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Race dreams....

I wrote yesterdays post right before I went to bed last night so I'm guessing it was on my mind. Some time during the night I dreamed about the race. I felt the excitement of the race, the challenge of the swim, the exhilaration of the bike ride and the agony of the run. It felt awesome. When I raced that's how it felt to me: the swim was always challenging because it's my weakest link; the bike was always exhilarating because I got big thighs and can ride; finally the run was always agony because I would go flat out on the bike and then have lead for legs. I loved it. I loved the feeling of racing. I love the atmosphere and everything about it. I want to race again but the only way I can race is if I get my butt in gear. So today it all changes.

I was looking back over my blog trying to find the spark that I used to have about working out. It's there but I didn't document it clearly so it's hard to put into words. I do know that working out and weigh…

Where did that week go?

Another week is gone. I am starting to not feel myself. Getting up at 4:30 or 5 usually leads to a short nap when I get home from work. Those naps are usually 15-20 minutes. This week they've been stretching to 30 minutes, 45 minutes, today an hour. That is not good. I don't have much energy and my eating is out of control. So, even though I don't want to focus on the scale or weight loss, I do need to get back into working out. I need to get up earlier and get a workout in just to feel like myself. So it starts tomorrow. I also have a race I agreed to. I haven't signed up for it yet but I really would like to do it. And I could if I just got to working out.