08 August 2009

So here's how it's been

I started school two weeks ago and I have been exhausted. The first part of the first week I think it was excitement and nerves that kept me going. By the end of the first week I was completely wrung out. I spent the entire weekend trying to feel normal and I didn't until Sunday night. I woke up on Monday morning and felt pretty good. This week was better. I was exhausted Monday and Tuesday but by Wednesday I was starting to feel human again. Thursday was good, really good, and Friday I was the normal tired from working all week. I woke this morning and felt okay. I had a thing to go to when I would rather have stayed in bed, but I wasn't the bone tired I was last weekend. I do believe I'm adjusting to teaching. I figure by next week I should be really into the swing of things.

Now, on to the problem. The first week I worked out Monday and Tuesday and was completely exhausted and too tired to workout the rest of the week. This week I worked out Monday and Tuesday and was pretty tired the rest of the week, so no workouts. Now, my question is this, did my working out increase my tiredness? Did my not working out help me feel normal the later part of this week? Hmmmm? I don't like not working out and I definitely want to get back into it again. I really want to start running. Should I try again this week? I want to. I really, really want to.

Also, somehow my eating this week has gotten completely out of control. Today I have eaten a fried egg sandwich, 2 hot dogs, a smoothie from Jack-in-the-Box, and a large slice of carrot cake. Yuck!!! I have to get this eating back under control. I still refuse to obsess about food but I at least need to eat better. Okay, they say the first step to a cure is admitting you have a problem, well, I have a problem.

06 August 2009

A new plan is called for

I have to admit defeat. By Wednesday morning I am so tired I can not get up at 4:30 to work out. I want to, but I'm just beat. So I'm going to have to figure something else out. Not sure what yet, but something.

I was actually starting to worry that something may be wrong with me. I'm completely exhausted most of the time, I had a slight head cold 2 weeks ago and can't seem to completely shake it. Then yesterday afternoon, completely out of the blue, I felt fine. I had had a break between classes where I ate lunch and chatted with the other teachers in the faculty room. I relaxed for about 30 minutes and afterwards felt absolutely fine. It was then I realized that the way I'm feeling is only stress and tiredness. That's all. I guess I'll just have to struggle through it. I'm not as tired as I was last week so apparently I'm building some stamina....

04 August 2009

So change things....

and I'm doing that. Getting up early is tough but being exhausted all day long is tougher. By getting up and working out I have more energy during the day. So that makes it worth it. I've also been making sure I eat well and that helps a lot. I am hoping that I will develop some stamina for this job. I can't imagine being this tired all the time. I'm really guessing the tiredness is due to my unemployed status for the last 7 months. I never worked more then about 4 hours in the whole time I was off, and I never had to 'on' like I do when I'm teaching. Standing in front of a class and trying to teach them is really draining.

Anyway, I need to do some things for my car. My registration expired and I need to renew that. I also need a safety inspection. I also should do something about my headlights. I got into an accident 5 years ago and one headlight was replaced and the other wasn't. Now they are two different colors. Maybe I should consider custom headlights. I'll probably wait until I get a new car for those. Okay, things to do....

02 August 2009

I'm not happy with the way I feel

and it's not for the reasons you may think. I'm exhausted and I can tell my blood sugar is unbalanced. It's not real bad, I'm not having a sugar crash or anything, but I know it's not normal. So I have absolutely no choice, I have to workout every day and I have to go back to eating whole foods. The workouts will help me get my energy back and eating whole foods will stabilize my blood sugar and help with my energy levels. So it begins tonight. Snack was grapes and string cheese, dinner will be salmon and Greek salad. I'm looking forward to feeling better.

Social media holiday

I've decided to take a break from social media. I spend far, far too much time just scrolling through Facebook. Yes, I get a lot of in...