31 October 2009

7 months, 5 marathons, 10 months to prepare

Well I have done it. Today was the first deadline I was facing if I was going to commit to this thing. The discount rate for the Maui Marathon ends today. If I was going to do this thing I had to get on it. So I did.

I am in. The next registration deadline is not until December so I'm good there. I'm excited about this. I look forward to the challenge.

28 October 2009

I found it......

I've been working on getting back into running and for me it's a slow process. I start out and things hurt. There is a progression to the pain and it almost always follows the same pattern. My feet hurt, then my knee, then my back, finally my periformis muscle. It happens every time to varying degrees. This time it wasn't too bad but I ran into another wrinkle with my knee. Anyway, I've been running pretty consistently for the past 4 weeks and overall feeling good. Tonight I stopped for my run on my way home and headed out. The first interval was hell. I thought I was going to die. Of course it doesn't help that the humidity and vog is absolutely killer. Anyway, the point of this post is that I found my running pace. In the past 4 weeks I haven't been able to find that pace. You know. That pace that feels absolutely effortless. That pace that makes you feel like a rock star. That pace that feels like you could go forever. I was afraid I wasn't able to get it these past weeks. But tonight I found it!!!!

27 October 2009

When last we left our hero.....

she was battling a sore knee. That seems to be getting better. I ran last night and it was fine.

I'm not near as tired this week as I was last week. I don't quite understand why that happens. I'm thinking it has to do with my food intake. I really think that there are times I just don't eat enough. They aren't often enough for me to lose a ton of weight, but it happens. I also think that with teaching now, which takes a lot out of you, and not having a regular lunch break it gets to me after a while. OR the other possibility is that sometimes on the weekend I overdo it. Maybe the food hangover from the weekend effects the entire week. I don't know but I sure would like to get to the bottom of it.

I was walking around school today when I noticed a room I've never noticed before. It was weird that I've never noticed it. It's right next to the faculty room and is the only room in the school that has glass tiles on the wall and I've never noticed it. I can be pretty oblivious sometimes....

Okay, I've got school work to do so I'm off...

25 October 2009

Dogs and knees

I have no cartilage in my right knee.  As a result of this I have to be careful with it.  I can run and do marathons etc, I just have to train carefully and build up slowly.  Once the surrounding muscles are strong enough I can pretty much do anything I want with the knee without pain or problems.  One thing that I can not do though is sleep with it twisted.  If I sleep with my knee twisted I will be in pain.  Guaranteed.  For the past 3 days my knee has been hurting pretty bad.  I hadn't run all week so wasn't sure what was going on.  I tried all my usual remedies to fix it and got nothing.  I went for a run yesterday and it was fine on the run but it hurt the rest of the day.  At some points the pain was pretty bad.  When I got home yesterday from some errands I laid down to rest my knee and as I rolled over on to my side it hit me what was wrong.  The last week or so Axl has been sleeping at the foot of the bed on my side.  Sometimes I can not put my legs straight and they end up twisted.  I realized I have been sleeping that way and that's what's wrong with my knee.  Sure enough, last night I made it a point to keep my leg and knee straight all night and it feels much better this morning.  Who knew sleeping dogs could cause knee pain???

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