25 April 2009

I don't know why this bugs me

but it does. What bugs me so much I need to blog about it?? The fact that to-do lists work for me. The fact that I practically have to have a to-do list or nothing gets done. That just makes me crazy. And, not only do I need a to-do list, but it has to be in a fair amount of detail. For example, here is today's list:
  • Do Photo Hunt post on Flo's Place and comment on 10 others
  • Do Camera Critters post on Feathers and comment on 10 others
  • Work out - Turbo Jam
  • clean house
  • wash sheets
  • wash towels
  • make biscuits
Now, notice how I said comment on 10 others. I do that because otherwise I will do one of two things. Either I will not comment on any and plan on doing it later which never happens. Or I will sit here all morning and comment on all of them. By setting a number I make sure I do comment on some and don't waste the day commenting. When I do that I will generally go back later and comment on more when I have more time.

The workout of course has to be on the list. I can't risk missing that. Clean house. Really. Does that need to be on the list?? For me it does. It's not that I would forget, it's that I would put it off. I can be the queen of procrastination. Same goes with wash the sheets and towels. Not like I would forget, I would just put them off. The thing is for my workouts, cleaning house, washing sheets and towels, that's something I do every week. It's not likely I will forget them, I never do. But I have found that having a to-do list keeps me focused on what I need to do so that later I can do what I want to do. It's not a big thing but it sure does bug me that I need a to-do list.

24 April 2009


In all that went on in the past couple of weeks with Nala and all, I left out one small detail..... I turned 50. On April 15th I turned 50. In many ways I'm shocked. When I was young I never imagined that I'd live to 50 and now it's here. I'm not bothered or upset in any way over being 50, it's more like a oh wow!! I'm 50. I also don't feel old at all. 50 is young. Very young. Anyway, just thought I'd share that.

My workouts have been going fabulously. I am so proud of myself for getting up every morning. My food has been mostly good. Like tonight we had stir-fry and I probably ate more then I should have. But overall I'm happy. I almost changed my workouts the other day but I've decided to hold firm to the 10 day kick start. I always switch routines in the middle and then get frustrated with myself. So this time I'm sticking to it for the full 10 days. I just finished day 4.

Okay, I have to go do dishes and veg on the couch for a while. I have lots to do this weekend.

23 April 2009

Moving on

I took a mental health day today. I have a bunch of stuff to finish up for my classes since it's the end of the semester and I just want to get it done. So that and getting my permanent crown will be my big adventures today - yea!!

I just finished working out and may I say I feel marvelous!! I'm on the third day of this kick start program. My calories have been around 1600-1700 for the past two days and that seems to be a good level for me. I'm satisfied but not stuffed. I'm rediscovering things I love that I had forgotten about. Like cottage cheese. I love cottage cheese. Cottage cheese with some chopped up fruit? Fabulous!!! Or hummus wraps!! I love those. Flat Out Bread spread with hummus lots of chopped up veggies and a little dressing. To. Die. For.... So yeah, these fantastically healthy things I had forgotten about are quickly becoming regulars again. Yummy!!!

Has anyone noticed a problem with Gmail?? For about a week now I've been having issues with it. It won't load or it takes forever and it's starting to piss me off. I love Gmail but this is getting ridiculous. Anyone else??

Well, that's all. Schoolwork calls so I best get to it......

22 April 2009

Let's try to be original

I was just going to write a post that was almost exactly the same as yesterday's post. Hello!!! That's what happens when I write when I'm tired. I don't remember it.

Today was a huge success. I got up and did my workout this morning. Wednesdays are notoriously hard for me since I am in class Monday and Tuesday nights until 8:30. By the time I get home and eat it's usually 9. That means it's almost 10 before I get to bed. So usually by Wednesday I'm beat and can't get up at 4:30. But this morning I did and I'm very proud.

My eating has been good. Yesterday I ate about 1600 cals. I was thinking that was a little low but I felt great and feel great today, so I guess it is enough. Right now I'm waiting for dinner and wondering where it is.

I got registered for all my summer classes today. Now I have to pick up the books. I wonder if Amazon books carries the books I'll need. They had a couple for this semester but it ended up being the wrong edition :( I think I'll go check it out.

Okay, enough. I have to find some food and see what the birds are up to.

21 April 2009

It's getting better all the time.....

Things are going pretty well. I finished my paper for my class tonight, that is a huge relief to be done with that. I have a couple of more assignments and that's it. Pau!! It would be nice if I could take a vacation before summer school starts. Maybe a trip to the Outer Banks..... But summer school starts the week after these classes end. Oh well. No such luck for me.

I've started on a 10 day kick start. A month or so ago I ordered Turbo Jam and I've been doing it sporadically but not consistently. They send you this brochure with a 10 day meal plan and the rotation you should use for the 5 workouts. I've decide to give the 10 day program a shot. The food is just clean, healthy food. Nothing wild or crazy. I've just decided to follow a program and see if that makes a difference. Maybe not having to think about what I eat will help me. Maybe being told what to do is what I need right now. So I'm going to give it a go and see what happens. Lord knows things really can't be any worse then they've been lately.

That's it. I'm going to go relax before I leave for school...

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