I saw this in the chiller. It's called a protein pack and has a small whole wheat bagel (very small), some cheddar cheese, a hard boiled egg, some apple slices and peanut butter. Oh yeah, there were a couple of grapes too. It was a very good lunch. The calories totaled 340 which is not bad at all for lunch, plus it has lots of protein and complex carbs. And it was very tasty.

So there you have it. The poop is starting to get deep and I'm owning my food. Moving ever forward.

Stop knowing and start doing. (E.L., that has become my mantra. Hope you don't mind).

Tips for guys

I just found this cool site. It's a jewelry site that has lots of sterling silver jewelry, rings, bracelets, etc. They have some stunning engagement rings.

But what makes this site so cool is the tips for guys. They have a fabulous section with tips for guys on what jewelry to buy when and how to buy it. They have this whole page that lays out what to buy her after 1 month of dating, 3 months, 6 months, once your engaged and even after your married. And they have pictures of what they recommend. It is really cool.

There's a page for when the guys screw up and the degree of screw up. Seriously, if you're a guy and need help with the whole jewelry thing, you have got to check this site out. I absolutely love it. My husband does a fine job with jewelry but I know a lot of guys who need the help. Well, here it is. Go to it guys.

12 March 2009

Apparently the poop isn't high enough....

Lately I just haven't been able to get things going as far as fat loss and working out go. I get flashes of inspiration and motivation but then something comes up I lose focus. This week I was all excited about getting back into running and training for something. Then, on my first day back, I pull a muscle in my back. Yesterday I couldn't do anything and today it's still a little sore. I probably could have run today but I'd rather take a couple of days off then be laid up for a week. Right???

So I'm driving around this morning trying to figure out how to get my act together and keep it together. Dr. Laura was playing on the radio but I was only half listening, I was way too deep in my own problems to pay attention to someone else's. Then, this lady came on the phone who was overweight and wanted to lose it and hadn't for years and blah, blah, blah...... What she said wasn't important but what Dr. Laura said was. She was saying how being overweight was this lady's comfort zone and as long as she was comfortable she wouldn't lose any weight. I've said the exact same thing to myself. I'm relatively happy where I am and that makes it hard to change.

Then Dr. Laura told a story. It's like people are living in a house with no bathroom. There are slits in the floor about 3" wide, just enough room for them too poop through. They will go on living there until the poop gets too high. She then asked this lady what would make the poop too high. That really struck me (yeah, I know, the strangest things resonate with me). Apparently the poop isn't high enough for me. Well, I'm going to make the poop high enough. I have to pile up the things that bother me and make the poop high enough so I'll do something. So here is some of the poop:

  • I'm more tired though I'm working less
  • My clothes don't feel as comfortable
  • There are clothes I can't wear
  • I don't have a lot of energy
See, that list is too short. There is way more poop I just need to get in all into a central pile so it's high. Sorry for the gross analogy but not really. I will continue to pile the poop as I think of it.

E.L. over at Stop.Kidding.Yourself. had a great line in his post yesterday. The very last line of the post says:

So stop knowing and start doing.

Ummm.....perfect timing, thanks E.L.

11 March 2009

It's always something

Yesterday afternoon I got home and immediately threw my running clothes on and headed out the door. I do know that if I start to do I will not get out and run. I started a run/walk program that doesn't seem too easy or hard. I walked for 5 minutes, then did 4 - 5 min walk/2 min run intervals with a 5 minute cool down. It was good. I felt great. The knee hurt a little but that always happens when I return to running. I was pleased.

Later that afternoon I had to head out to class and Nala, the pit bull, was heading into the house. She fell on the stairs and I ran over to find her just laying there looking at me. She wouldn't get up on her own. I helped her up and then went to lift her up the stairs because I was running late. When I leaned over to pick her up I was at a bad angle and I pulled a muscle in my back. Ugh!! I know it's musculature and not a spine problem because of the type of pain. So it's been ice and ibuprofen and rest. It actually feels better standing then sitting.

It's not that bad but more annoying. I wasn't supposed to run today so that's good. I'm supposed to run tomorrow but I'm definitely going to play it by ear. Luckily I don't have to pack and move any shipping boxes. The most strenuous thing I have to do is grade papers :)

I'm off to get some school work done.

09 March 2009

Old habits die hard

So I've been lamenting about my seeming inability to get my workouts going again. Last week I was sick and gave myself a bye week, but now I have no excuses. I planned on doing something over the weekend but both days I had things going on and the workouts didn't materialize. I planned on getting up at 4:30 this morning to workout. That didn't happen. Then I figured I'd workout now between work and class. That is very much not going to happen. But, in spite of these apparent failures, I've had 2 revelations over the past couple of days that might help me in the long run.

The first one occurred this morning. The alarm went off at 4:30 and I did not get up. I'm not sure I even heard it. I did get up at 5 though. Fairly easily. I've thought about this problem before and thought I had a solution but that just didn't work. The real problem is I don't like to feel rushed in the morning. On the weekends when I can get up, have my coffee, check my email, then go workout, it's perfect. But on weekdays when I have to get up, get the bird food ready, work out, shower, feed the birds, get dressed, get out the door. No.... I usually end up forgetting something and I feel rushed the rest of the day. When I got up at 5 I knew I wasn't going to workout so I just took my time. Got things ready, sat and drank my coffee for a few minutes, fed the birds. I was calm and relaxed when I left here. That's good. Since I have to be out of the house by 6:30 and I have a passel of animals to feed, working out in the morning just isn't working for me anymore.

The second realization came as I was sitting drinking my coffee this morning. I was looking through the Women's Running magazine that came weeks ago. In it they have a column written by a lady who has lupus and arthritis. In spite of both of these she still runs but as she says, problems with these have forced her to restart time and again. This got me to thinking. I've been a runner. A number of times. Currently I'm not but I would like to be again. In another month or so all the fun races will be starting up here. I don't know about doing a marathon again, but I'd like to do a half. So this all started my mind working and a few things came out.

I want to run. I love to run. The times when I was in the best shape of my life were always when I was training for something. Even if they were only the local 10ks, training for something really motivated me. Also, I used to work out in the afternoons. Before I got a job that went until 5 pm, I would always work out in the afternoons. Afternoons are when I'm strongest and most energetic. When I lived on the mainland I had my 3 pm bike rides. When I moved here it was my 4:30 5 mile walk. Then it was things like running, swimming, weights, always in the afternoons. When I got the job at the lab I had to work until 5 and by the time I got home it was 6. That kind of shot my afternoon/evening workouts. But I didn't have to be to work until 8 so I had time in the morning. It was then I switched things around. Now my schedule doesn't support morning workouts and it looks like it's not going to for a while. So I think it's time to go back to afternoons.

So here's my plan. I'm going to start running again. One mistake I made in the past (recent past that is) is that I would either start too hard or not hard enough. I'm not in the shape I was where I could go run 5 miles. But I'm also in better shape then I used to be and a leisurely walk just doesn't quite cut it. So I'm going to be incredibly realistic about where I'm starting from. I'm going to work out a program that fits my life and my schedule. I'm going to run in the afternoons when I get home (or actually before I get home). I'm also going to do my strength training while watching TV at night. The DVD's I've been doing are too hard at this point so I'm backing it down a little. This feels right. It feels like it will work for me.

There are a couple of running events I want to do in the next few months that should get me motivated and out the door. Do you think I could do a 10k in 4 weeks???

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