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What a week it's been

With working out every night I feel like I have zero spare time during the week. I go to work, come home, walk the dogs, play with the birds, go workout, eat dinner, clean up, drop into bed exhausted. Rinse and repeat. I felt really good last Monday and by Tuesday I was exhausted again. And not to put down anyone's job, but teaching is physically and mentally draining. It's not like healthcare it jobs where you work with computers all day. In teaching you are dealing with people, hormonal people, from the minute you get there until you leave. It's taxing. Hmmm.... May have to rethink some of my choices.

One thing I have to rethink immediately is my food. I think that part of my exhaustion is the food I'm consuming. First off I eat too much junk - I have dessert more nights than not, so that's got to go. Second, I don't think I'm eating enough - really. Working out causes me to lose my appetite and I don't think to eat until I'm drop dead st…

Feeling back in control

Yesterday was a really good day of rest and eating right. Today I feel fabulous. I feel back in control and not like food is ruling my life. We will probably be going out to breakfast this morning - our usual Sunday routine - and I just have to be careful about what I eat there. The rest of the day will be great I am sure.

I am always looking for a good food journal to use. I will use either a paper one or an electronic one, it doesn't matter as long as it has what I want. One of the things that I have had a lot of problems with is the fact that I live in Hawaii. We have some unique foods that you don't find everywhere. Since most electronic journals don't have Hawaiian type food it would become a guessing game. I would have to find something that seemed to be pretty close and guestimate the amount of calories and nutrients. This would generally piss me off and I'd stop using it. Then a few weeks ago someone somewhere suggested an app for my droid called Fat Se…