14 August 2010

I have a lot to cover so pay attention....

That's usually how I start one of my chemistry classes :) Anyway, I just had to post my morning so far. After my last post (45 mins ago) I decided to go work out. My initial plan was to figure out some strength moves and work some cardio in then a little later I have to walk to the mall to get my glasses adjusted. I didn't plan on doing anything hard. But as I was getting ready to workout I found myself thinking of my resources. I decided to look and see what I had in terms of strength DVDs when I spotted Jillian. Ahhh....Jillian....I know many people don't like her but she is just the kind of kick in the butt I need to make me move. So I decided to do her Biggest Winner workout - Front. It's 30 minute mix of cardio and some strength. I like it because it's quick and a sweat drenching good time. Also, you don't get bored because you go from move to move to move so fast you can hardly breath. I got ready, popped it in and off I went. I don't know how long it's been since I've done this workout but it felt good. I pushed myself as hard as I could and within 3 minutes I was panting and sweating. I had to stop twice to catch my breath, but only for about 15 seconds each time. By the end I felt like I was going to throw up - that's how I know I've worked hard. So I am pleased with that workout and need to keep doing ones like that.

As I was getting ready I grabbed a workout shirt that hasn't fit me in months. I started to put it on and realized what shirt it was by how tight it felt. But it went on and I looked in the mirror - it fits!!! I don't think I would wear it out in public but it's actually quite comfortable for working out because it fits snuggly but there is room to move. It fits!!! What is up with that?? My weight is up but some of my clothes fit again?!?!?!?!? Huh??!?!?!?!?

Finally, during my stretch after my workout I had the opportunity to look at the bottom of my running shoes. I bought these shoes at the beginning of summer when I was starting to run again - so that's about 10 weeks at most. Parts of the sole are worn flat!!! Really!!! I wear these shoes when I run/walk or workout. I walked that much in 10 weeks? Really!?!?!?!?!

This has just been a morning of revelations. I'm very pleased with myself and will keep this momentum going.....

Using resources

I'm a teacher (god, do you know how I love saying that???) and as a teacher one of the things you must become good at is using your resources. Teachers generally get very little money, in pay and support, so using resources to the full potential is important. Last year I did not use my resources at school as well as I could have and I am making a serious effort to change that this year. I am looking for ways to use the resources I have available in new and creative ways that will work for me. While we are not an Online School, we have a lot of our resources online. This should be used to it's fullest advantage, and that is my goal in school this year. Having said that, I don't believe I am using my resources at home effectively. I have an elliptical and a stationary bike. I have weights, hand-held and a bar, a weight bench, books on working out coming out of my ears, DVDs like crazy, and things to play them on. There is no reason why I need another piece of equipment to get back into losing weight. I need to exploit the resources I have available to me. So I'm going to start doing that today.

I've gotten up and done the elliptical every morning this week except for Friday. So I'm off to a decent start. I want to add weight training in. I've been reading over my blog (my 6 year anniversary is coming up) and thinking back to when I was in the best shape. I'm trying to remember exactly what I did. One thing is that I really enjoyed working out. I didn't do it every day but I really enjoyed it. I also did a variety of things, aerobics, running, swimming, kayaking, yoga, pilates, etc. Finally I did weights. I really think that was the key. Weights. As I read over my blog I find that I wasn't perfectly consistent but I really think the weights did the trick. So I'm going to add those back in. I'm not sure what to do, should I do full body a couple of days a week or should I do upper then lower and do it more often?? I'm still considering it, but I do know that weights have to come back into my life. I could even do DVDs that have weights in the program, to start at least. I'm not sure but I'm going to make a plan today and stick to it for one week and see how I feel. I have got to utilize the resources at my disposal.

11 August 2010

Golden Graham Treats

Have you tried these?? They are crack for the sweet tooth. I kid you not. I saw these in a store about 3 weeks ago and picked one up because I was craving something sweet. It's 260 calories which I don't think is too bad. I ate it later that day and have been craving them ever since. I can only find them at one store in the next town and it is just driving me nuts. I have been wanting one for about a week now and I finally stopped tonight and bought 6 of them. I'm going to throw them in the freezer that way when I want them I'll have not and not go Jonseing for it. I'm looking forward to one later. I'm hooked and I don't eat much junk type food. So if anyone from General Mills is listening I'm available for a review if you want to send a case or two :)

08 August 2010

Trying to walk the walk

So yesterday was baby step but a step nonetheless. I did the elliptical for 30 minutes and I recorded everything I ate. I had planned on working out later in the day too but it was so hot and humid and then I got caught up in housework, so I never got in a second workout. But I felt very good about what I did do. I did the elliptical and was busy all day.

I tracked my food all day and ended up consuming about 2300 calories. That is actually not too terribly bad. I went out to lunch and had beer and a burger and had dessert after dinner. So 2300 with all that is pretty darn good in my book. Of course, according to all the indicators I only burned about 2,000 calories but that's okay. More important than the actual numbers involved are the actions; working out, staying busy, tracking my food. This must be a habit, every day, without my becoming completely obsessed by it.

Today I plan to walk the dogs, do the elliptical for 30 minutes, then go to the zoo with the parrot club. I also need to look for better lighting for our hallway. What we have there now is not great. Maybe I'll stop somewhere on my way back from the zoo.

As far as food goes today, I will have an egg-sausage-cheese-spinach- burrito for breakfast. Something for lunch, maybe a hot dog at the zoo :) and dinner should be back to normal with Hubby home again. The most important thing is I want to record everything.

The best time of the year

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