17 September 2010

Overdoing it

I think that's what I've been doing.  I have been working out hard for a few weeks now and I think I may be overdoing it.  This week I have been tired, and moody and not sleeping very well. I have a headache and generally feel like crap.  I didn't workout last night and tonight and I feel much, much better.  I have to rethink my workout schedule. I'm thinking that I'll workout 3 days a week instead of 6.  I just don't know. I do know that I'm going tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow is going to be incredibly busy.  I workout in the morning, then I want to do laundry; I have a pile of school work to do plus I have to go through the all the bills.  A couple of weeks ago I asked some companies for a car insurance quote and I think it's in that pile of mail. Working out every night has made it impossible to find time to go through the bills, spend time with my birds, make sure the financines are in order, anything. So I think for the next week I'm going to ease up on the working out. After that I'm off for 2 weeks and can work out every day then, but for now I need to back off a little.

12 September 2010

The unvarnished truth

I started working out about 4 weeks ago. In those 4 weeks I have not done a full week of workouts. I have missed at least one day every week. The first week I missed one day. The second week I missed one day. The third week I missed two days and last week I missed two days. I can not seem to do all 6 days of working out and that's just crazy. So my challenge to myself this week is the following:
  1. Workout 6 days - 3 cardio and 3 strength
  2. Log all my food. Every bite. 
That's all.  No big thing.  Not that hard.  I'm not even trying to change my food.  I just want to log it.  So that's it. One week that's all. One week. 

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