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Fall Break Day 1

Today is the first day of my 2 week fall break.  In the past it would have gone like this: 
- the first few days I would be active, working out and doing things around the house.
- by about the 4th or 5th day I would begin to slow down, sleep later, not do quite so much, etc....
- by the 10th or 12th day I would be getting bored and boredom leads to eating and doing nothing.
- by the end of the 2 weeks I realized that I had wasted it and pretty much got nothing done.

This time it is going to be different.  I have a list of projects I want to do, some fun, some not so fun, some that are in the house, some that will take me out of the house.  I have school work to do, both for the classes I teach and the class I attend.  I have books to read, both for fun and for work. I have physical things to do and non-physical things. I'm going to make some doctor appointments and get all caught up health maintenance. I may even go to the dentist.  I hate the dentist in a completely unreasonable…

That is it, I am done

Seriously, I'm done.  I know I've said it before but this time I really mean it.  Really.  I'm done. I know this is not going to make much sense I just need to get it all sorted out in my head before I go shooting my mouth off. 

In other news, I am on the verge of two weeks off.  This teaching thing is wicked cool.  Tomorrow is St. Francis feast day and we are spending the day playing games in the park, eating lunch, and listening to a concert.  After the kids are dismissed at 2 pm it's time for the adults to party.  There will be food and drinks after school is done.  Then it's 2 weeks off.  I really, really love my job :) 

Tomorrow I will post my plans for the 2 weeks and what I'm so done with.

Did you know...

....there's 100 days left in 2009.'s going to end whether I do anything or not.

......this was a year of great change for me.

.....I started off the year unemployed.

....I want to end it with a real bang.

.....not sure what the means exactly

.....but I'm willing to give it some thought.

...stay tuned......

I knew it had to happen eventually

In all my years of computing, and I've been online before there was an online, I have never had any real computer problems.  I was always able to nurse a dying computer along long enough to get everything I wanted off it.  Well, my good luck streak finally broke over the weekend.  My desktop just died.  Just up and died.  No warning, no problems, no indication at all.  I went to turn it on Saturday and nothing.  Just nothing.  It was kind of funny because I just sat there looking at it like huh????  I didn't know what to do.  I'm good with computers, I can figure out any program you throw at me, I can learn quickly.  Hardware??  I'm a dummy. So today I took it in to SuperGeeks to have it looked at.  $150 for them to diagnose it and fix it - not including parts.  {sigh}  Oh well, things happen. But as a result I've been semi-computerless through the weekend.  I do have a laptop and a netbook but all my info in on my desktop.  I had to find time to sit down and enter…

So what today?

It's Sunday.  I have one more week of school then I have 2 weeks off.  You have no idea how excited I am about it all.  Also, this week is really only a 4 day week.  Friday is St. Francis feast day and we are going to the park to play games and have a concert.  Fun.....

As for me I would like to do like I did last week again.  In the mornings do 30 mins on the elliptical and then do 30 minutes of Jillian at night.  I like the way it made me feel and working out twice a day really helps me keep my eating in line.  Also, it really helps boost my metabolism, I can feel it.  So that's the plan.  For the two weeks I'm off I plan to up the workouts to 3 a day.  An early morning workout, a mid-day bike ride, and an evening strength session. I don't plan on killing myself on any of the workouts I just want to keep moving.  I also plan on doing some cleaning around the house, that should keep me from sitting on my butt all day - which is a distinct possibility.  It's either…