15 August 2009

I can't get off my butt....

My plan was to get up early this morning and work out. I didn't. By the time I got up I thought I only had about 30 minutes until I had to leave. I didn't. Turns out I had an hour and 30 minutes before I had to leave. I figured I'd exercise. But here I sit. Not moving. Reading blogs. I can not seem to get myself moving. Ugh!!! There are some other factors but the point is I can't get off my butt.......

14 August 2009

No, really, I mean it this time......

For the past couple of weeks I've been trying to get back into my workouts but with teaching and the classes I'm taking I would get busy and/or exhausted and the workouts would fall by the wayside. Well, my excuses are coming to an end. Last night was my last Thursday night class. That class ran until 9pm and would wipe me out of Friday. But that's over now. Next week is the last week of my other class. So now I have no excuse for not going to bed early and getting up to workout. No excuse at all. So starting tomorrow it's back to it. No more goofing around. I've said it before, I don't like the way I feel when I don't workout.

Tomorrow I'm off to Bishop Museum. That is our final field trip for my Thursday night class and I'm kind of looking forward to it. I've only been there once and it should be fun. After that I have a pile of work to do. Oh, but first I need to see if I can find a iPod player for my car at Best Buy. I ordered one off Amazon a while back but it stopped working after about 2 weeks, and of course I couldn't get ahold of the seller again..... Anyway, now that classes are ending I should have a little bit (okay, a lot) more time. Yeah!!!!!

12 August 2009

Getting better

My plans have not quite worked out this week and it's only Wednesday. But that's okay because I'm willing to keep plugging along until I get it right. I feel my energy level returning and that is a good thing. I can't believe how incredibly tired teaching makes a person, it really is exhausting. But, as I said, I'm adjusting so I know that will all work out.

I did get up Monday and did a light workout and then walked for 45 minutes before my class Monday night. That was great and I felt really good. When I got home though we discovered one of the birds missing. We spent the next hour and a half searching high and low for it, it was nowhere to be found. Also, during the search I remembered I had jury duty on Tuesday! Yikes!!! That through Tuesday into tizzy. I had to be at the courthouse early and then sit around most of the day. Short story - I didn't get picked for the jury. But I was there long enough to have lunch which involved fat laden Chinese food and beer. More sitting around then it was home I went only to go out to dinner to..........guess.......fat laden Chinese food and beer - doh!!!! I forgot we had a dinner that night. Yikes. By the end of the night I felt like a bloated, fat slob. And it kind of hit me...... I'm done. I have got to quit making excuses (like the one this morning for not getting up to workout) and I have got to get my fat butt back on track. This is completely insane. So I'm starting right now.....

First, because I still kind of feel like a beached whale, I'm going very light today. Very light on the food and heavy on the water. That's definitely one of my problems, I have not been drinking near enough water. If I don't drink more water I'm going to have to look for the best weight loss supplement because nothing else I'm doing is cutting it.

Okay, enough whining. As my wrist tells me; Do or do not. There is no try.

09 August 2009

Baby Steps

definitely baby steps.

First, I've been reading a lot of blogs lately, weight loss blogs, about people who lost a ton a weight (pun intended) only to gain it back. Some gained a little, some gained a lot, some gained it all back. It's really got me to thinking. If you worked so hard to lose all that weight and then it came back you didn't change anything permanently, you used short term fixes and that should tell you something. Which of course has made me think about myself. I am up about 15 lbs from my lowest weight. As I've said in a recent post, I'm not pleased with the way I feel. Clearly I have to do something.

Second, for the last 2 days I've been wanting to work out. Yesterday it didn't happen because I had things to do early in the morning. Today though I went for a walk. That was my intention just to walk, but on the way back I ran 3 intervals. It felt great. I want to do this, I really want to do this.

That leads to my thoughts. How can I fit all this in now that I'm working full time again? Food - that's pretty easy, I just need to plan and take the food with me to work. But this involves planning and grocery shopping so I have the items to take with me. I'm going to sit down later and plan out a week of breakfast and lunch then shop for it and maybe even make it and freeze it. That's a good idea.

Workouts. Starting the day with a workout really works for me but going running at 4:30 in the morning is not enticing to me. What if I did this, get up and do a not too tough workout in the morning, then take my stuff and go for a run/walk after work? I'm in beautiful Manoa valley which has some nice hills but they are not killer. I could do that everyday to build up my stamina. I think within 2 weeks I'll be running for a straight 30 mins. I could totally do that. Maybe I'll do some yoga or Pilate's in the morning, or maybe a little weight training. Something to get the blood pumping but that doesn't kill me before the day starts.

So next week my goal is to:
  1. Plan my meals and eat clean
  2. Do a light workout in the morning and a walk/run in the afternoon
  3. Drink more water
Okay, let's see how it goes.

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