03 April 2010

Motivation wherever I can find it....

My workout room is ready!!!!

I just spent the morning empyting boxes and organizing those boxes that we can't empty yet and making room so I can do real workouts. I've been doing strictly my elliptical since we moved and while I like that, it gets boring after a while. Plus I've ordered Zumba and it should be here any day now.  I want room to Zumba!!!  So I am ready! No excuses now....

Change in plans

Again!!!  After yesterday's post, which ended rather abruptly, I talked to Hubby about the trail running and he brought up a good point that I had forgotten.  Last time I did any serious trail running I began a cycle of sprained ankles that lead to where I am now.  I was in really good shape running, biking, swimming, doing road races and triathlons, and basically feeling like a million bucks.  Then I decided to try trail running.  I did it a few times and really liked it so made it a regular part of my routine.  Then I twisted my ankle and was out of everything for a few days.  When I got back into it I quickly twisted the other ankle and was out again.  This went on for about 4 months.  I would twist one then the other then the first.  Now I believe that my right ankle is weak because of this.  I can twist it walking on flat ground if I don't have good, solid shoes on.  After talking to him I realized that that may have been what was tickling the back of my mind and why I was a little anxious about it.  Once I thought about it I decided that was not a good option at this time.  I'm heavier then I was then. I'm not as athletic/muscular as I was then.  I'm not as agile as I was then.  So I'm not going to do it. What I am going to do is get the workout room in some semblance of order so that I have room to do more than my elliptical.  I don't have the money to get the shelving I need to put everything away but I can move things to a corner and out of my way until we do get the shelves we want.  Once the workout room is in order I'll be able to do my DVD's again which is truly what I love anyway.  I may even get a treadmill. Actually, I will get a treadmill I just may get it sooner then I thought I would :)

02 April 2010

Trying to decide

I'm trying to decide what to do and I'm having trouble.  I'm getting back into the workout groove and I'm feeling really, really good.  But now that school has started again I can see potential problems that I might run into and cause me to stop my workouts.  It is very tempting to say there is only 7 weeks of school left and I can workout after it ends.  But 7 weeks is a long time and I'm feeling so good now I don't want to stop working out. 

Spring is a popular time for all sorts of training programs and many of them are starting in the next couple of weeks.  Last time I got so fit I had joined  a training program and that got me started on really good fitness.  So I was thinking of doing the same thing now.  Join a training program to push me in my training.  So I'm faced with a couple of options. 
  • There is a 4 week boot camp at 6 am M-W-F.  The problem with this is it runs from 6-7 and I have to be to work at 7:30.  It's held in parks where I could shower and dress so it really could be worked out. 
  • There is a 12-week fitness program that meets on Mon, Weds, and Saturday.  This is a varied program where they do all kinds of different things.  It meets at 5:30 pm close to my work. 
  • There is also a train running program.  It meets Mon, Weds, and Saturdays at 5:30 pm.  
So I'm really leaning towards the trail running program the problem is the following:
  • It meets on Mon and Weds nights from 5:30 to 7 pm near where I work.  
  • I take classes on Tues nights from 5 -8.  
  • Mon, Tues, and Weds nights I won't get home until after 8 for 6 weeks.  
  • On July 6 my summer classes start and they are Tues and Thurs. - but I don't have to attend these classes.
  • For 4 weeks I won't get home until 8 on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs.  
  • But school where I teach ends at the beginning of June so my days will be free.
I need to decide by tomorrow as the orientation meeting is tomorrow and trail running starts on Monday.  I'm leaning towards doing it only because it will push me and force me to stick to a workout schedule until it becomes a solid habit again.  

28 March 2010


I'm slowly getting my motivation back. I really had lost it for a long time and as tenuous as it is I want to not only keep it but build it up. So I'm going slow. I started working out in the mornings. That was good. Then I added dog walks. That's good because I love walking my dogs. Now I've added stationary biking at night. That seems to be good because I don't work out super, super hard and it's a good way to end the night. I've ordered some things that I think will help me. I ordered Zumba because I love dancing and I've thought for years that this workout looks like fun. I also ordered a Fit Bit. This is like a Body Bugg or a Gruve. It really is a glorified pedometer but I think it will help determine exactly how much I am moving and therefore burning. I have found these things are helping. I am feeling better already. My stomach has been a mess for 3 weeks. I don't know if it's stress or not eating right because of the move or not drinking enough water or too much crap...I don't know. But I've been trying to behave the last few days and it's starting to feel better - but that really is for another post.

One thing I know that some people do are motivation boards. I've never been one for that kind of stuff but I've decided to give it a try. I just started it last night so it's pretty new, but here's what it looks like:

I've hung it in my workout room in a position so that when I walk out of my bedroom in the morning I can see it:

Also, every time I use the bathroom I can't help but see it. I'm cutting things out of magazines to put on there, things I want or things I want to accomplish. I also got some letters so I can write things on there and I'm printing out some of my favorite sayings to put on there. I don't know if it will help but it sure can't hurt and it keeps the things I want to accomplish right up front and visible. Also, I stare at it when I'm on the elliptical so it will burn into my brain.

Completely out of control

What is it with me and free time? I had last week off and things literally spiralled completely out of control. I've lost track of the...