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I think I figured it out

So my plans for the day were to force myself to workout, even though I did not feel like it, then power wash the bird cages and clean up the bird room and do some other things around the house. After blogging and having my coffee this morning I decided to blow off the workout. I showered and thought of doing some things but instead I ended up lying on the couch reading a book. I ended up spending most of the day there and napping on and off until almost 2 pm. It was so nice and something I have not done in a long, long time. It felt really, really good and I feel no guilt whatsoever for being a slug all day. I now feel pretty energized and tomorrow I will tackle the chores and workouts I didn't do today.

This evening I had to go to the baccalaureate mass at school for the graduating class. It was really nice. The graduates were there with their parents or guardians and there was a lot of special moments for them. The faculty got up and sang I Hope you Dance to the graduat…

I hate this

This morning as I was doing my normal morning stuff, feeding the birds, I thought of a great blog post. It was awesome and I had the whole thing written in my head. After feeding the birds I did some other things around the house and then checked email and Facebook, etc. I just sat down to write the post and I can not remember what it was about. Ugh!!! I hate that.

So let's talk about some random nonsense.

I have not been motivated to work out this week. I've been really tired. No, I mean really tired. Like I am almost falling asleep driving home. As soon as I get home I take a 15 minute nap. Then I am dead tired by 8:30 at night and can hardly keep my eyes open. I sleep like the dead and wake up fine but when I get tired, I get tired.

Father's Day is coming up and near that is our anniversary. As sad as it is to day I'm not sure how long we've been married. Sad, huh??? I'm almost positive we've been married for 21 years. Yikes!!! Or we wi…

Why I'm not running

Every single month I say I'm going to start running at the beginning of the next month. And then I don't. So I say I'll start the following month. And then I don't. So I get the idea. I have not quite been able to figure out why I keep doing this. I love to run. I want to run. I mentally ready to run. Yet I don't. Every month I come up with all kinds of lame excuses. My constant one lately is that I need to lose weight before I can run. Hello!! I ran when I weighed 225 lbs!!! If I could run then I can run now. So what's stopping me? I honestly didn't know until I read a post the other day by another blogger.

When I started this whole journey I was 225 lbs and bound and determined to lose weight. I wanted to be a runner. That was one of my many motivations. I. Wanted. To. Run. So I started running. Initially I didn't know if I was an overpronator or underpronator I just ran. I did buy good shoes but not the best ones by f…

What's working

Whenever weight loss is working I try to figure out what it is that's working and how to keep it going. I lost 2 lbs last week and this morning, when I dressed for work, my pants fit better. Hmmmm....So what exactly did I do. Well, I didn't stress over working out. I found a great interval workout and I do it more days than not but if I'm tired I let myself miss a day. I walk the dogs 6 days out of 7. Most importantly though, I've stopped obsessing about food. I have a few rules that I eat by. If I want it I eat it but keep the portion size reasonable. If I'm hungry eat. I don't let the clock tell me when to eat. Some days I don't even have breakfast until 10 am- the horror!!!! I eat until I'm full and stop. I eat whole foods about 90% of the time. I eat processed food but only once in a while and I don't freak out about it when I do. So what's working? I think the loosening up. I'm not such a freak about having to workout or …

The carrot seems to be working

I have these pictures posted all over my house:
with the statement that I lose 15 lbs this is mine. I had a goal last week of losing 2 lbs. If I lose 2 lbs a week I can have this in just about 8 weeks. Cool!!! So I worked at it. Not as hard as I should, but I tried. I refrained from overeating. I focused on healthy, whole stuff. I worked out. And it worked. I was down 2 lbs yesterday. Woot!!! Now I just need to reload and do it again. 2 more lbs.....