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Something new

I have really gotten into reading foodie blogs lately and I thought I'd give it a try as a way to curb my food intake. I found that by paying little attention to food I have taken to eating too much of it. So I thought I'd do like the foodies do and take pictures of everything I eat. It makes for long posts but it sure is a way to hold yourself accountable. So here is my first attempt:

The day started at my normal work time because of a function at school this morning. I was very hungry and so began the day with a banana and peanut butter

By the time my event was over, at around 10:30, I was starving. Luckily Hubby was home and hungry and making lunch. One of my favorite things, chili dog:

with onions and jalapenos - Yummmmm!!!!!

Around 2:00 I was craving a snack. I grabbed a little dried fruit I had left over, which I forgot to photograph, and Hubby pulled these babies out:

Soybean poke - the best. It's got chili sauce and garlic, sesame oil and mirin. Delish…

I am not pleased....

I have fallen into some sort of negative pit and I don't like it. I am generally a very happy, positive person but lately I'm feeling very negative. Negative about the house. Negative about my job. Negative about myself. I am not normally like this and I do not like the feeling at all. There is a blog I read and the writer is totally over the top happy, happy. Everything is wonderful, sunshine, roses, all the time. It really makes me ill reading it. I was reading it last night though and it hit me. I dislike this blog more than normal. That has to do with my growing negativity. So I have to stop it. And I need to stop it today. My life is awesome!!! Completely and totally awesome!!! I have a fabulous job that I love, while a lot of my friends are unemployed or underemployed and searching for work. I have a fabulous new car that I adore. I am buying a house. How lucky can one girl get? I even have a job that let's me make extra income from home. Things are …

When will I learn???

I have not worked out the last two days because it's been super cold in the morning and I just could not drag my butt out of bed. Well, now I feel like crap. I'm tired and I feel fat.....When am I going to learn that working out is not optional. It's just not.

I was searching for something on the interweb the other day and I came across some acnezine reviews. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Well, against my better judgement I'm going to bed. I will get up and work out in the morning!! I will!!! I will!!!!

North Shore

Yesterday we ended up taking a drive up to Haleiwa on the north shore of Oahu. It was beautiful. The kind of day that reminds me why it's great to live here. It also makes me long for summer and getting into the ocean again. I can't wait until we move. We'll be very close to a Tae Kwon Do studio - I'd love to get back into martial arts - as well as a community pool and a really nice beach. I can not wait to get back into being active. I look forward to it. If I don't start getting active soon though I'll be looking at discount diet pills. I slept in this morning and didn't work out. Have got to break that habit. Now though, I am tired.....

I'm cooking

Again.... This is getting to be a habit :)

So a couple of weeks ago I made a soup recipe using the crock pot. It was a veggie soup with beans and sweet potatoes and carrots and celery and spicy seasonings and it was good. I ate it almost everyday for lunch along with a sandwich and I found it filling and satisfying and extremely nutritious. Last weekend I didn't do anything like that and I found myself struggling for lunch everyday. I hate that. I much prefer to have something ready and know what I'm taking. Make it too hard and I'll eat crap every time. Probably because I make my lunch at 4:30 in the morning and thinking is not my strong point then. So I put another pot of soup on this morning. It will cook all day and then I will divide it up into 4 servings and have lunch everyday. All I'll need to grab is a sandwich and I'm good to go. I'm happy because I'm setting myself up for a week of success.

Yesterday was a bird club meeting and it g…

Back to the regularly scheduled insanity

So I've been watching my eating and working out fairly regularly and it's making a positive distance. However I am learning relearning things as I go. For example, for 3 days I restricted my food choices to veggie stuffs during the day. I would have smoothie for breakfast, salad with egg for lunch, fruit for snacks. For dinner I would eat a small amount of meat, veggies and some starch. It was good and I liked how it made me feel except after 3 days of eating like that I was exhausted. I had zero energy. I quickly realized that I need some more carbs during the day and possibly more protein. So Thursday and Friday I adjusted my meals slightly adding meat and carbs at lunch and wala, I felt much better. So when I go shopping today I'm going to get stuffs to make sandwiches for lunch. Pair that with a nice salad or some soup and I should be just fine.

I also rediscovered the absolute uselessness of sweets. Although they taste good they offer nothing at all to the body…