16 July 2010

Trying hard to be happy for him

my husband that is. Over the past few years he has put on a bunch of weight. About 5 months ago he went to the docs and weighed 193ish. I got my new scale the other day and last night he stepped on it and weighed 178. That's awesome!! Really!! He's not even trying and he dropped 15 lbs in a couple of months. I'm really happy for him I am.....Okay, truth is I'm going to kill him.....Bastard ;)

15 July 2010

For the 4,832,958,939 time - here we go again.....

There is a TV ad about quitting smoking that says all the times I tried to quit before were just practice for this time.  So that's how I'm going to view this time too.  All the previous times have just been practice, this is the real one.

I started the day with a first thing in the morning weigh-in. Thankfully I did not see the number I saw last night - yeah!!!  But it's still not great.  My new scale also measures % fat, % water, bone mass, and muscle mass.  Since weight fluctuates so much from day to day, I'm going to record all the data for at least a month and get averages on all the numbers. I'm going to plot everything on a graph so that I can see how it changes.  I need to get a handle on this.

For me, information is power. The more I know about something, the better I can deal with it.  For example, I've been fighting a sweet tooth for years.  I absolutely can not resist sugar and once I eat it I generally keep eating it.  Then I did a test at home and discovered that I have underdeveloped taste buds.  I can't resist sugar because I don't taste it as strongly as others do.  Hello!!  Once I knew what was going on I was much better equipped to fight my sugar cravings.  I still give in to them but not near as much since I know I'm never going to win.  So the more I know the better for me. 

So there it is.  More information means more power.  I'm also using the FitBit that I got to try and increase my overall activity level.  I am very sedentary being at home right now - that will change when I return to work.  So I'm trying to up my calorie burn to 3,000 a day.  We'll see how that goes today. 

I have some errands to run today too.  I need to go to the open market to buy some veggies, we are incredibly low.  I also need to run and pick up our taxes - they are finally done.  Finally I need to stop at the store.  When we moved it seems we threw away all our flashlights.  I'm not sure why or how but I can't find them anywhere.  Since we are in hurricane season I like to be sure to have some around all the time.  The local hardware store has a one day sale on maglite led flashlights so I'm going to head over and pick a couple up. I have to run, the dogs are going crazy - I mean crazy in the house. I have to open the door so they can be insane outside.

14 July 2010

The story of a scale

Like most people who have battled with their weight, I have a love/hate relationship with my scale.  I've had one most of my adult life.  Even in my younger days when I really didn't have a weight problem I always had a scale in my bathroom.  Then 20 some odd years ago I started Weight Watchers for the first time.  I kind of bought into the scale kool-aid they were selling, that having a scale at home is not a good idea, you should only weigh in once a week and not every day...yadda...yadda.... (yes, I'm watching Seinfeld). So I threw my scale out.  It was liberating.  I felt free and unfettered. I also stopped going to weight watchers and ended up gaining 75 lbs.  Not. Good.

Fast forward 10 years or so and I am really struggling with my weight.  I break down and buy a scale.  I buy one of those new, fancy bodyfat calculator scales - I paid a freaking fortune too. I started weighing myself and gradually started to get my weight under control.  After a little while I ended up going back to WW again.  I kept my home scale but didn't use it as much.  Then, when  I hit a plateau, I rediscovered my scale.  I found that by weighing myself every morning I really got a good look at my weight fluctuations.  I found that I was able to predict when my weight would go up because of something I ate.  I found I could see exactly how much I gained just before my period.  It really opened my eyes and made weight loss simple, well, okay not simple, but more understandable.  For years I weighed myself every morning.  I had a real handle on my weight and everything the affected it.  Then slowly I stopped doing it.  Well, actually I thought my scale had died.  Turns out the batteries I used to replace the dead ones were also dead.  Anyway, I started to get out of the habit of weighing.  Then, slowly, the weight started to creep up.  The more it crept upwards the less I would weigh, I didn't need to look at my failure every morning.  Then around mid-June I saw the highest number on the scale I had seen in years.  I freaked.  Shortly after that my scale died completely.  I then started thinking that I would go without a scale. That I would try to focus on intuitive or mindful eating and leave the scale alone for a while.  Well, the other day I broke down and bought a new one.  It came today.  It is pretty slick looking, it calculates fat%, BMI, muscle mass, water mass, everything.  It's pretty cool.  So I got it, put a battery in and stepped on it.  OMG!!!! I saw an even larger number.  Clearly not weighing does not work for me.  So starting tomorrow I'm back to weighing every morning and there's some other stuff too, but this post is about a scale. 

One step up and two steps back

So my last run, 3 days ago, really showed me that there is a badass living inside of me.  Unfortunately she apparently sleeps a lot.  The next day I did some Turbo Jam - I really like that workout - it's tough but easy to adjust to my own level.  Also, it does Capioera which I love and would love to take a class in.  Okay, so I did that and felt great.  Yesterday I had a run scheduled.  I got up and it was pouring.  I decided to wait out the rain and then run but then I got hungry.  So I ate.  Then it cleared up and I just ate so I had to wait, but the time I could run it was hot, hot, hot.  Also, my glasses broke the night before and I had to make an appointment to see the eye doctor.  They squeezed me in at 11:20 yesterday.  And I had to drop my car off because it had developed a nasty shimmy at high speeds plus I broke my side mirror and needed to get that fixed.  Oh, and I had to run to the glasses place to have my glasses fixed before all this started.  Ugh!! It ended up being a crazy, crazy day.  So I never got my run in.  No worries, I planned on running the morning but so far it's been pouring rain.  Ugh!! Maybe I should just do Turbo Jam again and be done with it.  I can run the next time it's not raining - I was going to say nice but that generally entails heat, so I'll settle for not raining.  So I think I'll do some Turbo Jam and then I want to look up some health insurance in nc. My friend lives there and has told me some interesting stuff. Also, believe it or not - this may be involved in the thesis I'm writing.  It's really weird how the strangest things are tied into education.  Our school system is screwed up in many, many ways....not going to get started on that......  I'm off to do something physical.

11 July 2010

There is a badass living inside of me....

I don't know why, but every time I realize that it surprises me all over again.  I guess my prevailing view of myself is not a badass.  So, how do I know she exists?  Well, it's like this,  I was out for my run and I'm doing 8/1 intervals 4 times.  From where I live I have a huge variety of choices on where to run.  They all include hills, just some more than others. So as I head out I decide to go the way that is a giant loop.  I like loops! Doubling back tends to make my "oh crap, I'm not done yet"  kick into high gear.  But doing a loop allows me to challenge myself by seeing how far I can get and try to do better every time.  So I head out for the giant loop.  The initial part of this run is flat but then it goes uphill. And I turn the corner and go uphill some more.  And turn another corner and go uphill even more. By this time I'm at a decision point.  I can turn right and add a little extra on to the run or I can turn left and take the easy way out.  Going right is almost all uphill for the entire time, but I will turn around and it will be downhill on the way back.  Going left is uphill for just a short distance than downhill all the way home.  As I'm running I'm saying, "I don't want to go right, I don't want to go right."  Yet, when I got to the point where I had to make a decision, guess which way I went?  Right!!!  I could not believe what I had done.  But apparently the badass that lives in me made the decision while my brain was arguing with itself.  I love that badass and I think it's time to let her out more.  Now let's look at the numbers.  I was out for a total of 54 minutes and the entire distance covered was 3.2 miles for an overall pace of  16.9 min/mile.  But, the running part was only for 36 minutes and that covered 2.5 miles for a run pace of  14.4 min/mile.  Not a record breaker but fabulous for me.  Now I have to think about something.  Next week I'll be hitting intervals of 9/1. The program calls for me to keep increasing them until I run for 30 minutes straight, but I'm thinking of staying at 9/1. Intervals work well and I really do want to keep running for years so maybe I should stick with intervals.  Something to think about.

I really need to crack down

Today begins my shifting of my habits. At the end of May I got myself a FitBit. It's a cool little, souped up pedometer that tracks a whole bunch of stuff. I love it. In the beginning I was excited to see how many steps I went every day and how many calories I burned and all that good stuff. Lately I find myself forgetting to check it. It also gives you all kinds of cool graphs and charts. I pulled up my history to look at the steps I've taken over the past 30 days and here's what it looks like:

As you can see there is not much consistency. Some days I take 18,000 to 20,000 other days I'm lucky if I get in 6,000. So that is something I need to work on and it begins today. So my goal this week is to log 15,000 steps every day instead of 6,000 one day and 20,000 the next. I think consistency is a better way to go. Also, I will track my food. I will, I will, I will. That is something I have been dropping the ball on seriously.

I have given up the illusion that I will lose any weight before school starts in 2 weeks but I would like to not feel like the house that I currently feel like.  So, with that said, I think it's time to get off my butt and get moving because in order to accomplish all this movement I can not spend a lot of time sitting at the computer.  

Social media holiday

I've decided to take a break from social media. I spend far, far too much time just scrolling through Facebook. Yes, I get a lot of in...