04 June 2010

Almost perfect

Today was the end of the year party at school. This morning was the final final and at noon the partying began. It was fun. There was good food, alcohol, and games. As we were playing these games and having fun and laughing I suddenly realized that my life is almost perfect. I am finally doing a job I've secretly wanted to do for years. I just bought a house that I love in an area that is awesome. I have birds and dogs. I have a kick ass car. Seriously, how could things get any better for me?? If I could just stop with the whole weight thing my life would be absolutely perfect. So I decided instead of working on weight loss and trying to lose weight and what not, I'm going to focus on being active because I love the life I have and want to be able to do it for years to come. I want to have the energy and the strength to keep teaching for a long, long time. Thinking this made me realize that in the past my goals were always to lose weight, drop lbs, drop sizes, not be fat...I was running away from something and that never works. I want to run towards something this time...my life that I absolutely adore....The last time I lost a lot of weight my goal was similar - I was running towards my life not away from part of it. So today the running commences.... No more stressing over the lbs on the scale, I'll just accept that number. No more reading apidexin reviews and looking for a miracle cure... I am the miracle...My life is the miracle and I'm going to get active to run towards the rest of my life....

03 June 2010

The end is in sight

Tomorrow is the last "official" day of school. Today were my finals so now all I have left to do is grade and log the grades. Tomorrow I have to go in for half a day then tomorrow afternoon is paaaarrrrrttttttyyyyyyyy!! The school is having a party at a hotel in Waikiki with an open bar! Yes!!! I love working at a private school. It totally rocks.

But this is a blog about a healthy lifestyle and that's what I should talk about. Work outs have been non-existent this week. Just getting through the final week has been workout enough. I have been walking the dogs every night though so something is getting done. Saturday the workouts begin again with a vengeance. I have 7 weeks before I have to go back to school and I plan on taking advantage of that time. I have 3 workouts a day planned for every single day. I will start my running again. I will get at least 2 swims a week in. The bike is getting dusted off. I am looking forward to it. I will be writing my thesis, working on lesson plans for next year and painting and looking into Progress lighting for the house. My general plan is a walk/run first thing in the morning. A bike ride, swim, or yoga midday. Dog walk at night and finally some weights in the evening. I'm looking to burn about 3,000 calories a day and I'm going to track all my food since I'll be home.... I am looking forward to it and can not wait to get it started.

31 May 2010

A quick review

I will go into this in great depth in a few weeks but I wanted to put this out there. A few years back I got a Body Bugg. It was good but there were some problems with it. First it has to be worn on your arm so is constantly in view if you wear short sleeves like I do. Also, you have to pay for access to the website in order to use your Body Bugg. That was a bummer. Also, the website was cumbersome and I kept having problems with it hanging up on me. After awhile I quit using it. In fact, it's still in a draw if anyone wants one :)

What I did like about it was the way it determined how many calories you burned. Because face it, when you work out you are no judge of how hard you really worked. A couple of months ago I started reading about other things like the Body Bugg. Apparently other companies were coming out with things similar to the Bugg. I first heard about the Gruve which is basically a glofired pedometer that you can sync with the computer and see on a chart. I actually like it a lot and was considering ordering it when I stumbled across the FitBit. Now this is basically a glorified pedometer but it's really cool. First thing is it's not that expensive. Second, you don't pay to use the website. Third it is small. It clips on your waistband or slides in a pocket. Fourth, it tracks your sleep. That is one of the coolest part. It tracks how you sleep, when you are quiet, when you are moving and calculates how long you were in bed and how long you slept. It it wicked cool. I actually ordered it about 2 months ago but they are so swamped with orders they got backlogged. I got it on Saturday and I absolutely love it. It keeps track of the steps I've taken, the miles I've traveled, the calories I've burned and my sleep. Awesome..... Deeper review and more details to come.

Memorial Day

There are people who are far more eloquent than I who have gone on about the meaning of Memorial Day. I'll leave you to find those and read them. All I have to say is remember.....

30 May 2010

The trapeze

This weekend is graduation weekend at the school I work at, and one of the analogies that has come up over and over again is that of the trapeze artist. In order to move from one swing to another the trapeze artist must let go and fly through the air to the other. For a few seconds they are suspended with nothing holding them up. They have been using that analogy as the seniors leave the security and familiarity of high school and heading off to college. They are suspended between two worlds having a firm grasp in neither. It can be a very fun time, but it can also be extremely scary.

I've been thinking of that analogy in terms of myself. I have thrown myself off more then one trapeze in my life and hung suspended not sure what was going to happen next. It has almost always worked out for the best. Very few times have I been sorry I threw myself into something. So I'm trying to move into the mindset of throwing myself in health and fitness for the next 7 weeks.

When I went to dress for the mass last night, I had nothing that fit me decently. Clearly the swing I'm riding is not working for me anymore. It's time to throw myself into the air and reach for that next swing.

The best time of the year

It's amazing the things you get used to. I am entering my 10th year of being a teacher and I honestly cannot remember how I worked all...