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The Carrot

I decided a while back that I was going to get a treadmill. I have an elliptical and a stationary bike and now I have the room to add a treadmill. Looking around I realized the only thing I would settle for was this:

The Nordic Track X7i Incline Trainer with iFitLive....I want it...I want it bad...But since buying the house money has been a little tight. So while I was working out this morning I decided this would be the carrot.... If I lose 15 lbs I can buy this treadmill. In my workout room I have taken some basic office supplies and made a vision/motivation board. I'm going to post this picture along with 15 lbs on that board and look at it every time I work out. I'm also going to post it on the fridge so that I look at it every time I'm tempted to get something to eat. I want that treadmill and the only thing standing in my way is 15 lbs......

May I just say

What a freaking rockstar I am??   Let me explain..... I've had the May issue of Shape Magazine laying around for a couple of weeks now. It's this one:

A blogger is a success story... Ellen, although crazy, is someone I admire a bit. I like her attitude on life in general but her perkiness and weird sense of humor sometimes drive me crazy...Anyway.....

This one has been laying around the house, I pick it up and read a little then put it back know...I think in some ways I was avoiding it...who knows.... So the other night I picked it up and stumbled across this workout in their workout express section. It's an interval workout that combines cardio and strength. I read it over and thought it looked pretty good though a little easy, but I'd give it a try. I only have 30 minutes in the morning to workout and I was really looking for something that would be fast and efficient. So on Thursday I tried it for the first time. May I just say...OMFG!!! I thought I…

A new attitude

This week has been pretty good.  I'm watching what I eat though I'm not insane about it.  I've worked out every morning since Wednesday and I'm feeling good.  I did not go to WW this morning for a number of reasons that I just don't feel like going into now.  One I will go into though is that I can't seem to find something that will work for me.  Everyone is looking for diets that work and the truth of the matter is, all diets work if you work them. WW has worked for me in the past and if I put my mind to it, it should work again.  I'm not sure why I'm fighting it.  The truth of the matter is I know what works for me.  Move more and eat less.  That's it.  Pretty simple.  What I'm struggling with is do I write down everything I eat?  That works but I really rebel against it unless I'm eating well.  Also, I have a tendency to get all hung up in the numbers and lose track of what I'm trying to do - get healthy.  Ugh!!!  I'm not sure whi…

Enough already!!!

For the past couple of months my workouts have been very hit and miss, much more miss. Eating has been on and off - mostly off - and I've generally felt like crap.

Around mid-April I got sick. I was in bed for 2 days and it took a week for the sinuses to clear up. 2 weeks later I got sick again. I spent 1 day in bed and my sinuses were a mess for a couple of days. This past weekend I felt really tired and my sinuses started acting up. For the last 3 days my sinuses have really been painful. I've had a headache and sinus pressure for 2 days now. Yesterday was bad. I was having trouble breathing and I was having these heart palpitations that were scaring me. Then last night, a couple of us from class were walking to a local cafe and I was drinking a Frappe from McDonalds. All of a sudden I got a pain in my head, my heart started palpating and I was really, really afraid something was seriously wrong. I was scared. That was it though. I decided then and there that I wa…

Finally, a relaxing morning

I finally have a morning to relax. Yea!!! It seems I've been going nonstop for weeks now. Luckily I don't have to be anywhere until 1 pm. Woo Hoo!!! I want to work out and do a little cleaning and get laundry going and watch some soaps. All very exciting stuff I know :)

This weekend is the pet expo and believe it or not I've gotten a lot of ideas for the house there. One idea was from the worm lady. I want to have a worm farm and, as it turns out, worms eat dog poop. How cool is that? What a great way to recycle!!! There was also someone there selling garden pond filters and I got the idea for a pond for the dogs. We really have a big yard and I think the dogs would love having a pond to drink/play in.

Okay, I'm off to work out and then do some fun stuff....