30 May 2009

Some good news

Thursday I had my first interview at St. Francis High School. I met with the head of the science department and he loved me!!! Loved me!!!! He said he was going to recommend me to the principal and sure enough Friday morning I got a call to schedule an appointment for Monday. I'm so excited I can hardly think straight. I would LOVE to get a job lined up for fall. I'm so not a patient person. Now that I've decided I want to be a teacher and I've tried it and liked it, I want to do it!!!! This would be teaching chemistry and math. Surprisingly enough, I'm uniquely qualified for that position. I worked as a chemist for 7 years and I tutored math all through undergrad. So I'm working on putting together a portfolio for the interview on Monday. Apparently for teaching just a resume or CV is not enough. You actually have to put together a portfolio of your achievements to show how fabulous you are. This is not something I'm good at. I know if I'm good at something or not but having to show how good I am is just not something I'm comfortable with. But I'm working on it!!!! So I'm very, very excited. I can hardly wait until Monday.

In other news, my bathroom sink is backing up. I just noticed it this morning as I was brushing my teeth. You know those silly stoppers that are built into the sinks? The ones you can raise and lower with a knob on top of the faucets? Those are about the most useless things ever. They never seal the hole right and water always leaks out, and they are long and gunk builds up on them. Every so often you have to pull them out and clean them and it is among the most disgusting thing ever!! I would rather clean up my dogs diarrhea then clean that thing. When I get my own house I'm going to get one of those cool copper kitchen sinks and one for the bathroom too. One that works right and doesn't get yucky!!!

Well, that's it for now. I have to head out to Weight Watchers. I'm hoping it doesn't get too hot because I'd like to go for a run this morning. I'm off.....

28 May 2009

A time to regroup

As typically happens when I get too busy, I have to take a day to regroup. I had a pretty full plate today but nothing that can't wait until tomorrow (except my job interview). I went to school this morning and was going to go for a run and swim afterwards. But I didn't. First, it's been so hot and muggy and voggy* all this week I just couldn't take it anymore. It's miserable to run in conditions like this. Also, I just need to get organized. I have a bunch of stuff piling up and next week I pick up another class. I just need to have all my ducks in a row and I currently don't. So when I got out of class this morning and walked out into the humid, hot, hazy day I said that's it. Not today. I then headed over to Target to get a binder and some misc. organizational stuff and headed home. It's now raining so clearly I made the right choice.

I got myself a magnetic dry erase board (in pink) to make notes on. I have discovered the absolute necessity of lists. Seriously, I've become a total list freak!! But what I find is that I make the list in my planner and then don't look at it until the end of the day because I think I can remember everything. Ha!!! I have trouble remembering where I parked my car but I think I can remember a list of things to do. Yeah!! I'm crazy that way. Now I can write my list on my board and see it every time I go near my computer. I think that will work better. I have really become a complete list animal. I write down everything in lists now. I love to check them off. Here is my revised list for today:
  • Get binders organized for classes
  • Print out some papers for thesis
  • Try to hone down a thesis topic
  • Look for some Mesothelioma lawyers ( possibly thesis related)
  • Go to job interview and dazzle them
I now have to get started on getting these things done. I want to check off at least 2 things before I head out for my job interview. Wish me luck.

*voggy - a fog like appearance due to the presence of volcanic smoke in the air. When the tradewinds stop blowing the vog can float in from the Big Island.

27 May 2009

Just passing through

I have been so busy lately I haven't had a chance to sit and blog. I've been working and working out, taking the dogs on adventures, playing with the birds, looking for a thesis topic. Just way too busy to sit and blog about what I'm doing. So I just thought I'd say HI, I'm still here just insane. Right now I have to head off to class. Next week a second class starts so I'll be going 3 days a week. Busy, Busy. Tomorrow I have a job interview for a fall teaching job. Keep your fingers crossed and send positive thoughts my way. I really, really, really need a job....

25 May 2009

The End of Overeating

Yesterday I read about this book over at Skwigg Blog. I found her description very interesting and decided to check the book out. OMG!!! This book is so fantastic and should be read by every person. I had gotten onto a little bit of the problem, but I did not see the entire picture. A while back I gave up on sweets (well, mostly) because I was absolutely convinced that eating sugar made me crave more sugar. I was right but I was missing part of the story. It's not only sugar it's fat and salt too. It's absolutely amazing the things that are done to our food. I'm not done with the book. I'm listening to it and I may have to listen again. In fact, I may have to go buy it. It is that powerful. If you are at all concerned with what you eat you need to read this because you are being fooled. I won't go so far as to say lied to because I don't believe we are asking the right questions to be lied to. Anyway, it's a great book and it has already changed the way I view processed food.

Happy Memorial Day

Here's a great article I found over at CNN, Ten facts about Memorial Day:

1. It started with the Civil War

2. General Logan made it official

3. It was first known as Decoration Day

4. The holiday is a franchise

5. It was James Garfield's finest hour -- or maybe hour-and-a-half

6. Not even the Unknown Soldier can avoid media scrutiny these days

7. Vietnam vets go whole hog

8. Memorial Day has its customs

9. There is still a grey Memorial Day

10. Each Memorial Day is a little different

These are all explained in detail but you have to go to the article to read it. Have a fun and safe Memorial Day and remember why we celebrate.

24 May 2009

It's all about the bike....

Or is it?? I got up this morning all set to go on my bike ride only to find that the dog had gotten to one of my shoes. Luckily it wasn't too bad, he only ate the tongue. A little patch work and it was good to go. I will have to get a new pair but it will work temporarily.

So I get the bike all ready, check everything, air up the tires and head out. I have 10 miles on the plan for today and since I haven't been in a while I was a little apprehensive about it. It started out brutally, I have no legs at all. But I powered through. Since I haven't been out in a while I decided to do my neighborhood loop that's a little over 4 miles. I figured I would do that twice and an extra lap around the block and I'd be good.

Yeah, it was hard. I had the bike in really low gears for far too long. I did my first loop and thought I was going to die, but I carried on. I got the the turn around point of the second loop and I stopped for a minute to get a drink only to discover I'd forgotten my water bottle. Doh!!!! So I start to head out again and something feels wrong. I have a flat. Great!! I did not check my supplies before I left. Luckily I had everything I needed. I got the tire changed only to find out my CO2 doesn't work right. I finally got some into the tire and hoped it was enough to get me home. It was. On the way home I discovered that I did something to the computer while changing the tire. My RPM wasn't registering and neither was the distance. So I don't actually know if I went 10 miles, I'm guessing it was pretty darn close. It was a good ride though. I could feel my legs all day. I worked hard.

Then I went and registered for the Honolulu Marathon. I wasn't going to even attempt this this year but then I thought why the hell not?? It's my last chance I may as well go for it. Today was early registration. Locals got a discount. Yea!!!

So that was my day. I'm off to watch soaps now.

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