28 November 2009

Sleep and mornings

I can't quite figure out my sleep patterns. It seems I get enough sleep during the week but given some time off I will sleep more. Typically I sleep about 7 hours a night. On the weekends I will sleep for 9 hours. I've been off since Wednesday and I've been sleeping for 10 hours plus taking a short nap in the afternoons. Yesterday I did not nap and last night when I went to bed I was tired. But I had weird, weird dreams. I usually dream, or at least remember them, when I've had too much sleep. So maybe I caught up on my sleep??? I don't know I really don't. What I do know is that we might have to consider looking at mattresses. About 3 years ago we got one of those pillowtop type and I think it may be not as pillowy anymore. Or something, I don't know. Anyway, getting into forbidden territory there.

I also can't fight the fact that I am a morning person. I am my sharpest and most creative in the morning. I do my best work in the morning. Since I have a ton of work to accomplish by Tuesday I'm going to start working this morning. I will get a workout in but it may not be until much later. I've got bull to write :)

27 November 2009

The run from hell

The other day I went for a run in the rain and had a great time.  I got soaking wet, twice, and still had an awesome run.  Today I headed out in beautiful weather and it was literally the run from hell.  My legs felt like lead.  I felt like I was running through mud.  I could not find my pace and my breathing was off the entire time. I felt like crap.  I was doing intervals, 5 minutes running and 90 seconds walking. During the walking segments I usually powerwalk but today I could barely move. It really was the most miserable run I've had in a while. 

After that torture I came home and collapsed on the couch.  As I was sitting there I noticed that the tv stands we have are starting to bow. With any luck we will have a really good reason to buy all new stuff. No talking about it just yet though. No jinx.

I'm off to play a game. I feel like playing tonight.

Note to commenters

I reject comments that have a name like Chicago Drunk Driving Attorney.  I know that's not your name and I refuse to put that crap on my blog.  So stop it!!!  Those comments don't get through and they never will.  Save yourself the time of typing them. 

I got my strength session in yesterday but that's all I did.  It was rainy and gloomy here most of the day and I spent far to many hours reading a book.  So only strength yesterday.  Oh well.  Today I'm going for a run but I learned my lesson on Wednesday and I had something to eat so I won't be going for about an hour or so.  That's okay I have lots and lots of stuff to do.  Lots. and. lots.  

We have an appointment this afternoon but I don't want to talk about it yet. I don't want to jinx it.  Let's just say, keep your fingers crossed for me.  If all goes well I will make the announcement by the end of the weekend.

Okay, things to do so I'm off. 

26 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I really wanted to do a turkey trot today but the only one they have is 10k and I'm not ready to run that far yet.  Though I have to be in 35 days.  No problem, I can do it. 

Today will be quiet for us.  We ordered a turkey from a local market so there will be no cooking here.  I have a pile of work to do and Hubby has some football to watch.  The neighbors invited us over, we'll see if we go.

Well, just because it's a holiday is no reason not to work out.  I'm off....

Hope everyone has a great Turkey day!!!

25 November 2009

A note for posterity

After screwing around all morning because I had off and could, I headed to do my strength session at 9:30. I'd only had coffee and a small piece of banana since I got up at 6. The workout I do is a full body cardio interval strength workout so I am constantly moving and most of the time gasping for air. So I started pretty hard because I was feeling good and wanted to get a good workout in since I haven't worked out in three days. So I'm going along, pushing hard when it gets hard to breathe. Hmmm....maybe I shouldn't push quite so hard. Then I'm getting nauseous. Oh great!! So I had to scale my workout back a little, not push so hard, and fight nausea the rest of it. What a wonderful workout. So, note to self: eat earlier or don't wait so long to workout.

Now I have some errands to run. I have to get a package mailed out and look for some rv financing no, ummmm, home financing since we found a house we love. But I'm not talking about that because I don't want to jinx it.

One step up and two steps back

So last week was so fabulous I could hardly believe it. This week? Not so much. I've been under a lot of pressure this week for some school work, both in the classes I teach and the classes I take, and I just haven't worked out. The good news here is that I have the next 5 days off so I can turn that around right now. And I will!! As soon as I'm done with this post I'm off to strength train. Then I'm going to do some school work and run a couple of errands and around 2 I'm going for a run. It will be like this for the next 5 days.

I like working out twice a day for a number of reasons. It's very hard to shake the mindset that I have to work out for at least an hour. That number, 60 minutes, is so firmly embedded in my head no matter how hard I try that's the yardstick I use for all workouts. So, by working out twice a day I don't have the pressure of getting 60 minutes in one workout. This allows me to do a 30 minute workout in the morning - which is all I have time for - and get my running in at night. Also, by splitting it up I get my strength training and my cardio done in short bursts rather then a marathon session. Plus, I actually workout more then 60 minutes by doing it this way. So it's a win-win all the way around. So that's what I'm going to do.

I have 5 days off, then back to school for 3 weeks, then 3 weeks off. I love this teaching gig!! Really love it. But that means I have a 10k in a little over a month and there is no way I am ready for that. I have got to get serious and consistent about the workouts. So my goal for the next 5 days is to get my twice a day workouts in. I will strength train in the morning and run in the evening. On the off days I will either do yoga or the elliptical.

As soon as school is done we are having the Winter Ball. I have agreed to chaperon it but that means I have to get a dress and some new shoes. I was looking at some Christian Louboutin shoes. They are gorgeous but I don't know how practical they are for a school teacher. We'll see. I do have about three weeks to get something. How exciting. I never went to my school dance :)

Be careful where you step.......

it could be a trap.  I'll get to that in a second, but first, let's get caught up. Since my last post, things have been going ...