22 May 2010

What would you do....

if you were guaranteed you would not fail?

At school on Thursday the principal posed that question to the seniors. Next week they will be graduating and heading out into the world. Their future is wide open and anything is possible. She went on to tell them that if they put the effort and energy into anything, they would not fail. They had the ability to do anything at all if they worked hard enough and wanted it bad enough. How true. Granted, there are things that some people just will never be able to do no matter how hard they work, but overall all - if you want it bad enough and work hard enough you can do just about anything.

I was thinking about that in reference to myself and my healthy (or lack thereof) ways. I think that I just don't want it bad enough. That's why I'm inconsistent with the eating and the working out. I just don't want it bad enough. I need find that fire, the force that drives me to want it. Want it so bad I will do whatever it takes to get it. I did a post a while back how most of my life things have come pretty easy to me. Seriously. I decide I want something and it happens. I wonder what would happen if I applied that desire and determination to weight loss and fitness? I think it's time to find out. Motivation gets you started, habit keeps you going.....

19 May 2010

45 minute workout

In the mornings I have allowed myself 30 minutes to workout. I just can not get up any earlier to do a longer one so 30 minutes it is. For the past 2 days my knee has been bothering me so I decided to take the morning off from my workout. I got up 30 minutes later, since that is how long my workout takes - right??, and proceeded to go through the rest of my normal routine. By the time I was ready to leave I was 15 minutes earlier than I normally am. Huh?? I got up 30 minutes later and was ready 15 minutes earlier?? How does that make sense??? So this led to thoughts of, does my workout really take 30 minutes?? Does it take longer including all the getting ready stuff? Is there some way that I could shorten the getting ready part and have a longer workout?? Hmmm....I'm going to have to time my routine and see....

16 May 2010

Blogging frenzy

That's apparently what happened yesterday. I posted a number of times on all my blogs. After spending days trying to get Flo's Place back up, I guess I had a lot to say.

One of the other things I did do yesterday is post my carrot all over the house. I posted pictures of the treadmill I want along with 15 lbs. in numerous places around the house. Most notably on the refrigerator door. Every time I go near the fridge, sink, freezer, or back door I see it. And every time I see it I say to myself, 15 lbs, that way it doesn't become part of the scenery. I want to make sure that every time I see it it registers in my brain, so I consciously acknowledge it every time. In my workout room the paper has a table so I can chart my weight loss every week and my goal weight. You can't know when you get somewhere unless you know what the destination is.

Okay, looks like it's clearing up so I'm going to shower and get ready to walk the dogs.

Social media holiday

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