22 July 2009

I am wiped out

For the last three days I've been helping with the animal rescue in my last post. This has involved building kennels, feeding dogs, cleaning poop, doing all the things necessary to make sure the animals are cared for. It's hard work and I'm exhausted. I woke yesterday with a slight tickle in the back of my throat but I just ignored it. I woke this morning with sinus pressure. It's possible I'm getting sick. It honestly wouldn't surprise me. For the last 3 days I've lived on pizza and junk food. Water intake has not been near enough considering the heat and humidity. And sleep has not been enough. I drop into bed exhausted at night but unable to sleep. Then I crawl out before the sun. It's been a brutal couple of days. Today I'm done. I'm staying home, resting, eating, drinking, and generally trying to put myself back together again. School starts tomorrow and I need to be in much better shape then I am now. So today is a recovery day. Hopefully tomorrow things will get back to normal. I'll have a real job, for the first time in 7 months, and can get back into a routine of eating and working out. But today I rest.

20 July 2009

Super Busy

Yesterday was super exhausting. We worked all day setting up kennels and receiving animals at the emergency shelter. Having never been involved in anything like this, I found the whole situation absolutely fascinating. We are under a confidentiality agreement so I can't go into any details but I will once that has been lifted.

Doing something like this that is out of the ordinary and very physical makes you realize how easy your life really is. I worked straight through for like 4 hours before I realized how freaking tired I was. Plus I hadn't eaten. Luckily, right around then, they brought in pizza for everyone. If I did things like this more often I wouldn't need any diet pills, that's for sure.

Anyway, I'm going back today and probably tomorrow. There's so much to be done and I'll share all the details when I can.

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