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Google is pissing me off

Google won't let me do more then 2 searches in a row, after that I get the message that my IP is doing automatic searches and that violates Google's term of service. That really pisses me off because sometimes I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for. I will do a search and see what results I get, then do another search with better words. That can go on sometimes for 4 or 5 searches until I find exactly what I'm looking for. So when I do two or 3 searches and then get that message from Google it just really pisses me off. Fuck You Google!!!!!! I'm leaning more and more towards having Bing as my default search engine......

And if that's not bad enough, whenever I go to access Blogger I have to sign in. What?? I'm signed into G-mail, they are both run by the same company and I use the same password for both, why do I have to sign in separately for Blogger? And why won't it remember me when I tell it to??? Seriously, I'm getting so pissed…

A new plan

Yesterday's plan didn't work out so well. I would get working then my 20-minute alarm would go off and I'd be right in the middle of something I wanted to finish, then the next thing you know I've been sitting there for an hour. So I have to come up with a contingency plan because I will be doing a lot of computer work this summer and I need to move.

I am really pleased with the way my running is going. I am not holding myself to any particular pace, I'm just running the way it feels good. In the past I've always, always focused on the numbers; how far, how fast, go faster, go farther, etc. This time no. I'm back to the very basic basics. I am running just to run. I do want to run the North Shore Marathon in May, 2011 but I'll worry about time and distance later. Now I just want to run. So I'm running. I'm also following a really good program so I'm going to stick it out for the 3 weeks and then take it from there.

I have to ge…

Today I have a plan

and I'm very excited about it.

I have some paperwork stuff that I need to finish up for school. Everything has to be in by tomorrow so I really need to get it done today. I'm estimating it will take me about 3-4 hours of work to complete. So here's the plan. I'm going for a run now. I'll come back shower and eat breakfast. I'll sit down to work on my project. I'm setting a timer for 20 minutes so that every 20 minutes I'll get up and move and do something different. After 5 minutes I'll return to my project. By 1 or 2 I should be completely done with my project. I'm excited that I have a plan to finish this. If this works as well as I think it will, I will use this same strategy for writing my thesis starting tomorrow....oh yeah....looking forward to that.

My return to running and triathlons

Back up to 3/1 x 5 today. Those 3 minutes seem to be getting shorter :) I like that. Last week when I was running for 2 minutes I would look at my watch with 25 seconds left almost every interval. Today, running for 3 minutes, I hardly looked at my watch at all while running. Legs felt pretty good too.

Another rest day and day #14 of my running program. 2 weeks down and 1 week to go. Wow, I can't believe it. I'm feeling really good about a lot of things. The fact that I'm running again. The fact that I'm following a program and sticking with it. And the fact that I'm starting to feel like an athlete again.

Today I did 2/1 x 8. These were pretty easy. I like that :)

Today was 3/1 x 5. Not too tough.

Today was a rest day.

Today was 2/1 x 6. This felt absolutely easy. I love it, I can feel my legs getting stronger.

Today was 3/1 x 4 then 1/1 x 4. Legs were absolutely dead from yesterday but I did it…

The healthy way

I'm going to spend the next 7 weeks getting healthy. I'm going to work out 3 times a day, I'm going to eat right. I'm going to get back into the shape I used to be in. My revelation the other day about trying to run away from something has really turned my attitude around. I remember when I first started this journey. I was going into a marine science program and I knew I would be competing with much younger people. I wanted to be in the best shape possible so I could hold my own with them. See, I was running toward something. But in the recent past all I could say is, I want to lose..., I hate my...., I can't stand...., I need to change..... I was dwelling on the negative and trying to run away from something. That apparently never works. So I'm running toward my life. I have an absolutely fabulous job and I want the energy to do it and enjoy it as much as possible. That's why I work out and eat right.

Yesterday I started running again - ugh!…