06 February 2010

I have a goal

I've decided on a goal.  My exercise routine has been seriously lacking lately and I want to get back into it but I tend to either go too slow and get bored because there's no challenge there, or go too fast and end up hurting myself. I've seen a lot of bloggers doing the 30 Day Shred and I have that DVD and really wanted to do it but, as stupid as this sounds, I didn't know how to do the rotations.  Did I do Level 1 until I could do it well and then move on to Level 2??  Did I alternate between Level 1 and Level 2?  I just couldn't figure out how to rotate it and none of the bloggers I read explained what they were doing.  So rather then ask I just didn't do it. Anyway, I found a rotation online and have printed it out to follow.  So I am doing the 30 Day Shred!!!  Starting on monday!!!  Whew!!!  I can't wait!!  So my goal is to get back into the habit of working out and I am doing that by starting with the 30 day shred.   I feel good!!!!

In another bit of breaking news, I found a way to battle my sweet tooth.  Dried fruit.  Who knew???  For years I avoided dried fruit because I was told that it had high levels of sugar and that fresh fruit was better.  But I like dried fruit.  So I started buying it at the health food store and I have found that when I get a craving for something sweet I can have a couple of pieces of dried fruit and that satisfies my craving.  Wonderful!!  I love it!!!

My one week experiment

Last weekend I decided to lay out a food plan for the week for breakfast and lunch since those are the meals I have control over. I also wanted to move everyday. So how did it go? Well overall pretty good.

Monday and Tuesday were pretty good. I took my breakfast and lunch with me to school and ate them. I had a reasonable amount of healthy, whole food and I felt pretty darn good. Wednesday was a pot luck at school and I ate more junk then I planned. Thursday I took the kids on a field trip and they fed us pizza :) Friday was a breakfast meeting and a sandwich on the go. So not a total success but much better then I've been doing lately.

I found a couple of recipes that I love and a couple that I will never do again. I need to get some plain protein powder because it really does give simple meals a little boost. I also need to perfect my smoothies. I used to love smoothies in the mornings. It's a great, fast, easy, portable breakfast but I moved away from them for some reason. Well, they are back and I need to get back into the program. I love smoothies and I need to get the stuff for them again. But again, plain protein powder is much better in them.

I didn't move as much as I wanted to but that was because of my period. I haven't had one in 4 months and then I get it. Ugh!!! Can we just be done with this please?? Anyway, that just makes me more lethargic so I didn't move as much as I wanted to. On the good side, it also makes me not as hungry so I guess it's a trade off.

So this week I want to do the same thing: 
  1. Follow my eating plan 90% of the time.  This means planning what I'm going to eat for the week. 
  2. Move more.  Exercise is not optional anymore.  Yoga every morning and stretching before bed. 

I'm hoping this week will also clear up the house issues and we will be ready to close on that puppy.  If that doesn't get straightened out this week I may just book some  Orlando vacations and forget about the whole thing. Okay, things to do before we head out for shopping.

05 February 2010

I need a goal

Over the last few days I've listened to speakers telling high school students that they need to have a vision.  Well I realized so do I.  When I had a goal of completing a marathon - I did it.  When I had a goal of completing a triathlon - I did it.  When I had a goal of becoming a teacher - I did it.  I can reach goals when I have them, that is not the problem.  The problem, at least at this point, is that I have no goal.  I need a goal. 

I haven't been working out and I know that's related to the lack of a goal issue.  As someone once said, weight loss itself is not really a goal.  I need something to work towards.  I need to start working out.  Period.  Maybe I should get a Nintendo wii. I want one of those really badly but with the whole house thing I haven't broken down and bought one. I would like to get the fitness thingee for it. I really want a wii but more importantly, I need a goal!!!!

03 February 2010

Exciting times....

A friend of ours has been trying to get pregnant forever.  They have gone through the entire arsenal to try and have a baby and are now on the 2nd round of in vitro.  The first time they only got one viable embryo and that one didn't take.  This time they had 3 viable embryos and all seemed to implant successfully.  They get to take a pregnancy test in 10 days and find out if it worked.  So I'm sending out my thoughts and prayers to them and hope this works for them.  With any luck at all they will be sending out baby announcements very, very soon. I'm excited for them and hope they get pregnant.

31 January 2010

What a day!!

After reading so many foodie blogs I'm thinking I might become one :)  Interesting take since food has never been a passion of mine - yet I eat a lot of it. Maybe a passion for food will help me because not caring about it certainly hasn't. 

It was a busy day.  Sundays have evolved into long dog walk days.  I really want Axl and Lola to become better walkers and the 20-40 minutes we walk them a night just isn't enough time.  So on Sundays I take Axl out for a 45 min to 1 hour walk, although this morning it was closer to two hours because of the rain, then I come back and get Lola and take her on a 45 minute or so walk.  It's one of my favorite parts of the week but because of the rain Axl and I ended up being out almost 2 hours today.  Once I got Lola done it was time to get ready to go to school for an open house.  I chopped up some veggies and threw them in the crock pot before I left.  I ended up being at school until 3:30. When I got home my crockpot meal was smelling good.  A little house keeping and then I was on the couch exhausted.  Hubby made dinner and I cleaned up the kitchen.  It was overall a good day but I will be in bed early tonight. 

New Month, New Attitude

I am generally a fresh start kind of person. I generally love new years, new months, new weeks, hell, even brand new days.  It's a time to start over because I am not perfect and things I plan never go exactly right.  So a new start allows me another chance.  This new years, due to the whole buying a house and everything, I did not really look at it as a fresh start. There was so much stuff being carried over from the old year that it made it kind of hard to think of it as new.  Well, that's not me and I'm not going to let that happen for the new month.

Yesterday I made a plan for eating for the week and then I went shopping.  I am ready to tackle this.  Starting tomorrow, February 1st, all the bad eating of the past few months is over.  I am making a new start and things will be different this month.  I have some plans for the month:

  1. Follow my weekly eating plan 90% of the time.  Once this becomes a habit it really won't be a problem at all. 
  2. Move everyday.  I'm not going to lay out big workout goals because at this point I know that's not realistic.  I just want to move everyday.  I'm going to start by doing a little yoga in the mornings and stretching before bed. We also walk the dogs everyday.  I know myself enough to know that once I get a week or so of good eating under my belt I'm going to want to do more and that's good, but I'm not pushing it. 
That is all.  Nothing crazy or overly ambitious.  Small steps.

I have taking to carrying my netbook with me everywhere and I may use that to track things.  It's a little Acer Aspire, wait a second, no it's not, or maybe it is, I forget :) Maybe I'll get an iPad and use that. Ha!!! That will be the day.....

Forward progress

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